NM utilities forced to buy out-of-state power, beg customers to ration usage

New Mexico’s Green New Deal (Energy Transition Act) is continuing to harm New Mexico by creating a vast power shortage. Utilities are buckling for a full-blown power catastrophe next summer as they are forced to “transition” to solar and other “renewable” energy sources. 

During a special Public Regulation Commission meeting Thursday, Public Service Co. of New Mexico (PNM) said it is being forced to PNM executives said the utility will fill “quite a hole” next summer due to “green” replacements taking longer to materialize as the San Juan Generating Station is set to close next week.

According to PNM spokesman Ray Sandoval, PNM “generally has a 2,000-megawatt system with about 500 megawatts provided by the San Juan Generating Station.” 

With the closure of the San Juan Generating Station, it has purged countless jobs, with only around 80 employees able to retire. “For the rest of the employees, though, they’re going to have to go find some other form of employment,” said plant manager Omni Warner. 

The AP reports, “El Paso Electric, a utility that serves customers in southern New Mexico, also is expecting a capacity gap next summer. Like PNM, El Paso Electric will have to buy power from other producers to ensure adequate capacity when customers crank up their air conditioners during the hottest of days.”

The report continues, “PNM officials said they have revamped their plans for alerting customers when it looks like demand will outpace capacity and rolling outages might ensue. The media blitz will include automated calls, television and radio commercials along with social media posts that urge customers to cut back on their use. A special website would go live for tracking outages.”

As for the other effects of New Mexico’s Green New Deal, other than brownouts and lost jobs, electric utilities, including XCEL Energy, are asking to raise rates on their customers because of the Energy Transition Act, passing off large costs back to the consumers.

Eco-leftist company Avangrid continues its attempts to buy out PNM, but its previous attempts have failed at the Public Regulation Commission. However, the takeover remains “very much alive,” especially if far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham gets a second term. Via constitutional amendment, voters gave the governor sole authority to appoint members of the PRC. Lujan Grisham has big campaign donations from the out-of-country company, among other connections. 

As we previously reported:

It is unclear why anyone lobbied the governor by financing the trip or how much New Mexicans paid for her non-publicized private trip abroad. However, the New Mexico taxpayers paid for her security while she was in Spain.

It is also unclear if there were any joiners on the trip other than her staff and security agents. Could the Governor’s close friend and former business partner New Mexico Rep. Debbie Armstrong have joined the trip as well? 

The documents obtained through the IPRA show receipts from Madrid and Gran Canaria, the pay stub to Lt. Gov Morales, showing he was acting in Luajn Grusham’s stead, as well as the Governor’s calendar showing she was gone throughIn 2015, PNM opened a wind farm in Cibola County, which appears to be the wind farm Gov. Lujan Grisham shot her 2018 “Turbine” ad, where she touted her “green energy” proposals while running for governor. AVANGRID has a wind farm called “El Cabo” in Torrence County.


16 thoughts on “NM utilities forced to buy out-of-state power, beg customers to ration usage”

  1. The so-called “governor” is not merely “far-left.” She is a COMMUNIST. Legions of useful idiots will vote to keep her in power. All of this destruction has been planned. There is a reason useful idiots are called IDIOTS. They are incapable of anything except compliance.

  2. Let’s not forget that fully HALF of our “Republican” state senators voted in favor of the NM Energy Transition Act, aka the NM New Green Deal. One of these “Republicans”, Mark Moores, even became our GOP can’t-date for U.S. Congress.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    1. The party doesn’t matter. In my experience, most if not all NM politicians are the same – merely two sides of the same coin.

      1. Yep! Ronchetti supports the Green New Deal also. Karen Bedonie opposes it. Vote Karen Bedonie for Governor! She is gaining steam every day! We are gathering more and more supporters when they find out that Karen stands for them and will stand up to all the leftist corruption!

  3. China is Currently Building Over Half of The World’s New Coal-based Power Plants. In 2021, China began building 33 gigawatts of coal-based power generation, according to the Helsinki-based Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA).

  4. Ancient wisdom …only a fool thinks that using electricity for air conditioning is bad for the environment but not using electricity to charge electric vehicle….

  5. How many times do your noses have to be shoved into this pile of crap. YOUR VOTES HAVE CONSEQUENCES. We have a real chance to do something in this state, but it will require every Republican to get out and vote in person and vote out every Democrat they can. I can’t say this any plainer.

    And, shouting real loud for y’all in the back who are “voting for Bedonie on conscience” or “because my faith tells me to” – A VOTE FOR BEDONIE IS A VOTE FOR MLG. NO Libertarian has gotten enough votes to win in this state. Even Gary Johnson ran as a Republican to get into office. She shot herself in the foot going rogue. Karen can try for Congress or Senate next time around and she’ll do better there. We didn’t have people standing up and fighting the mandates – the majority masked, stayed home and got their shots like good little scared rabbits and robots – so this rabid support of a candidate who can’t win is going to miraculously change the two party system in this state.

  6. I think we should all use as much electricity as possible in October. Let the brownouts roll and let them see what the future looks like.

  7. I think what bothers me the most is that there is this pathetic apathy. . It just isn’t in New Mexico it’s all over the United States. We have an uncontrollable rogue President,, that no one can seem to get their ducks in a roll to get him impeached.
    As far as MLG is concerned she has done nothing for the state of New Mexico, except take advantage of New Mexican taxpayers and ride on the coattails of former Governor Martinez and her legacy. We need governors and every state like that of Governor DeSantis of Florida and we need other strong Republicans to start taking the helm pulling us back to where we should be. It is so ludicrous to think that they want us to have electric cars but yet they want us to ration electric usage to keep our homes businesses schools cool. How do they expect us to swallow the sky is falling?

  8. Well No effect on me, west half of Catron county get’s their power from Navapatche eletric co op, one of the sources PNM will be buying power from!

    For those of you, who live where the problems will be REMEMBER elections resalts ?????

  9. MLG a Demon in disguise libs suck

    New Mexici is heading towards Commifornia part 2. Great job evil MLG loving liberals. Hope you like walking in 200 weather. No power means your electric car is a dead piece of crap. Liberal democrap lovers this us all your fault. Great job screwing us all up.

  10. MLG seems to have always wished she could be the same as Gruesome Newsom, Gov of California.

    And PNM seems to want to be the same as California PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric). Experts at turning out the lights and burning down the Sierra Nevada’s.


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