Roundhouse defaced with pro-Hamas ‘Land Back’ vandalism

Just days after U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich’s Santa Fe office was vandalized with red paint in support of Hamas terrorists’ attacks on Israel beginning in early October, the state capitol building in Santa Fe is the latest victim of the extremist depravity. 

“More vandalism in Santa Fe — this time on the west steps of the state Capitol,” sharing photos, Daniel Chacon of the Santa Fe New Mexican wrote. 

“Among the items left behind was a wooden board with ‘Free Gaza’ and ‘Viva Palestine’ written on it,” he added. The board also read, “Land Back.” Fake body bags accompanied the red paint.

According to the New Mexican, “The Capitol vandalism was discovered around 7:30 a.m. Friday morning as employees approached the west-side entrance, said Raphael Drhett Baca, the Capitol’s building superintendent. Surveillance cameras captured video showing four people, all hooded and clad in black, jumping out of a black SUV at 10:34 p.m. Thursday. ‘They were done by 10:36 p.m.,’ Baca said.” 

Sen. Heinrich’s office was hit with similar hateful sentiments.

The building, located on Marcy Street in the capital city, was painted with the words “HEINRICH STOP THE GENOCIDE,” along with “FREE PALESTINE” and “CEASEFIRE NOW” tagged on the windows of the adobe office building. A large puddle of red paint was then dumped near the office’s front door.

Sen. Heinrich’s Santa Fe office seen on November 15, 2023 vandalized by pro-Hamas terrorists.

Reports indicate the paint was still “bubbling” when staff discovered it on Tuesday. 

The attacks on the state Capitol and Heinrich’s office are just a microcosm of violent anti-Jewish sentiments ravaging the world as Israel continues to defend itself against violent attacks that have claimed thousands of lives.


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  1. William George Norris

    Please look at and try to refute the information below.

    Here are some links that show that Israel DELIBERATELY allowed the Hamas attacks as a pretext to wipe out Gaza!

    Great video of former IDF Soldier showing how Oct 7th was an inside job. (10:06)

    Another testimony from an Ex IDF soldier who lives in Jerusalem and was at her home and followed the developments of the The Hamas “attack” on October 7th. She says without a doubt this was an inside job. She says the large plan is to flatten Gaza. (10:04)

    Another former IDF person: “I served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces.. there’s no way, in my view, that Israel did not know what’s coming…Something is very wrong here” (6:51)

    Jonathan Pollard: Helicopter Pilots Were Given Stand Down Order (1:32)

    Israel’s military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7

    Very interesting video showing the IDF was involved in killing Israelis on October 7th in “friendly fire”. (11:32)

    Here is the article for the above video testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles

      1. And there are those who believe Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor. Using a convicted spy, an unknown soldier and a couple of far left websites for “proof?” is not very convincing. If all you have are rumors it is best to stay silent. Dead babies, raped women, burned and desecrated bodies and 1200 dead civilians is nothing to joke about. A joke is the “proof”you have. The Palestinians are the most despicable people on Earth. Think before you defend them and their terrorism.

        1. William George Norris

          First of all, I didn’t ask you about Pearl Harbor, I asked you about Building 7 on 9-11. Again, were the World Trade Center Buildings demoed Paul? Yes or No?

          “If all you have are rumors it is best to stay silent.” Sorry Paul, but I don’t call testimonies by ex IDF soldiers who worked at the Gaza border mere rumor spreaders! I consider them expert witnesses and so would a court of law.

          BTW who’s joking? This isn’t a joke. If I’m right, and any sane person looking my evidence will see that I am, than Israel is 100% to blame for the whole thing because they DELIBERATELY allowed this to happen and are guilty for the slaughter of their own people. Did you look at the evidence I provided that Hamas did not have the weapons to burn and char people it had to be done by missiles that only Israel has.

          “The Palestinians are the most despicable people on Earth.” Oh really! Obviously you’re not a true believer because you would know that Talmudic Judaism views all Gentiles as Souless beasts (goyim)

          “The Talmud states that…two contrary types of souls exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from the Satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.. . Rabbi Kook, the Elder [chief rabbi of Palestine in the 1920s”, the revered father of the messianic tendency of Jewish fundamentalism said, ‘The difference between a Jewish soul and the souls of non-Jews… is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.’ Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky’s “Jewish Fundamentalism In Israel”

          1. More ignorant BS. I should feel sorry for you but it is people like you who are the reason my country is in peril. Our Republic needs better than you. You bring up irrelevant witnesses and make big speeches about how a terrorist attack is the victims fault. Maybe you approve of killing babies. Hamas and the palestinians are responsible for all the dead babies on both sides because they hide behind women and children. If I were you I would rethink who I am supporting.

    1. Dr. Clifford N. Alford

      Our AWACS at Tinker AFB were ordered to stand down the day before, and day of 911. Maybe they learned this strategy from George Bush, Jr.

          1. George: I watched it and it is all still conjecture. How did whoever set the charges get away with it? 2: If the charges were set, muslims probably did it. 3: How was it that airplanes were involved at all. Your saying we coordinated with terrorists (Osama) to blow up our own buildings. For what purpose? You are all a bunch of anti-Israeli haters. You probably also believe Kennedy was killed by the CIA.

        1. William George Norris

          Conjecture? Your buddies (the “chosen” ones) put the bombs in the Building 7. Larry Silverstein bought the buildings in July of 2001 and took out a billion dollar insurance policy on the Trade Centers that covered Terrorist attacks. How convenient. Here he is bragging about how he and fire department decide to pull it (demo) Building 7.


          Here is how they set the bombs in the buildings.

          And finally here’s a link that shows how Israel was behind 9-11.

    1. William George Norris

      Paul, these are first hand testimonies from former IDF soldiers who were IN Israel on October 7th, know what goes on at the Gaza boarder and watched the developments that day as they happened. Conspiracy?

      C’mon Paul! You are the same type of guy who will still say that Moslems took down the World Trade Center Buildings on 9-11 after people show you how Building 7 went down at free fall speed with no plane hitting it. Were the World Trade Center Buildings demoed Paul?

      Also why would Jonathan Pollard say call out Netanyahu unless there was something seriously wrong? It was Netanyahu who brought Pollard to Israel so that he wouldn’t get persecuted for stealing US secrets.

      Convicted U.S. spy Pollard is greeted by Netanyahu as he arrives in Israel

    2. Paul, it’s not even a conspiracy theory. The links are to Jew haters and this POS, the Israelis thank him for putting his name on his Jew hate, hates Jews. None of the Jew haters in any of these…it was DAJOOOS links…are sane or even close to truthful. Just like the Jew hater, the Israelis thank him for putting his name on his Jew hate.

      FFS, the first link has “Israeli speaks his truth”. Really? HIS truth? Not THE truth, but HIS? Miss me with that made up Jew hate Bullshit.

      1. William George Norris

        Calm down GraUIv! I realize how upset people can get when their so called “heroes” in life have been exposed to be the total opposite of who they thought they were. You do realize that all of the “Jew haters in any of these links” are Jews. Not only are they Jews but 3 of the 4 served in the IDF and know specifically what goes on at the Gaza border.
        How do you explain the stand down for 7 hours? Have you seen the Hamas videos where they blew up the wall and went into Israel and did not meet any opposition from the Israeli army? Where were they GraUIv? Israel has the most sophisticated intelligence and the strongest army in the Middle East. There is NO way this should have happened. GraUIv, have a stiff drink and continue watching all the links I posted. It proves 100% that this was an inside job.

        1. Since you are proud of how vile you and your ilk have shown yourselves to be…with all of the video your terrorist heroes from hamas put out…which video is your favorite? Is it the video of your terrorist heroes taking turns raping a girl one after the other? Or is it the part of the video where your terrorist hero shot her in the head while he was raping her? Oh, wait…I know which part of the video is your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE…because you CAN NOT hide what you have shown yourself to be…it was the part where your terrorist hero kept pumping away at her dead body. Tell us I’m wrong. Nithingr

          Israel thanks you for putting your name on your vileness.

  2. The writer of this article needs to refrain from calling anyone who supports a ceasefire as terrorist or antisemitic. That is an assumption you are making for anyone who opposes the bombing of innocent people in Gaza. Be more responsible in your reporting, as you are part of the problem of misinformation when you frame your article in this manner.

    I support both the Palestinian and Jewish people when I say stop the bombing. We Americans are complicit in the bombing of innocent people as the U.S. continues to provide aid to Israel.

    The creation of Israel by the removal of Palestinians from their homeland was wrong. Creating a safe place for Jewish people to live was important, but not at the expense of other people.

    How can this mistake be fixed in a peaceful manner?

  3. Meanwhile in Bethlehem,Christmas decorations taken down because muslims have pretty much taken over the town. All these people that support those extremist terrorists think that they will get a free pass if it comes here are blind.
    As far as being an inside job; it’s like me inviting some one who wants to annihilate me to take my kids and torture them before beheading them and raping and torturing my wife before killing her just so I can take their property.

  4. To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on. But God knows and I think the United States need to cut their nose out of it and let Israel take care of whatever it needs to take care of. I have heard that Gaza was like a concentration camp and that Israel has been in control of Gaza. I have no idea but I also don’t think that they should cut off all the water, the food and medical supplies for the people. Those who are innocent in Gaza should not have to suffer.
    The thing is, no one really knows. I think it’s all speculation and I don’t know the people that say they were there firsthand what they’re really thinking. No one knows. But the United States needs to keep their nose out of things that they have no control over! Or maybe they do, I surely don’t know?
    As for those people who are demonstrating and destroying property here and abroad, that’s not going to get them anywhere and they’re just stupid little sheep, following somebody that’s leading the pack. That’s my thought on the subject..

      1. I must say that this “fact sheet” is certainly full of distortions. The second paragraph begins: “In 1967, Israel launched a war against its neighbors.”

        This is a lie. The 6-Day War in 1967 was actually begun by Abdel Nasser the dictator ruling of Egypt at that time. Israel had warned Egypt a decade earlier that they would view any attempt to shut down the Straits of Tiran (the only sea route to reach their southern port on the Red Sea) as a declaration of war. Nasser was looking to start a war, and he got one, but not the one he wanted.

        This propaganda piece makes it look like Israel was the aggressor in the 6-Day War. In actuality it was the Egyptian government that was fomenting war against Israel.

    1. Karen, other people know what is is going on in Israel and Gaza even if you don’t. The Arabs have been bombing Israel for years and years, and have sent terrorists to Israel for years and years. The land belongs to the Jews, and the Arabs in the area have had the opportunity to have a separate state, but won’t have it.

      1. William George Norris

        You are totally wrong Rebecca.
        First of all the Jews have no right to Israel for religious reasons.

        Christ-Denying Jews Have No Right to Israel on Religious Grounds

        Secondly, Israel has been in violation of International law since Day 1

        Israel’s Violations of International Laws and Unjust Oppression of Palestinians

    2. is an anti-Israeli website run by an anti-semite. All info given out by this guy is a lie fabricated by someone who hates Jews and Israel. WGN is a progressive hater who also hates America. I will guarantee it.

      1. William George Norris

        That’s not true Paul. shows the other side of what really goes on with the Palestinian plight. Something the MSM (Mainstream Media) will never do. All of my information is true and verifiable I ask people to check for themselves if what I am saying is true.

  5. I think the idiots that do this vandalism in places where it has no meaning should ship themselves to the place they think is so great. Let them REALLY fight for Hamas in Gaza. New Mexico surely has no say in a war halfway around the world!

  6. Has anyone been arrested? If not, some people should use the same color paint and put MAGA on all the State buildings. I bet you would see action then.

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