MLG refuses to answer Hobbs newspaper’s candidate questionnaire

In her latest snub to the conservative city of Hobbs in Lea County, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham flatly refused to answer a simple candidate questionnaire from the newspaper, the Hobbs News-Sun

The questionnaire had relevant inquiries about the oil-rich part of the state, specifically if the candidate would support the industry and its high-paying jobs.

Republican nominee Mark Ronchetti responded, “ New Mexico’s oil and gas industry is the backbone of our state’s economy.” He added, “I’ll implement an oil and gas rebate program.”

Karen Bedonie, the Libertarian candidate and former Republican who left the GOP, said, “I am a realist and I realize the major role of the New Mexico oil and gas industry to the state and I definitely know the economic importance it holds in our economic future.”

According to the News-Sun, Lujan Grisham refused to answer the questions.

“A spokesperson for the Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reelection campaign, Delaney Corcoran, informed the News-Sun about 10:22 a.m. on Oct. 4 [Lujan] Grisham will not answer the questions sent to her on Sept. 22,” the outlet reported.

This is not the first time Lujan Grirhsm has been hostile toward Hobbs. During her pandemic press conferences, she railed against the conservative community.

As we previously reported:

Lujan Grisham then went on to compare random photographs from Taos and Hobbs, one showing a sunny, bright day in Taos, where people were wearing face masks as far as the eye could see. However, the other photograph Lujan Grisham showed was one of an unnamed establishment in Hobbs, which appeared to be a snitch photo submitted to her office picturing people eating inside and not wearing masks. 

As well, she said, “I don’t think the individuals were trying to support a local business,” then claiming “we’re getting… those photos and many calls and many complaints, and we’re going out.” 

Other than threatening local law enforcers with fines and citations after her rant at the Hobbs business, Lujan Grisham then claimed, “Nobody wishes that restaurants have a situation where they have a situation where they are challenged to make it. Every business — every small business is worthy of New Mexico’s attention and support.” It may not appear that way, with the New Mexico Restaurant Associaton estimating that 20% of restaurants across the state will close forever.  

Lujan Grisham continued, saying, “And I know that New Mexicans also know we are also debating these issues in front of fact-finders — judges — statewide, and I believe in the independence and authority of judges. And we will adhere to whatever judicial action comes down any number of these. But we are citing. We are closing, and I will tell you this. For local law enforcement: where you are also — it’s bad enough that you won’t help us cite folks who aren’t wearing masks and organizations and businesses and restaurants following public health orders — if you are violating a public health order, there are civil and criminal tools at our disposal. And local law enforcement — including the sheriffs who have been posting photos of themselves eating returns — should expect to be cited as such and to be held accountable.”

After snubbing the Hobbs News-Sun, Power The Future’s Larry Behrens said, “Given Governor Lujan’s Grisham’s massive record of failure, particularly in energy policy, it’s not a surprise she has no response. Governor Lujan Grisham has never felt accountable to the people of New Mexico, especially those in the energy industry in southeast New Mexico. The cost of gas is shooting up again, massive inflation is hurting struggling families and all Michelle Lujan Grisham can offer are non-answers to accompany her non-accomplishments.”


12 thoughts on “MLG refuses to answer Hobbs newspaper’s candidate questionnaire”

  1. MLG’s non answer about support for New Mexico’s oil and gas industry is itself an answer. If re-elected, she will do her best to kill our state’s pill and gas.

  2. Wuhan Luhan really should look overseas and see what is going on… Germany and the UK is suffering from their energy policies they are suffering so much that they are going back to fossil fuels…. this is from a site called Manhattan contrarian and it explains it very well

    So how did they get into this mess? You might think, that’s easy to understand. Obviously, they pursued “Net Zero” carbon emissions programs, building weather-dependent wind turbines and solar panels that produce nothing most of the time, while closing reliable coal power plants, banning fracking, and otherwise suppressing fossil fuels, with the sole exception of imports of natural gas.

    1. Mlg doesn’t give a rats ass about out state….she needs to just drop out of the race and leave…and so does the roncho dude he’s another mlg….the lesser of 2 evils….well this states doesn’t need that anymore….we are fed up with the evils….we need God back in this state period….Bedonie is the only one who has shown otherwise….

  3. Yesterday, 10/09/2022, Gas in Deming NM was $3.49 a gallon. Today, 10/10/2022… less than 24 hours… Gas $4.05 a gallon.

    Bend over and thank the NM Democratic Political Party for the gas and oil success!

    In the meantime… Voting “Democrat or Dead” took on a new meaning this last week when Been Hiden Biden declared a nuclear Armageddon was apparently on the table with Ukraine-Russia war.

    Its all good new tho… we will not need any gas or oil when Been Hiden Biden launches our arsenal against the world…

    (Sarcasm people…gotta love it)

  4. If MLG hasn’t figured it out yet then someone needs to tell her that New Mexico won’t survive without the Oil and gas industry. It’s a shame and pathetic that a Governor would be more proud that their State had the highest sales of Marijuana on opening day over being the third largest oil producing State in the nation. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you because that space port crap can’t carry the State.

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