This detail from Heinrich’s pre-Fourth of July tweet screams hypocrisy

Anti-fossil fuels Democrat U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich posted on Twitter Saturday a picture of him standing in what is supposed to be a New Mexico backyard with grilling supplies and an outdoor wok-type burner, traditionally used for cooking chicharrones, but one thing stood out in the photo.

The burner was attached to a propane tank. Propane is made through the processing of liquified natural gas. 

The Rio Grande Foundation’s president Paul Gessing wrote, “Gas grill. Love it.”

State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo), the founder and editor of the Piñon Post, wrote, “The dude who wants to ban your gas stoves and ‘electrify everything’ cooks with propane,” adding along with a laughing emoji, “Who’s gonna tell him?” 

Heinrich has made headlines recently for his crusade against all fossil fuel-using products, including gas heaters, stoves, and water heaters.

The senator has adopted the far-left “Electrify Everything” movement of radical eco-leftists attempting to ban appliances, such as stoves, that run on gas. 

The Joe Biden administration has recently been under fire for its proposed attempt to ban gas stoves. The State of New York recently did just that, but going further to ban gas furnaces as well. 

During a 2021 nomination hearing for then-U.S. Energy Secretary Designate Jennifer Granholm, Heinrich pushed for electrifying “everything,” adding in a tweet, “Addressing the climate crisis means we need to focus on full electrification of our building, transportation, and industrial sectors. Thankfully, Secretary of Energy nominee @JenGranholm is on board to help us begin to electrify everything.”

He has since pushed for the electrification of everything from appliances to government buildings, such as some in Las Cruces. 

Now, Heinrich made one big faux pas in his supposed genuine quest to “electrify everything” by forgetting to electrify his Fourth of July cookout as he seeks to swindle the voters of New Mexico into another term in the U.S. Senate.


31 thoughts on “This detail from Heinrich’s pre-Fourth of July tweet screams hypocrisy”

  1. Don’t think he’s going to be grilling anything with that shirt and microphone. Can’t believe his peeps let that picture out.

    1. WHAT?? They haven’t figured out how to install an electrical outlet into the trees? Wonder what company that is lobbying them can do this?

  2. Not just his shirt. His jeans and boots look like they have NEVER seen a work day in their life! What an absolute idiot.

  3. Has Anybody ever wondered, how much kickback from the electric companies? It just seems if the electric companies were not involved, they would be pushing back hard at this all electric concept.

      1. Sorry to say too many conservatives have already left the state taking their families and businesses with them. And as with any void, Cali folks are rushing to come here and repeat their disastrous mistakes here.

  4. The democrats that push electric everything on New Mexicans are idiots. What is the average family income in NM? 75% of NM cannot afford to electrify everything. Now you cannot force citizens to spend what they do not have, you can fine them. Let’s see how that works out. Maybe the democrats will actually realize NM government wants to just control them, change their children’s sex without their permission, keep their kids ignorant (worst schools in the US). Eventually NM will realize they are conservative and will start to vote that way to get their freedom back.

    1. I wonder . . . . will common sense ever dawn on DemocRATS to stop voting for their party and actually help the people of NM.

  5. The dem voters in NM wouldn’t recognize the hypocrisy even if they were hit over the head with it. Vote blue no matter who. How do we enlighten them?

  6. Hiney-Lick has done NOTHING to benefit New Mexicans or New Mexico. He turned his back on NM as soon as he started towards the airplane to Washington!

  7. He’s such a hypocrite. But in this state that doesn’t seem to matter if you got a d next to your name people don’t care one way or the other they just vote for the Democrat because their parents did and the great grandparents did. Someday they’ve got to start looking at how we’re treated by the Democrats and how they only use us to get what they need.

  8. Idiot, you just can’t fix stupid! Why people keep voting these idiots in office is beyond my comprehension…

    1. They are not being voted into office, they are being selected. New Mexico’s voting system is the most corrupt in the US. Everything is rigged and controlled by the democrats so their candidates will win. Prove me wrong……

  9. I’ll keep saying this. That is not Heinrich in the photo. It is Bigfoot. Bigfoot is spotted more often than Heinrich in New Mexico!

  10. He thinks he’s superman. In reality, he is a common criminal taking kickbacks from corporations, and their lobbyists. I’m not interested $1000 a month electric bills.

  11. Heinrich Himmler is an earth worshipping climate change baloney fraud. He wants to be the next governor so he can out Newsom Newsom and lord it over his peon subjects. Things are bad now with the dancing satyr Grisham celebrating NM as the an abortion mecca.

    Heinrich Himmlet hates hydrocarbons, not fossil fuels, and he will go to any length to make our lives miserable in the name of the fraudulent climate change scam agenda.

    In August of 2017 I contacted this Bolsheviks office asking him to reveal to me the elements in the almost daily stratospheric aerosol injections (SAI) commonly called chemtrails. I never mentioned contrails. Then after 5+ years of calls to his office and speaking with his sycophant staff and being all the while lied to I finally received a letter while I was on the phone with his lying office in October 2022 The condescending letter was about contrails which I never mentioned. Himmler knows exactly what I was referring to and I reminded his office on numerous occasions that John Brennan spoke of SAI. Since October 2022 I’ve been asking for a letter, which I’ll never get, explainibg why I was lied to. All these politicians are liars. Udall lied to me about this, Pearce lied to me, Small lied to me and Harrel never responded. Santa Fe won’t abswer neither will the vermin who run the City of Las Cruces.

    Himmler needs to be defeated when this fraud runs for governor. The opposition party better get in front of this pronto!!!!

  12. Are they going to pay for our electric appliances? Are they going to offer rebates? Not everyone is rich and can’t just go spend money on electric. Are they going to haul away the old gas units or do we have to pay for that to.

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