ABQ passes grim homicide milestone

In Democrat Mayor Tim Keller’s crime-ridden Albuquerque, Keller’s Police Chief Harold Medina confirmed to KOB 4 that Sunday’s homicide near Kathryn and Palomas NE was the city’s 100th this year — a grim milestone for the city. 

With over three months until the end of the year, Albuquerque is on track to surpass last year’s historic high of 117 killings within city limits, making 2022 likely the deadliest year on record in Democrat-run Albuquerque.

KOB’s Giuli Frendak wrote that Medina “doesn’t see the rate slowing down, and we could surpass last year’s number.” 

The tragic news of Sunday’s homicide came after Calvary Church security guard, 61-year-old Daniel Bourne, was killed Friday by 35-year-old suspected murderer Marc Ward. 

KOAT 13 reported, “A spokesperson with APD says Bourne noticed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot, and notified his supervisor around 9 pm Friday. Bourne then took photos of the vehicle and sent them to the supervisor. Later, the supervisor went to the church to check on Bourne, when he found him in a nearby arroyo.” 

Ward was taken into custody after officers found the victim on the 4000 block of Osuna Rd. NE. He has three previous charges of domestic violence, two charges of aggravated battery, and charges of criminal sexual contact with a minor — specifically a minor under the age of 13. With New Mexico’s lax laws, dangerous criminals like Ward remain on the street and out of jail.


6 thoughts on “ABQ passes grim homicide milestone”

  1. Catch & Release. We’re a joke in New Mexico.
    Criminals all flocking here as they will never do time for their crimes.

  2. ABQ liberal voters, voted for more crime

    Disgusted to hear of another tragic murder in Albuquerque. This is the fault of democraps and liberals who voted to keep worthless, evil, Tim Keller in office. These people will never learn the way they vote is the true problem in AbQ.

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