NM is one of the most expensive states to buy groceries: Report

According to a recent study from HelpAdvisor, New Mexico is the sixth most expensive state in America to buy groceries.

HelpAdvisor’s study has uncovered a stark reality: the average American’s weekly grocery bill is $270.21, significantly lower than New Mexico’s average of $ 286.39.

“While U.S. inflation slowed in 2023, grocery store cash registers continued running hot. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the consumer price index for food at home was up 1.7% year-over-year in November,” HelpAdvisor noted.

The only states beating New Mexico’s $286.39 average weekly grocery cost were Florida at $287.27, Washington at $287.67, Mississippi at $290.64, Nevada at $294.76, and California at $297.72.

The lowest weekly grocery bill states were Nebraska at $235.12, Iowa at $227.32, and Wisconsin at $221.46.

“Miami, FL, reported the highest average weekly grocery spending of any major metro area at $327.89, or about 14% higher than Florida’s statewide average. Houston, TX, ($302.65) and Riverside, CA, ($300.50) also topped $300 per week in grocery spending,” wrote the outlet regarding the largest metro areas’ costs. 

Mental Floss’ analysis of the BLS data showed the following regarding the highest price hikes per category: 

  • Cereals and bakery products: up 2.6 percent
  • Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs: up 2.3 percent
  • Dairy and related products: down 1.3 percent
  • Fruits and vegetables: up 0.3 percent
  • Nonalcoholic beverages and beverage materials: up 2.6 percent 
  • Other food at home (i.e., candy, snacks, sauces): up 2.8 percent

14 thoughts on “NM is one of the most expensive states to buy groceries: Report”

    1. Not if they aren’t informed. Most of them aren’t educated well enough to read the piñon post. Plus they are brain washed by the media they watch or listen to.

      1. And then there is the tradition of voting Democrat just because they family has done that since statehood. They absolutely believe the lie that Republicans want slavery, want to get rid of Medicare, hate poor people, etc. And then there are all the government workers that believe voting republican is a sin. And they think our crime problems are because of Republicans. You can’t make this stuff up!

  1. I didn’t read in the article who was buying the groceries, single adults, couples or a family with children or other family members? What kind of food is being purchased? Where do the people shop, urban or rural stores? Curious.

  2. I don’t suppose the war on fossil fuels has anything to do with these prices. Transportation costs weigh heavy on a state that has to ship in a lot of the food it needs.

  3. If you continue to vote democrat and expect things to improve you are an idiot, they only get worse, worst schools in the nation, one of the highest drop out rates, 3rd worst in government spending, close to highest in groceries, maybe New Mexicans can take the time to see what is going on, it is time they pay attention. Most NMs I talk to are conservatives, it is time they vote that way.

  4. I believe Viejo Ray is correct. A factor in food prices certainly includes transportation costs. The assault on the oil and gas industry by the communists in power certainly take its toll on NMs and all Americans , manifested by higher costs for everything. Since the communist coup in 2020 our economy continues to decline, visible for all to see if your eyes are open. Unfortunately through our “(s)elected “ officials in NM it will only get worse since 3/4 of them are marxists and 1/4 just dupes. Time for a change!

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