ABQ begins deadly 2023 with first homicide investigation launched

2022 appeared to be the deadliest year on record in Albuquerque, but 2023 may be looking to rival the previous year with a brand new homicide investigation started on New Year’s Day.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, “Officers responded to reports of a man lying in the street shortly before 5 a.m. in the 7800 block of Central NE, which is near Pennsylvania, said APD spokeswoman Rebecca Atkins in a statement.”

Atkins said, “When officers arrived, the male was deceased and the Homicide Unit was called out to further investigate.”

In 2022, Albuquerque broke its 114 homicide investigation record with 121 homicides in 2021. The city broke its highest homicide record in 2021, and it has only grown since. 

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data from 2021, New Mexico ranked as the state with the second-highest crime rate in the nation, with crimes affecting 2.19% of the population. 

In 2021, for every 100,000 New Mexicans, law enforcement reported 2,189 crimes against persons or affecting 2.92% of the population. The only state with worse overall crime was Arkansas, with 2,276 crimes per 100,000 people. 

Albuquerque is one of the ten deadliest cities in the United States, according to SafeWise


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  1. Thank you pretty boy Keller and Moochie Loserjan Gruesome for the sanctuary city,the open border, and the revolving door at the jailhouse!

  2. Start dumping the bodies over Keller’s fence . . Bus them to Das Kapital and GrisleyGrisham, along with illegals and drug addicted homeless (not all).

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