Maryland-dwelling Sen. Heinrich declares ‘momentous day’ in most elitist flex yet

Far-left U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich bragged on Saturday from his official government account about his New Mexico house being “100% electrified,” meaning he has stripped out all gas-using appliances to replace them with electricity, which is produced by 63.9 percent fossil fuels, including oil, gas, and coal.

The Democrat hailed the accomplishment as “a momentous day in our household.”

He said in a video posted to X, formerly Twitter, “So, my HVAC unit died, so we went ahead and replaced it with a whole-home heat pump, and that allows us to pull out the gas furnace, and we’ve got that done now. So, a bit of a momentous day today. We are officially 100% electrified and off [the] gas in the house, so I’m gonna turn off the meter.”

According to This Old House, “Heat pumps cost more than other HVAC units, ranging from $2,000–$20,000 including installation. Here are more details about each common type of heat pump: Air-source ($4,500–$8,000): Air-source heat pumps are the most common. They absorb heat energy by pulling in the air from outside your home.”

The average New Mexican, unlike Heinric, who primarily lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, does not have $20,000 to splurge on such a heat pump unit. 

The far-left senator has previously bragged about installing other electric appliances in his home, claiming they will save the planet while they cost more for the average consumer, who does not have Heinrich’s means to supplant traditional appliances for electric-only ones unnecessarily.

He supports banning gas stoves and has pushed for an extremist “electrify everything” agenda.

Despite his public opposition to using oil, gas, and coal products, he is happy to use propane, as he shared in a previous post, proving utter hypocrisy. It is unclear if Heinrich only rides in electric Ubers/Lyfts or drives only an electric vehicle. It is clear, however, that Heinrich flies on airplanes the few times he travels to New Mexico.


26 thoughts on “Maryland-dwelling Sen. Heinrich declares ‘momentous day’ in most elitist flex yet”

  1. I love when the rich try to lecture the poor how “unsustainable” and wasteful they are. When really they are feeling guilt deep inside about how they never do a hard day’s work, and instead have to spend their way to praise.

    Most New Mexicans would roll up their sleeves and keep a gas furnace running for 25 years so a new one doesn’t need to be manufactured every 5 or so years. That’s “sustainable” – not tossing it all out and buying brand new stuff. The working class has always been green because we maximize the use of EVERYTHING.

    These rich Santa Fe morons spend their money on more expensive appliances and electric bills and then pat themselves on the back.

    Maybe it’s time the PUBLIC SERVANTS stop getting paid so much while shaming us and destroying our small businesses.

  2. Since I have l I’ve in New Mexico now for sixteen years I called our Lawmaker Heinric several times before he answered his phone. And he was angry. “Why are ÿou calling me?” Needless to say, I dIwill never vote for him again. He is disappointing to say the lesst.

    1. More people need to tell these stories… You are not the only one who gets disrespected by those who “represent” New Mexicans.

      All of them are rude!

    2. I write him emails and let him know no uncertain terms, how unhappy I am with him representing New Mexico and being a carpet bagger. Why or why do people still vote for the long distant carpetbagger.

  3. Just another demon-rat that has no idea as to how electricity is created. He wants a momentous day so he can VISIT New Mexico whenever he has an itch to get away from the insanity of overpopulated Maryland? Take some of the money he collects from us tax payers and put it into upgrading the schools heating systems. Or spend some of the tax payers money installing some kind of heating system in homes for the REAL people of New Mexico that go without because they can’t afford to put any kind of system in. Until he stops using propane, jet fuel, and does away with the outdoor grill, he needs to shut the h*ll up and do us True New Mexico residents a favor and take his happy a** back to Maryland!

  4. Just 1 question. How is all the electricity he so touts made??????…could it be from fossil fuel?????l i.e. coal natural gas? I know, it’s all the hot air he and all the other democrats spew!!!! Next time you come “home” don’t fly or drive. Ya know, “save the environment” walk

    1. If he really wanted to clean up the environment he should go to the border and clean up all the trash the illegals leave there.

  5. My family has been in the oil and gas industry as well as the electrical industry for over for many many decades. You need to educate yourself in the harmful damages wind farms and hydro-power plants does to the environment and wildlife habitats! You don’t have to go far….Well, you have to come home to New Mexico first. You know that southwestern state that sits between Arizona and Texas.

  6. He obviously does not represent we the people. We the people do not make the kind of money he makes living off the taxpayer. He is not listening to what the people who he is supposed to represent. He too is trying to be a dictator.

    I heard he has a house still in NM. No clue if it’s true or not. But he lives in Maryland or Virginia not in NM. So he obviously does not belong pretending he represents we the people.

  7. Never understood how the folks in Maryland keep voting this idiot in???? ;). Not even sure how he represents the folks of NM either? We are a state of conservatives (we just have a lot of folks that vote democrat because their Grandpa did, but are really true conservatives that do not pay attention to the news or they watch the Alfa bet networks.

  8. Stephanie McKenzie

    I agree with Veronica. If these idiots boasting about saving the environment and climate change would just do a little research they would find out they are making things worse. Idiots all. I just call MLG the wicked witch of the west because she cares not one bit for New Mexicans, and Heinrich does not either.

  9. How in the world does he, or anyone else for that matter, afford an all electric home???? The current rates being charged for electricity would make that prohibitive for most residents in this state, even in the most energy efficient circumstances. When does the idiocy stop…. or will it???

  10. Our entire congressional delegation is a disgrace. All are incompetent; however, they do fit right in with the Biden administration where incompetence is a prerequisite.

    After living here for 40 years it is hard to fathom how voters can still vote for Democrats given the conditions in our state. Ignorance is rampant among the voters here.

  11. If you weren’t born and raised here you shouldn’t be allowed to run here! You don’t represent our state or its people! We’re sick of people who say they represent us and don’t! The people of this state need to start doing their homework about who we’re voting for Republican or Democrat! We need people who represent “we the people”!


    Heinrich is a traitor. How many illegal invaders has he allowed into the country during his senate tenure?

  13. Heat pumps struggle in colder temperatures, lose efficiency. And most of New Mexico can get very cold at times.

    Yesterday afternoon and evening the power went off numerous times. PITA. Current NM power infrastructure will not keep up with any increased electric usage demands.

    I shall stick with my gas fired (propane) furnace, cook stove, and water heater. And my ICE SUVs and trucks!

    Chances are pompous Heinrich would install a backup generator at his NM house if he actually spent much time here.

  14. Heinrich is a typical progressive; elitist and arrogant in his thinking, while totally irrational and misguided. And, no progressive ever does anything without the ultimate personal objective of being noticed, validated and promoted. Hoorah for him and his self-proclamations of his own greatness!! (Not!). Gotta love how liberals are for free speech, as long as it’s only their own; they want to save the planet, whales, baby seals and are against the death penalty as it is inhumane, but they’re okay (and even endorse) late-term abortions of fully developed human beings. They are for green energy (green, as in $$) but refuse to acknowledge how, as a previous commenter noted, wind and solar do not come without environmental impacts of their own…ever think about what happens to the indigenous bird population in an area populated by wind 300-foot, man-made wind turbines? And they promote a socialist agenda, all the while enjoying the fruits of capitalism…how about they give up Starbucks, their I-phones, their laptops and their own ability to marker themselves freely..? IMHO they’re all over-educatated, under-thinking, self-promoting hypocrites, who are largely responsible for the mess we currently find ourselves in and I, for one, would love to see them each voted out of office for the good of everyone…

  15. Hiney-lick turned his back on New Mexico when he boarded the plane to DC.. He has and will not do anything beneficial for New Mexico!

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