National outlet shines light on NM’s border crisis as election issue

While most of the mainstream media is content to ignore the border catastrophe happening in New Mexico — a safe haven for criminal aliens and drug cartels — only a few news outlets, such as Fox News, have even dedicated a few minutes to the crisis of the state’s porous border.

New Mexico remains the lone illegal immigration free-for-all between Arizona and Texas, two states that have beefed up security on the southern border, even going so far as to allocate state funds to finish President Trump’s border wall. 

The wall proved during the Trump administration to be a massive success. But now, with gaping holes being left for illegal aliens, human and drug traffickers, and even some terrorists to jump through with ease, the crisis has required a robust response. 

Such a response has not come to fruition under Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Just the opposite. During her first few days as governor, Lujan Grisham pulled the state’s National Guard from the southern border, further exacerbating the crisis. She has parroted open borders rhetoric, which has led municipalities like Santa Fe and Albuquerque to declare themselves so-called “sanctuaries” for criminal aliens.

The Washington Examiner highlighted New Mexico in a piece published Thursday, focusing on the state’s governor’s race being a potential game changer to help stop the spread of deadly fentanyl and close off illegal immigration numbers, which have risen to over two million apprehensions just this year.

The outlet reported:

There is an additional reason New Mexico attracts less notice for illegal crossovers than its neighbors — federal agency classifications that can keep the state’s profile low when it comes to illegal immigration. There are no U.S. Customs and Border Protection sectors in New Mexico, the fifth-largest state by land mass at 121,365 square miles. Texas has multiple border sectors, along with Arizona and California. Even Vermont, the seventh smallest state, at 9,249 square miles, has its own sector up north along the U.S. border with Canada.

There are three border crossings in New Mexico, compared to six in California, six in Arizona, and 20 in Texas, even though at 179.5 miles, New Mexico’s border with Mexico is longer than that of California, at 140 miles.

That lesser amount of federal border resources put into New Mexico has become a major campaign focal point for Ronchetti. New Mexico has to pick up the slack from the federal authorities, argues Ronchetti, a former television weatherman who was the 2020 New Mexico GOP Senate nominee, losing to then-Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) by a 6.1-percentage-point margin.

Ronchetti is up against an experienced candidate in Lujan Grisham, who won the New Mexico governorship in 2018 after six years in the House, representing the state’s Albuquerque-area 1st Congressional District.

The Examiner wrote that Lujan Grisham could very well be defeated, saying, “Lujan Grisham, however, may be vulnerable. In addition to taking heat over border policies, Lujan Grisham drew a wave of negative headlines early in the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2020, she was criticized after purchasing jewelry from a store in Albuquerque once she ordered all nonessential businesses to be closed. In response, the governor’s office said the transaction was done remotely and didn’t violate the order.” 

It added, “If Ronchetti ousts the governor, he’ll need only look south, toward the border, to know why.” 


10 thoughts on “National outlet shines light on NM’s border crisis as election issue”

  1. Worthless democraps of NM

    .MLG loves open borders. Drugs. Illegal immigrants, and the murdering of infants. She will be known as the Evil B-tch Demon Queen of New Mexico. Praying she repents and begs God for forgiveness.

  2. Let’s take busloads to the roundhouse in Santa Fe. Propaganda has infiltrated the minds of New Mexicans who think she has done a great job. We can try and educate these brainwashed voters, but if she is elected again, I will try and convince my husband to move out of this state. I cannot take any more of the pathetic, crooked, communist, ego centered, tyrannical, Godless, murdering politics in this state. We have to take our country back one state at a time. Tell your family and friends to get out there and vote her and the commies out!!!!!!

  3. Ironic that the Democrat Mayor of El Paso is shipping illegals to liberal New York City.
    Perhaps they should set up a schedule between both mayors for transportation.

    1. Be sure to VOTE on Election Day and tell your friends to vote, too.

      Massive turnout is the only way to overcome the cheating!

  4. Lisa is so right. The TV commercial that is so pathetic is of a couple saying how sweet MLG helped their business. All one has to do is drive around cities, Albuquerque especially and see all the businesses boarded up and others vacated. She has done for the state of NM that hasn’t benefited her personal agenda.

  5. She’s the one that ran through fake walls like a mini juggernaut while mocking the building of the border walls, she lied so she can rob us and keep the illegal traffic flowing. MLG has done everything she can to hurt, scold and blame the NM citizens for her failed term. MLG thinks were her freaking subjects that must bow down to her while she’s throwing her dagger stare at us. She’s only fooling the ignorant people, NM is at the bottom of education and they want to keep it like that. Get out there and Vote to get rid of her and end this greedy tyrant’s BS.

  6. vote, vote, vote, we have to get out the real vote in order to even hope to make a dent in the dominion machines algorithms. We need to change the way we vote BACK to one day, and paper ballots.

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