Lujan Grisham takes third summer vacation — this time to Colorado

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham embarked on her third summer vacation, traveling to Colorado on Thursday for some personal time.

This marks another leisure trip after her recent vacations in Arizona earlier this month and the Virgin Islands in June, where she celebrated her honeymoon and first wedding anniversary with her husband, Manny Cordova.

Governor Lujan Grisham reportedly spent a week in Arizona. This was followed by a two-week getaway to the Virgin Islands, commemorating her marriage milestone. She was married last year to Cordova in Washington, D.C., with Kamala Harris officiating the nuptials.

While the governor is away, Lt. Gov. Howie Morales will temporarily take the reins in her absence.

Lujan Grisham is known for her lavish excursions outside of the state and country, including climate change conferences in Scotland and Egypt, as well as island getaways to Spain early in her first term as governor, and a plethora of trips to Washington, D.C.


12 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham takes third summer vacation — this time to Colorado”

  1. Must be nice the wealthy elite can take multiple vacations per year while the middle class is struggling to buy groceries and pay mortgages/rents under the oppressive Bidenomics policies Grisham endorses. After many decades of a Democrat trifecta in this state, New Mexicans still have lower wages eaten up by inflation, failing schools that are more concerned with gender equity and historical revisionism than learning to read, high crime, rising foreclosures, open borders with drug and human trafficking, rising homelessness throughout the state, and rising hopelessness for working families.

  2. Typical of politicians milking every dollar they can from the taxpayer. That’s why she wants a plane, so she jet off without anyone knowing when and where she is going.

  3. Vacationing in Arizona and Colorado sure doesn’t sound lavish in any way — right next door to New Mexico. As if taking a week off work is lavish too. And how is going to climate change conferences considered lavish? Too bad more politicians don’t participate in that kind of “getaway.”

    1. May not sound lavish but considering how she spends, I’m sure it is. She is taking her cue from Biden who spends more time on vacation than actually doing his job. And climate change conferences??? Considering it is a scam, she should stay home and attend by zoom.

  4. So thankful to the idiots who elected her! It is all too easy to spend another persons money and Moochie Loserjan Gruesome does it quite often! Those who voted her in owe me reparations!

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