Rep. Herrell’s message to voters of NM’s Second District: ‘I’m not done yet’

On Friday, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of New Mexico’s Second District released a statement for the citizens of the District. She narrowly lost reelection to Democrat Gabe Vasquez in the November 8 election after Democrats gerrymandered the congressional map to remove the only Republican-leaning district. Despite that, Herrell came within approximately 1,000 votes of Vasquez.

Herrell wrote in the note to constituents, “Thank you for the opportunity to represent you in the US House of Representatives these last two action-packed years.”

“I have endeavored to defend your values, stand up for veterans and first responders, secure our borders, and be a voice for the ranchers, farmers, energy producers, and small businesses who keep our communities running. During my time in Congress, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with countless great patriots in New Mexico, people who are willing to fight for freedom and prosperity.” 

She continued:

These courageous men and women remain strong in hard times and don’t care about what the media or the Washington Establishment says–as long as they’re on the side of truth and justice. 

These patriots are moms and dads, employees and business owners, police and military; some bring the great wisdom and experience of many years, and others have the youthful energy we need to carry the banner of liberty forward to the next generation.

All will play a part in saving our great nation.  

That is why, as I depart Washington and head home to the plains and mountains we know so well, I know the future is in good hands, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

Serving the hardworking families of New Mexico has been my greatest honor, and I’m not done yet. 

Herrell has already filed paperwork for a rematch in 2024, and she has also hinted at a big announcement early next year, which could be her formally jumping in the ring for a bid to return to Congress.


20 thoughts on “Rep. Herrell’s message to voters of NM’s Second District: ‘I’m not done yet’”

  1. In lib Santa Fe, she wasn’t even our representative however, she was our only voice. Things will be corrected soon I pray…

  2. Sadly, she could have easily won this election if just 1001 Republicans, of the thousands of them who did not vote, had cared enough to do so. We can’t elect conservatives to office if Republican voters remain lazy and apathetic.

  3. New Mexico has to turn. We can’t continue to tolerate the runaway crime, corrupt government, and out of control social initiatives. We need to move our schools up with tax monies instead of wasting it on non-citizens and criminals. Vote Republican in 2024.

  4. I agree with Karl and Paul. What are we going to do about it? why the apathy? Too many Republicans are buying into the main stream media narative.

  5. Gabe Vasquez, from liberal Las Cruces, will look like a fish out of water as he visits conservative Hobbs, Artesia and Carlsbad.

    1. Agree. Seems a little too late. She’ll announce so she can collect contributions for 2024. I still get solicitation from candidates I supported. Now the ones that lost are asking for contributions to repay their expenses, and the ones that won are already collecting for 2024. Sad.

  6. A lot of you seem to forget that NM did turn….the FACT IS the other party cheated period….and the idiot rino running for gov tucked his tail and ran off like a little bitch….instead of fighting….don’t forget that….THEY CHEATED!!!!

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