Heinrich, who lives in Maryland, brags about ‘electrifying’ his home

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM), who lives in Silver Springs, Maryland outside of Washington, D.C., bragged on Sunday about how he was supposedly “electrifying” his home with expensive new appliances including a new heat pump. 

Heinrich shared a video and wrote on Twitter, “​​The decisions we make around our kitchen tables about the cars we drive and the appliances we use in our homes directly impact the health of our climate & our families. Today, I’m taking the next step to electrify my home and installing our second heat pump.”

This comes as 18.63% of New Mexicans are living below the poverty line and cannot afford to heat their homes during the winter, much less invest in eco-left appliances to “electrify” their homes for the “climate.”

After Heinrich posted the videos of his heat pump installation, New Mexicans responded. 

One Twitter user, David Chavez, wrote, “A new heat pump in your house that is not in New Mexico. Here in New Mexico we are more concerned with crime and the homeless. Both keep increasing and all you care about is a new heat pump. But then again you don’t live in New Mexico so how would you know what our issues are.”

Miro Tokarczyk added, “How can such a[n] out of touch politician represent working families who can’t afford EVs and rising electricity and heating bills?”

Leticia Muñoz chimed in with, “How much did it cost out on the east coast? Cuz we know you don’t live in NM so you [didn’t] buy it here.”

An account called TexasNece” commented, “NM gas and oil is cheap, clean and reliable. We can’t afford your climate hysteria.” 

Heinrich’s apparently out-of-touch comments come as far-left Democrats passed New Mexico’s Green New Deal in the form of the “Energy Transition Act” while Heinrich is a supporter of a National Green New Deal that would cripple the oil and gas industries which are responsible for heating New Mexicans’ houses in the winter. 


9 thoughts on “Heinrich, who lives in Maryland, brags about ‘electrifying’ his home”

  1. I thought the politicians were required to live in the state that they purport to represent. Not true, apparently, since Heinrich hasn’t lived here in years…

  2. Ole Hiney-lick turned his back on New Mexico when he walked out to the plane to Washington and has NEVER done anything for New Mexico since. He sure likes that New Mexico paycheck and really should do something to earn it but he’s too busy cuddling up to little Benny boy Loserjan and suckling mommy Nancy’s teet!
    Voters remember this and let’s put the Hiney-lickin Loserjan regime to rest!

  3. Our constitution states a senator needs to live in the state. I wonder if he still has a residence here if not that means anyone in the USA could be our senator as long as they purchase one house and rent it out.

    Requirements to be a U.S. Senator are established in Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. The guiding document for our government specifically spells out the requirements to be a senator. Individuals must be:

    At least 30 years old
    A U.S. citizen for at least nine years at the time of election to the Senate
    A resident of the state one is elected to represent in the Senate

    This is how he gets away with it: :Heinrich said he will keep a home he owns near Kirtland Air Force Base

    He needs to go and we need together rid of the dominion machines .

    1. Try to get in touch with Lil Matty – I’ve left about a thousand messages with no success. E-mail? Nope – daemon-mailer says “undeliverable” But the POS sure clutters up my e-mails patting himzelf on the back on himz back for himz accomplishments or begging for money.
      What a useless slug…

  4. Old HINDLICK….. A Real Deal Weasel. But the Idiot Children from the north just love his juice. Three months and I retire and after 62 YEARS of living in NM I’m bustin out….

    1. I live in the Northwest corner of the state and am very confident we are mostly conservative with the exception of school teachers in the area, please do not lump us in with the rest of the liberal idiots in the state!

  5. YEAH< Democrat propaganda Optics , if you could draw a MAP like a wiring diagram , the source of all that electric is 95% Chance back east a coal or Oil fired powerplant , If not Hydro electric or solar , it required some form of fuel, Even concrete requires burning of a fuel to make, steel, for wind turbines requires TONS of coal & Coke to make , copper windings in generators ? Etc. they talk crap without facts !

  6. Louise F. Garcia Byrd

    Heinrich has no scruples!
    Get rid of him
    I am a lifetime resident who has paid taxes all of my life and proud to be living in the Land of Enchantment!

    L. F. Garcia Byrd

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