MLG promises more extreme radical left policies at inauguration

On Sunday, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was sworn in for her second term as New Mexico governor at Santa Fe’s Lensic Performing Arts Center, promising more abortion up-to-birth policies, enviro-Marxism, and expanded social programs focused on “poverty” during a roughly 20-minute speech.

After attending an inaugural Mass held by Santa Fe Archbishop John C. Wester at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Lujan Grisham’s inaugural festivities commenced. Wester was photographed welcoming the pro-abortion governor to the Mass. He previously refused to deny her the sacrament of the Eucharist, despite her anti-life views and policies.

Lujan Grisham pledged during her inaugural speech to push for codifying abortion up-to-birth in state law, claiming, “Never again for all of time will a woman in the state of New Mexico have anything less than full bodily autonomy and freedom of choice” (code for unrestricted abortion).

She previously signed a bill legalizing abortion up-to-birth and infanticide in 2021 by stripping all protections for women, children, and medical professionals, the latter being forced to perform and refer for ending the lives of children in the womb via abortions. She also signed a bill legalizing physician-assisted suicides via lethal drug cocktails in the state.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported, “Lujan Grisham said she also plans to continue work started during her first term on early childhood education and care, economic growth and environmental stewardship (enviro-Marxism). She also promised to fight poverty and homelessness by expanding access to affordable housing and free child care.”

She said, “The work is not done, but we have made a good start, and I will not rest until this is a state where the conditions that create generational poverty are a dusty relic of the distant past.”

The scandal-ridden governor, who was narrowly reelected by a mere 52 percent of the vote, charged $1,000 per person to attend her inaugural ball that featured the Lightning Boy Hoop Dancers, Compania Chuscales Flamenco, Mariachi Azteca de Santa Fe, musician Theo Kutsco, and the NM Peace Choir. 

Ex-state Rep. Deborah Armstrong (D-Bernalillo) and failed congressional candidate Victor Reyes both served as co-chairs for the Democrat’s inaugural festivities.


69 thoughts on “MLG promises more extreme radical left policies at inauguration”

    1. My thoughts exactly… Pro-choice and social networking are clearly lacking in many poverty stricken communities.

      1. What a crock this woman is destroying our state I live in Eastern New mexico and she has done absolutely nothing to help this Parr of the state. A state with one of the highest dwi rates in the country what does she do make pot legal. What a joke

        1. I cannot imagine anything more “anti-people” than the left’s continuous demand for the “right” to brutally murder unborn children, including infanticide.

    2. Exactly 👍The extreme right forced the extreme left to put into programs to counter act what the right plans to do if they get in.

    3. You must not read the news or the actual legislation that MLG has proposed / supported, and signed into law. When a woman looses her unborn baby due to a drunk driver, that is considered manslaughter at the least. However, killing a baby at the time of birth is OK??? REALLY? How about MLG mandating the closing of existing power plants and telling us that we can expect power brown/black outs until an actual solar and/wind power grid of sufficient power becomes available to offset the losses due to the closing of the existing plants? You need to read what Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote so you can understand what Marxism REALLY says. “

  1. There’s no such thing as “far left”. There just isn’t, and I don’t care how much you righties hate us. She’s a democrat and democrats are not far left. The reporting in this article is extremely flawed and terribly one-sided, not to mention the typical lies and fear mongering. There’s no such thing as “abortion up to birth”. Nobody has EVER aborted a living baby (you people are really ignorant). Believe whatever fairytale you want, nobody aborts a living baby. How stupid can you be?

    1. Since the baby in the woman’s womb is alive then the logical conclusion is that the baby is living. When the baby is aborted, the baby is alive.

      That said; given Karen’s extremely spastic comment it can be nothing other than satire.

    2. Anyone that doesn’t believe abortion up to birth is murder has no conscious and little understanding of the gestational process. Babies born premature at 28 weeks are able to live in the age of modern medicine. By abortion up to birth, isn’t Lujan talking about the ability to kill a child when the mother is in labor and about to give birth. Stupidity is not believing the science.

    3. Democrats in the last few years have become so extreme that it is very easy to compare them to the Marxists that ruined Venezuela, China that controls its citizens through manipulation, Cuba and Russia for jailing political opponents etc. It is only the far left democrats that refuse to see and understand what is going on or perhaps they do and it’s their ideal. Do you have any idea why there is no longer a southern border? Try to project what it will mean in the near future. Biden and his far left cabal have set out to destroy this country. Grab a biology book and read how gestation works before saying that no living baby is killed. Get the facts instead of spouting the party line comrade.

    4. I’m sorry, but if the baby were already dead it would be a miscarriage, so need for an abortion. The babies aborted are alive! They are Killing their babies for, many times, convenience sake. You people are the ignorant ones that applaud this sacrifice. There is no “healthcare” happening here, it’s a choice to kill an inconvenience. Sickening. This state has 0 morals. And Webster is not a Catholic priest. NO true priest would give communion to this wicked woman.

    5. Kenneth W. Tidmore

      Every baby aborted is a living baby. Ignorance abounds in your understanding of life. Quit hiding behind propaganda, and study the science you lefties claim to know so well.

    6. How stupid are you… Maybe you ought to do some research about the failed abortions and the baby is born alive and then they lay it on a table and just let it die

    7. Karen
      Virtually all infanticides in the womb are on living babies that are tthe starved by the first of two ‘medical’ abortion pills, or torn to pieces alive and the pieces inventoried in a bloody tray. There’s more, but the points are they are alive, feel pain, and have committed no crime, and are mercilessly executed.
      AND please see my other comment on the accuracy of the term enviro-Marxism.

    8. You can smell “Karen’s” desperation as she/he/it makes this pathetic attempt to derail the truth re: abortion and the criminal “governor” she/he/it clearly worships. And “Karen” calls US “ignorant” and “stupid?” How old are you, “Karen?” Twelve?

    9. For your information unborn children “up to birth” have been killed in this state. The doctor Inserts scissor like forceps into the woman prior to the baby crowning. Then the doctor cuts The brainstem of the child thus delivering a dead child. At which time It is considered a Legal abortion due to the baby not taking a breath of air. Educate yourself Karen.

  2. The Catholic Church platform has a clear stance against abortion. Governor MLG campaigned and advocated for a woman’s right to have an abortion. Regardless of how I stand on that issue (I’m more liberal on it), it’s hypocritical of her to pretend to be a Catholic while promoting activism against its doctrine. The “Don’t do as I do but do as I say” and “ I can do know wrong” mentality is what I dislike about the governor. She showed it during Covid and that elitism was in full display when she has a $1000 buy in to attend her inauguration ball.

  3. The Archbishop welcoming an Abortionist, who seeks 10 million$ to build a house of Abortion at the Border for Texas women to kill their babies? This is in itself evil, and she should rightly be excommunicated. And to the commenters above: Your ‘Party’ has become the Socialist Party, not the ‘party of your father and grandfather’ . If you do not know this, your heads are either ‘buried in sand’ or stuffed up your behinds.

  4. I’m sorry, but if the baby were already dead it would be a miscarriage, so need for an abortion. The babies aborted are alive! They are Killing their babies for, many times, convenience sake. You people are the ignorant ones that applaud this sacrifice. There is no “healthcare” happening here, it’s a choice to kill an inconvenience. Sickening. This state has 0 morals. And Webster is not a Catholic priest. NO true priest would give communion to this wicked woman.

  5. Janet is correct to the point that there are factual, proven cases where communism/ Marxism (call it what you want) have utterly destroyed societies. She named but a few. This disease has infected America and unfortunately NM is in the lead with the Grisham cabal. Enviro Marxism is real , proven by the death of rural NM that once had logging, ranching and mining all killed off by radical environmentalists saving the planet, for who? Bill Gates or Soros?

  6. thank you for your coverage. As an medical doctor, I don’t think abortion is anti-Christian. I think it is quite necessary, in certain instances, when a child who was rape by her father, or other family members . Or when a woman who is unable to raise her child because of financial problems. Personally, ” just say no ” doesn’t work for many people, including men who are unable to control their urges.

    1. Are you Christian or Catholic? Have you ever attended Church? If not you have no clue on the views of a religion that strongly supports anti-abortion. I get what you’re saying about incest/rape and that could be one of the only instances of abortion. There’s free birth control so don’t make excuses. If you’re not financially ready make the dude where a damn condom. I think a lot of women make stupid decisions and want to be bailed out with abortion. If you can’t handle a child think adoption. There’s people that want a baby but can’t even have one and actually be a parent.

    2. Mai
      Executing an infant who has committed no crime: for the sins of the father is itself murder (covering both rape and irresponsible sex).
      Likewise, executing an innocent because one is poor is wrong. Shall we murder all poor?
      You are then married to Paul Gates father.
      English is difficult, may Jesus bless your efforts. Practice with the Bible. : ]

    3. The vast majority of abortions are performed because the unborn child is not wanted. God condemns murder. Abortion is the murder of an unborn child. It is unfortunate that many people believe that they are “unable to control their urges.” Abortion has always been available if pregnancy results from a rape, or incest, or in incredibly rare instances involving the woman’s health. To justify murdering an unborn child for “financial reasons” is incredible.

  7. The Catholic Church in NM is a political arm of the Democrat party….this is obvious to anyone willing to take a honest look. So many NM’s are blinded by this fact. This is NOT your grandparents party or religion anymore…wake up!

    1. Wrong… Go to St.Anne’s Church and talk to Father Brieto. He is known an the Abortion father and sometimes annoys the unfaithful with his rhetoric. He adamantly supports the life of innocent children in the womb. My Wife and I go to Church every week. How often do you go? Saying that about the Catholic Church and not even attending is ignorant. We are not the perfect Catholics but I sure hope when the time comes we get judged a lot different then people who support killing the innocent and people who badmouth Religion. Most are Republicans but still too nice to admit publicly.

  8. Maybe instead of pushing for the killing of the unborn she should focus on saving the people dying from crime. One day into the new year there was someone already killed. Her and Keller are doing a great job at curbing violent crimes. I go to Church every week, I still have a lot of flaws, but when the time comes I hope her and all her supporters that think it’s ok terminating a living thing get judged a whole lot different then me and others like me.

  9. My disappointment is in Wester. I’m not calling him my Shepard, Shepard’s protect their flock from wolves and other animals from harm.

  10. The democrats are murderers and Marxists. Anyone who votes for them has to answer to God one day. Whether you believe in God or not, ABORTION IS THE MURDER OF A BABY. That is why our state and nation have no concern for life at any stage at all. MLG and her cronies make me sick to my stomach. Murders are at an all-time high, and cheating democrats are nothing but the devil’s spawns. We need to pray for this state and nation. We are in dark times for sure. In addition, I am a practicing catholic, and God will purify the church as well. Wake up and repent before it is too late. Bishop Wester lead your flock and not the politicians

  11. The Pinion Post is just cementing its claim as a RIGHT WING rag! Glad that New Mexico has a governor that is sane and working on the correct path!

    1. “A Governor that is sane”?? If you call crime , murder , homelessness ,poverty, despotism, cronyism, theft and communism sanity then maybe you lefties are believing your own Orwellian propaganda !

    2. ‘Glad that New Mexico has a governor that is sane and working on the correct path.’
      If you believe that “the correct path” is leading the nation in property crime, occupying the bottom of the list in education, destroying 52% of small businesses, legalizing pot, building more abortion clinics while being proud of infanticide, and being last in everything good and first in everything bad, I assume that you are as pleased as punch, “Jim.” What on earth is wrong with you?

  12. Ha, Jim….Then do not read it. Subscribe to your liberal rags. I subscribe to this post because it delivers the TRUTH. You subscribe to gnash your teeth at those of us who believe in God, respect for human life, and truth.

  13. Who said this is not true. Look & read.

    Here you go. This is not New Mexicans. It’s horrible!

    2/9/21: Two extreme abortion bills are heading to the New Mexico House and Senate this week. House Bill 7 and Senate Bill 10 would allow abortion up to birth in the state

    & while you are at it look up the right to life bill. That passed too!

    INHUMANE: New Mexico House passes unlimited abortion bill, sends to governor’s desk

  14. MLG has her “useful idiots “, those who vote one way.
    “Who controls the past controls the future who controls the
    present controls the past” 1984

  15. Why do we never hear pro abortion people at least help push preventing pregnancy in the first place, then no issue.

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