APD chief: Suspect apprehended in Duke City slayings of Muslim men

According to reports from the Albuquerque Police Department, a suspect in the murders of four Muslim men in Albuquerque has been apprehended.

According to a tweet from Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina, “We tracked down the vehicle believed to be involved in a recent murder of a Muslim man in Albuquerque. The driver was detained and he is our primary suspect for the murders. We will update the media later this afternoon.

Medina did not immediately release the name of the suspect. The killings of Muslim men in Albuquerque have garnered national attention, with both politicians and advocacy groups decrying the violence.

The Department previously released a wanted poster showing a photograph of the suspect driving a gray Volkswagen Jetta:

ABQ Raw reported:

Downtown ABQ – A suspect in the Muslim killings around the metro is in police custody. We have learned from a source that was not authorized to speak to the media that a person of interest is currently being detained by the NMSP and APD officials downtown. The man is said to have been taken into custody last night by a joint NMSP/APD SWAT team in the ABQ metro area. Detectives have been working relentlessly for days to figure out who the killer is.

According to a City of Santa Rosa Police Dispatch supervisor, last night a pursuit was going through the town of Santa Rosa with New Mexico State Police in pursuit of the Volkswagen suspect vehicle from APD’s flyer. The local agencies helped shut down the highway exits to keep the pursuit out of town. At the 277 exit east bound the suspect vehicle was stopped by police. Officers took the suspect into custody by force using a bean bag non lethal weapon.

Emergency medical services were called to the scene and the suspect was checked out and cleared. He was then transported to Albuquerque for interviews with investigators.


3 thoughts on “APD chief: Suspect apprehended in Duke City slayings of Muslim men”

  1. Interesting that the suspect is also a Muslim.

    I’m sure the local media and politicians were disappointed it wasn’t a “hate crime” committed by a guy in a MAGA hat.

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