Dems cry ‘racism’ over mailer hitting them for voting to let pedos touch kids

On Thursday, Democrats freaked out over a mailer sent by the Republican Party of New Mexico hitting state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo) over her vote against an amendment to ban sex offenders from getting licenses and being able to cut children’s hair. 

The mailer features a photo of a boy getting his hair cut by a person who is filtered in grayscale reading, “Your state representative Elizabeth Thomson voted to allow convicted sex offenders to receive professional licenses for activities such as cutting hair or working as a nail technician — leaving unsuspecting women and children vulnerable to predators.”

It asks, “Do you want a sex offender cutting your or your child’s hair?”

On the other side, it shows a grayscale picture of Thomson with the words, “Rep. Thomson voted to let violent criminal offenders and sex offenders over the age of 65 out of prison.”

Instead of refuting the claims that Thomson voted against an amendment to ban pedophiles from cutting kids’ hair, the Democrats rolled out so-called “civil rights” activists to cry “racist” about the grayscale image.

“These images leave scars,” the Rev. Charles E. Becknell cried to the Santa Fe New Mexican, adding, “[W]e need to demonstrate to our fellow New Mexicans this is not acceptable.”

The socialist George Soros-funded group ProgressNow New Mexico claimed on Twitter, “What message are we supposed to take away from the @NewMexicoGOP intentionally darkening the skin of the stylist in this photo while having a (fully false) discourse about formally incarcerated people?” The group appeared to defend the convicted pedophiles as “formally incarcerated people.”

State Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) wrote, “The mailer shows a child who is afraid—and the whole background is black and white. You know what else is black and white? The FACT that the democrats voted to let pedophiles cut kids’ hair. I presented the amendment to stop sex offenders from touching your child, dems disagreed.”

The Piñon Post’s John Block wrote, “It’s great how the more people share pics of this mailer erroneously claiming it’s “racist,” the more people know how the Democrats voted to let sex offenders near kids. Also note how no Democrats are refuting that they voted against letting pedophiles near kids. Just saying…” 

The Republican Party of New Mexico shared a quote from New Mexico House GOP Whip Rod Montoya (R-Farmington), writing, “A shadowy, gray figure is not a racial category. What this mailer does depict is the danger in which Democrats voted to put our children. When we voted on this bill, Republicans offered an amendment to restrict sex offenders from being able to obtain professional licenses. The House Democrats voted against that amendment. Charges of racism are simply a smokescreen to distract attention from progressives’ voting records which put the interests of convicted criminals over the safety of law-abiding New Mexicans.”


12 thoughts on “Dems cry ‘racism’ over mailer hitting them for voting to let pedos touch kids”

  1. Notice how the Democratic Party supports every kind of perversion there is under the guise of “CIVIL RIGHTS”!! Yeah, rights for the Criminals!!

  2. Democrats don’t care about children and most shouldn’t be near children either. They use the school system to indoctrinate children into Communism, they support pedophile “drag queens” sexualizing children, they shame kids and force them to wear masks and follow dystopian ChimComm rules.

    Enough of listening to what these sick people say, they lost all respect and don’t deserve a seat at the adult table.

  3. Ok, I’ll ask the question. If the hands were white, what would the mentally deranged Dems argument be? White supremacy? Probably not.
    They’re going to protect pedophiles no matter what their skin color.
    When will the truth of Zorro Ranch come out? Didn’t Grisham have a list of names of those who frequented the ranch and were being protected? How many underaged girls were trafficked there?

    I have other thoughts on this topic, but will only say that it’s hardly ever about just one thing with these Dems, in this case racism. Look at the middle eastern cultures when it comes to children. Then look at who is coming into our country.
    Nope, it’s never about what they want you to believe. Isn’t it California that wants to legalize the marriage of very young girls to adult men? Just my thoughts……….

  4. For help out of this mess and heresy and sin, your only hope is and the One, True Catholic Church; we are not affiliated with the dope Francis “church”. To Jesus, through Mary, MLR Mary’s Little Remnant MLR NM and MLR Ireland.

  5. Typical uneducated Democrat commentary. This is a graphic technique known as “vignette.” Darkening the edges of a photo to highlight a central figure or area for emphasis. In this case, the child…which Dems have zero interest in protecting. Remember Victoria Martens?

    I am still waiting for someone to call out Grisham for knowing what was going on at Epstein’s house in Stanley — she partied there with Richardson at least 3x. Oh, but that was “official business.” I’m sure she thought that the underage girls there were hired help….

  6. You CANNOT be Catholic and a democrap

    The only true racist in our country are the democraps. They only see color, they preach hate, and the lies of CRT. KKK is the democrap party. This never changed. Learn your history New Mexico. Democraps are the true evil, the true racist in America.

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