New Ronchetti ad torches MLG over groping scandal, hush money payments

A fiery new ad from Republican gubernatorial nominee Ronchetti hits Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham over her sexual assault payments where she shelled out $150,000 to an ex-staffer who says she poured water over his crotch area and then groped his penis through his clothes. 

The ad features news clips, including one report from CNN.

The CNN anchor said, “Tonight, New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is battling a sexual misconduct allegation.”

An announcer reads, “The governor mocked the manhood of an openly gay staffer,” adding, “and then grabbed his crotch through his clothes.”

The ad then features the staffer, James Hallinan, in his own voice during an interview with KOAT 7 where he said, “I was pressured to not report it to law enforcement.”

An announcer adds, “The governor paid the staffer more than $150,000 to settle and forced him to agree to never talk about it again. Wouldn’t this get you fired?”

In 2017, former lieutenant governor candidate, state Sen. Michael Padilla, was accused of a decade-old sexual harassment charge. At the time, Lujan Grisham demanded Padilla drop out of the race for office. Padilla was just promoted to Democrat Senate Majority Whip.

She told the Associated Press, “My position on sexual harassment is clear: it is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated by me or in my administration. Michael Padilla’s actions were wrong.” She continued, “There is no room for excuses and he should withdraw his candidacy for lieutenant governor.”

Lujan Grisham didn’t live up to her own standard, flatly claiming, “There is no room for excuses.” Her excuse for the $150,000 was that she was busy during the pandemic and didn’t have time to fight the claims.

She said at the time, “I was focused on the pandemic, and I’ll stand by that decision [to settle] every minute of every day.”

Previously, a man came forward in 2018 before the gubernatorial election accusing Lujan Grisham of groping him at a party, which led to the end of his relationship. 

The man, Eddie Dehart, said of the 2005 groping incident, “In 2005, we have a party at my girlfriend’s house. It was an artisan party to showcase some art in Santa Fe and help the artists out to sell their products…During the game, it was Michelle’s shot. And she walked around the pool table and walked by me. When she walked by me she grabbed my crotch.” He said that Lujan Grisham exclaimed to his girlfriend that “you have a man here.”

“Michelle was asked to leave the party,” he said. “I didn’t do nothing [sic] to provoke it.” 

Dehart said that Lujan Grisham’s conduct led to a rift with his girlfriend. “Michelle’s drunkenness and her touchy hands ended up breaking us up in the long run.”

Now that the groping is becoming an election issue for Lujan Grisham, widespread television ads exposing her groping could tilt the balance toward Ronchetti in November.


17 thoughts on “New Ronchetti ad torches MLG over groping scandal, hush money payments”

    1. This is not acceptable from our elected officials. Both MLG and Michael Padilla should not be in office. Padilla problems goes back to the Albuquerque call center 311 where he was accused of sexual harassment and left. Groping must be a problem in the Democratic Party.

  1. MLG Queen Serial Groper of NM

    MLG is a shameless, evil women. Time to get this witch out of office forever. That will only happen if democraps get their heads out of their behinds.

  2. Moosehell woohan Groper has got to go! That’s all to it, if she is not able to practice what she preaches, then she is a LAWYER and will never be an HONEST politician! NOT RIGHT FOR NM!

  3. I truly don`t think any intelligent Democrats exist any longer and this perverted governor is perfect example of Democrat Perversity! They all belong fully to Satan so their lunacy should not surprise anyone. Even God said that Every Heart that Leans Left will be a FOOL in ECC 10:2! DemoncRats prove Gods Word to be correct almost every second of every day! FJB!

  4. She stole that money out of campaign funds….you know because that IS a valid campaign tactic, right?? I also heard it was 250K?

    She also used campaign funds for personal expenses….her own private bank account using taxpayer money. She’s a major criminal.

    Not one sign or bumper sticker anywhere for MLG. Seems to prove that the deep state picked the weatherman too. They knew this would all be exposed. How could they not? THREE men have accused her of this.

    So make sure they guy exposing her is their pick too. Win/win!

    There’s only one running who isn’t a deep state pick.

    NM’s future depends on New Mexicans waking up to the Uniparty scam. There is only one party in our country. They don’t care which color is in charge….just pick red or blue please. And NEVER a third party…..

    Time for real change. Choose carefully.

  5. They know she can’t win. She is the rotten egg now. Everyone hates what she’s done to NM. AND she’s a sexual abuser? How long would she have lasted as a male Republican governor with those charges??

    So I agree, yes the lady’s comment is right….they installed the weatherman to ensure the criminals in charge don’t lose power. Crime cartels run our state and our country. They knew she couldn’t outlast her many scandals. Enter Ronchetti.

    And now he’s has already backtracked on his Pro Life stance and says abortion is ok. It’s not obviously….you can’t be pro-life and pro-choice at the same time. And he supports the green deal BS. Some “Republican” he is. I heard he even drives an electric truck? RINO….plain and simple to see.

    We are given dumb and dumber to choose from. Red or Blue, pick your poison from the Uni-party choices.

    I’m over all of it. Looking seriously at the Libertarian candidate. She’s sounding better and better from what I am seeing.

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