MLG wants the nation to adopt NM’s job-killing Green New Deal

On Monday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was featured in a video shared by “Climate Power,” an “independently run project created by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Sierra Club.” 

In the video, Lujan Grisham said, “We need Congress to take action on building a clean energy future. We need bold investments in clean energy infrastructure and jobs.”

She cited New Mexico’s “Energy Transition Act,” signed into law in 2019, which has been dubbed by anti-energy groups as New Mexico’s “mini” Green New Deal. The act would completely phase out all energy production in the state by 2050, with a 50% reduction in nine years.

“And New Mexico has shown what clean energy leadership looks like. We committed to a renewable energy future that eliminates our carbon footprint while creating exciting and fulfilling careers across our great state,” said Lujan Grisham in the video. “We invested in our energy communities and refuse to leave them behind as we transition together to a sustainable future.” 

But in New Mexico, the opposite is happening. XCEL Energy, one of the three largest electric utilities in the state is already asking to raise rates on their customers because of the Energy Transition Act, passing off large costs back to the consumers. 

In northeast New Mexico, the Energy Transition Act has forced the closure of the San Juan Generating Station by PNM, leaving countless New Mexicans without jobs and only around 80 employees able to retire. “For the rest of the employees, though, they’re going to have to go find some other form of employment,” said plant manager Omni Warner. 

“We have laid a roadmap for what America can and must look like in the 21st Century. An America where we lead the world in safer, cleaner, and more affordable cities and communities.” said Lujan Grisham in the video.

“Federal lawmakers should take a page from our state’s playbook and the clean energy movement that puts millions back to work and in doing so, better prepare our country to face the existential threat of climate change.” 

However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Mexico is the 46th worst state for unemployment, only coming ahead of other far-left anti-energy states including California, Connecticut, New York, and Hawaii. New Mexico is at its lowest point for energy jobs in over ten years.

Left-wing environmentalists will claim that the massive uptick in unemployment rates is all Covid related and not Lujan Grisham’s Green New Deal. However, New Mexico’s neighboring state of Texas gained energy jobs every single month since last September unlike New Mexico. 

New Mexico is bleeding cash by the day as the Governor’s assault on the energy industry worsens. New Mexicans are being laid off with no fallback other than the state’s flailing unemployment system run by Lujan Grisham’s cabinet appointees. 

Even far-left eco groups have begged the Legislature to make changes to the Energy Transition Act before it completely wrecks the state.

“This is not only our chance to recover, but our opportunity to build back better now and long into the future,” claims Lujan Grisham. But pro-energy groups beg to differ. 

Larry Behrens of Power the Future says, “New Mexico ranks near the bottom for jobs so it’s shocking to see Governor Lujan Grisham advocating for other states to import her failures. The Energy Transition Act is destroying jobs and already causing utilities to seek rate increases on New Mexico’s working families. The fact that even some of those who support the bill now recognize that it is costing our families appears to be lost on Governor Lujan Grisham as taxpayers pick up the tab for her own electric bill.”

Read more about the Energy Transition Act and the Republican members who helped Gov. Lujan Grisham pass it.


5 thoughts on “MLG wants the nation to adopt NM’s job-killing Green New Deal”

  1. Grisham is a deluded communist following the lead of her new world order masters. The fact that New Mexico is a failed state speaks volumes about our lack of leadership at all levels. “Exciting and fulfilling careers “ she states “where”? This State has continually removed people’s ability to find employment, a concern that doesn’t affect politicians since bribery and corruption has greased the skids of these sellouts. Where were the “ exciting and fulfilling “ jobs when radical environmentalists killed the logging industry, the mining and ranching industry?? Most young people move to other states to find opportunity, something that is severely lacking here. Especially after this green new deal scam!

  2. I wish I was in a position where I could leave this failed state. Born and raised here and feel so ashamed to hail from here. Que lastima! What a shame! Thanks MLG for hastening our demise.

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  5. They first comment was spot on. MLG is a devout Marxist determined to destroy the economy and push New Mexico deeper into government dependency. But we have the constitution and must use it. We the People are in charge, not her . We must take back (peacefully) our God-given authority over elected officials.

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