Gov. MLG still not ‘satisfied’ with her far-left agenda in NM

On Thursday, embattled Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who was accused and later settled with $62,500 in campaign funds for sexual assault, sent out a fundraising email about her radical far-left agenda and what she has “accomplished.” 

In the email, she wrote to supporters, “We reinforced reproductive rights in our state, we invested in our public schools and early childhood education, and we delivered $200 million in pandemic relief to small businesses. We overcame Republican Party obstruction and got real results for New Mexicans from legalizing recreational cannabis to strengthening civil rights and so much more.”

She wrote, “We can do even more to help our great state thrive and chart our path toward a brighter future.”

But one line, in particular, stuck out. She wrote, “I couldn’t be prouder of everything that we’ve accomplished – but that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied. I know this team has the drive and the passion to make New Mexico a clean-energy leader, an educational powerhouse and a model for sustainable economic growth.” 

Despite ramming through the Green New Deal, abortion up-to-birth and infanticide, assisted suicide via lethal drugs, recreational marijuana, raiding the permanent fund, raising taxes, putting targets on the backs of law enforcers, destroying “right to work,” crippling small businesses with government-forced handouts, she is still not “satisfied.” 

When will Gov. Lujan Grisham be “satisfied”?

Lujan Grisham’s fundraising email comes one day after she announced the potential reopening of the state once 60% of the population is vaccinated, although her version of full reopening still includes mask mandates, a public health emergency, and more restrictions on New Mexicans.

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  1. The emergency is over. No one is buying what she’s selling anymore; FEAR. And the people in this great state are waking up to the many years of corrupt politicians running this state like their personal piggy bank.

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