WATCH: Hilarious Christmas music video calls out ‘Governor Grish’

This Christmas, one music video is spreading like wildfire across social media featuring New Mexico singer Ash Soular and “Governor Grish.” The video uses Gov. Lujan Grisham’s own words to show how she’s being a “tyrant.” 

The video starts out with audio clips of Lujan Grisham talking about how New Mexicans couldn’t celebrate holidays throughout the year. “We didn’t celebrate the 4th of July,” “We didn’t celebrate Labor Day,” “We didn’t go out with our families,” “and just enjoy Halloween,” “We didn’t see our families on Thanksgiving,” “Zoom Hanukkah,” “So Christmas… Don’t go in person!”

Then the Governor says, “And TOO much shopping is not good,” “And you can’t wear a mask and eat a biscochito!” “Zoom Christmas can be fun,” Lujan Grisham adds.  

The hilarious video calling out Gov. Lujan Grisham nails her for putting people out of business, making people stand in-line for food, and her shopping trip to a “non-essential” business to buy expensive jewelry while New Mexicans were never afforded such a luxury. 

The video ends with the uplifting message that “We’re taking back our rights,” telling Lujan Grisham, “Enjoy your only term!” 

Check out the music video below:

To learn more about Ash Soular, her website is linked here. Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “WATCH: Hilarious Christmas music video calls out ‘Governor Grish’”

  1. That is epic. MLG’s Twitter needs flooded with that and Natalie from Liberty Ladies’ version as well.

    Merry Christmas to you John.

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  4. This is the way to reach people, through music! Very creative video that delivers a strong message! I stood on those bread lines in freezing temps and snowing~we need to stand up now before it’s too late~Thank You for renewing my resolve to fight the good fight for freedom~God Bless Youm Ms. Soular and keep these videos coming~just sent it out across the country to all my contacts~

  5. Grisham is the big, bad witch who, not only stole Christmas, but who stole every single holiday, even her favorite—- Halloween. Where are the witch hunters when you need them?

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