MLG warns after Virginia election: ‘Scary’ GOP trying to ‘kick me out of office’

On Saturday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent out yet another panicky email, this time warning of what she claims to be “scary” Republican “extremists” working to vote her out in 2022. 

Her pretext for the hysterical email came after Republicans defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s November 2 gubernatorial election and elected mainstream Republican Glenn Youngkin, who focused on education in the race that swept him to victory.

Lujan Grisham wrote, “The GOP just had a major victory in Virginia. An extremist Republican just flipped Virginia red, and the GOP now feels they have the power to pull our left-leaning state farther to the right than ever before.”

“If the GOP could take blue Virginia, friend, they could take New Mexico, too. Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to kick me out of office, and I urgently need your help to defend our state,” the embattled governor wrote.

Lujan Grisham claimed if Republicans reclaim power, “extremist” voting laws that actually secure election integrity will be implemented, along with Florida-style mask mandate bans and Texas-style abortion bans.

“I can’t fend off the GOP alone, so I’m really counting on you to contribute today,” the Governor wrote, adding she would ram through her Democrat agenda “regardless of Republican pushback.”

During her tenure as governor, Lujan Grisham killed at least 40% of small businesses in the state, forced churches and businesses to close, mocked and belittled New Mexicans who did not follow her edicts, and repeatedly broke her mandates while pontificating compliance to the masses. She then paid off a former staffer $150,000 over sexual assault allegations, in which the alleged victim claimed she poured water over his crotch and then groped him.

Republicans have an excellent chance at flipping New Mexico red in 2022, with the right candidate. So far, Gov. Lujan Grisham is facing off against eight Republicans, including businesswoman Karen Bedonie, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block, state Rep. Rebecca Dow, Right to Life of New Mexico executive director Ethel Maharg, failed U.S. Senate candidate and ex-weatherman Mark Ronchetti, businessman Louie Sanchez, former Gary Johnson staffer Tim Walsh, and financier Greg ZanettiNote: These candidates have been listed in alphabetical order.


8 thoughts on “MLG warns after Virginia election: ‘Scary’ GOP trying to ‘kick me out of office’”

  1. I was born in NM and lived there for nearly seventy years, so I’ve lived through both Dem and Rep administrations in that state. I moved out of NM eight years ago and have watched the political picture there fall into the hands of a tiny tyrant who is determined to destroy the political, economic, educational and small business systems of the state as well as wreaking havoc on the personal and private lives of citizens through executive orders and regulations. She has been a disgrace to the beautiful history and people of the state.
    I will be supporting the candidate who will run against her next November, and I encourage each and every citizen that values their future and the future of the great state of New Mexico to be generous in their support as well. God bless New Mexico!

  2. If she didn’t have to pay off all her sexual harassment victims, she’d have enough funds to run a campaign. It would still be all lies and lots of whining about the mean ol’ GOP though. And what’s without hideous shoes? Is the SNL clown helping her dress???

  3. MLG Racist CRT Governor

    MLG will be the governor once more. New Mexicans are too stupid to kick her out of office. They love the control, love masks on their face, and they love the indoctrination of their children. If the did not they would stop voting these criminals back into office, over and over and over again. Wish they would prove me wrong, but they just voted two evil mayors back into office. There are intelligent people in this state, only WOKE ones.

    1. Oh please, you know these systems are rigged, so don’t blame ALL of the New Mexican voters. If you believe what your saying is true, then you are IGNORANT… And you need help!! God has stepped in this rink, and I guarantee MLG and all of her minions are OUTTA HERE!!!

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