Santa Fe Archbishop Wester takes powerful stand in support of life

In a powerful pastoral letter issued on the feast of the Assumption, as reported by New Mexico Alliance for Life, Santa Fe Archbishop John C. Wester has passionately called for the protection of human life and an end to the growing concerns surrounding abortion in New Mexico. The Archbishop’s letter, read at every Catholic mass in the archdiocese on August 15th and 20th, addresses the urgent need to defend the rights of both mothers and their unborn children.

The timing of this proclamation is particularly striking, coinciding with a recent revelation by the New Mexico Alliance for Life regarding the promotion of “ritual abortions” by the Satanic Temple Health through Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s abortion hotline.

Archbishop Wester’s letter underscores the necessity of supporting pregnant mothers and offering healing to those who have experienced past abortions. The Archbishop further emphasizes the importance of addressing the underlying reasons that lead women to choose abortion. He asserts, “We must do all that we can to support the mother and to help her sustain the right to life of her child.”

Central to the Archbishop’s message is the urgent call for Catholics in New Mexico to actively defend innocent life at all stages, from conception to natural death. He proposes a meaningful act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary as a powerful means to inspire change and foster a culture that values human life.

The significance of this public consecration extends beyond the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, as Bishop James S. Wall of the Diocese of Gallup and Bishop Peter Baldacchino of the Diocese of Las Cruces join in solidarity, collectively covering the entire state of New Mexico.

Archbishop Wester has directed priests throughout the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, encompassing Albuquerque and Santa Fe, to incorporate the Act of Consecration in every mass. An excerpt from the consecration prayer reads, “O Sacred Heart of Jesus, we consecrate ourselves to you this day, seeking the grace to be effective advocates for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.”

The Archbishop’s pastoral letter resonates with a plea to eradicate the driving forces behind abortion, including economic, social, and psychological factors. Poverty is highlighted as a common cause, and the Catholic community is called upon to actively combat these underlying conditions.

The Archbishop’s heartfelt words stress the necessity of changing hearts as a crucial step in the pro-life movement. While education is essential, genuine transformation can only be achieved by touching the depths of human hearts. This transformation, according to Archbishop Wester, can be rooted in prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Archbishop Wester concludes his letter by inviting fellow believers to consecrate themselves and the archdiocese to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He expresses his confidence that such a collective effort will prompt a shift in the state’s approach to protecting human life from conception onward.

In a call to action, individuals are encouraged to express their gratitude to Archbishop Wester for his impassioned leadership. This can be done by sending a “thank you” email to

The proclamation by Archbishop John C. Wester serves as a resounding call to defend the sanctity of human life, addressing the pressing concerns surrounding abortion in New Mexico. With its potent blend of compassion, faith, and a call to collective action, the pastoral letter resonates deeply within the hearts of Catholics and beyond, inspiring hope for a more compassionate and life-affirming society.


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  1. 👏👏👏🔥 About time we have our Catholic Churches speaking out. Someone has to speak for the unborn. New Mexico has gone Satanic due to our horrible Governor Grisham.

    1. This was a welcome wake up call to all Catholics in New Mexico that the Catholic Church still stands for life and we must do all we can to defend it. I just wish the Archbishop would have included a comment to support pro-life candidates in all elections across the board. Unfortunately, there are too many Dems who won’t connect the dots.

  2. Finally, a beacon of hope for the unborn. I am glad that Arch Bishop Wester has taken a sensible stance in these dark days when some in the church and this nation have lost their way. I know the Holy Trinity weeps for every lost soul that will never be, due to our uncaring, sinful pride. Only god has the power of life and death.

  3. Not wild about the catholic church since my priest asked to see my pecker when I was a kid. It is about time they started to get on the right track. If he really meant what he is saying you would think he would look up (politicians) who in NM voted the abortion laws in and excommunicate them out of the church or at least not allow them communion. If that does not work start doing the same to democrats in church

    1. Creeps in the church are not the church even if that creep is a priest. The truths traditions and dogmas of the church are unchanging and condemn such actions. The truth is still with the one true Catholic and Apostolic church. That priest will have to answer for his sins. Please don’t confuse the real Catholic church for the ape of the church these criminals have created. They find joy I’m sure of it in watching Catholics reject their inheritance. Pray the rosary daily even if you can’t get to church.

  4. Love the comments in here. I was an active Catholic, First Communion, Confirmation, marriage in tge church, and the Cursillo movement. But when all of the dirt about pedophile priests and this Pope and the others before, being almost silent on abortion, I left the church. And it got worse. The current Pope is a in spirit if not realistically, a card carrying socialist/communist who flutters like a teenage girl whenever Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum give him some orders. I love the Catholic Church but I will not go back until that Pope is gone, all the pedophile priests are gone and a Pope of this Archbishop’s internal fortitude and Biblical beliefs replaces him. I can speak to God directly in the meantime, and pray the demons leave the church. Would love to come back to the Catholic Church I loved and dedicated myself to after I got married.

    1. You are not alone. Please pray the rosary daily follow the missal on Sundays to keep your Sunday obligation, make a spiritual communion and read of the traditions of the true church, keep the commandments. The true church still exists it is just hard to see after being taken over by worldly men, but the teachings and truths never change and are still there. Learn them and you know the church is never lost. Read the lives of saints. this isn’t the first time the church has been through questionable times at the hands of sinful men. Men may own the church and do what they wish with the churches goods but they can not touch the hearts of men and the truths of the church.

    2. Don’t abandon the Church! That’s what the demons want! We need faithful Catholics to remain faithful. Put your faith in God, not in the bad apples of the Church. There are good priests and laity. Just find a parish that you can live with. (I recommend the Latin Mass.)

  5. I’ll believe Wester when he excommunicates Lujan Grisham and anyone associated with the abortion clinics in NM. He only voices an opinion when he perceives public opinion is heading in that direction, but does nothing to beforehand. Not impressed.

  6. Took you long enough John Block… and the Santa Fe Church as well… to post anything positive about life verse murder. You should give them my contacts as I am not a card holding Catholica, just an average person with moderate and modern views of life and death and the cult of the DNC that has…is… destroying the value of life.

    While I have always understood there are many reasons for death… entertaining the lawful stance of the DNC in New Mexico, with the loving consent of the current Governor, that their desire is to EHHANCE TOURSIM DOLLARS TO THE STATES TAXATION AND REVENUE DIVISION STREAMS FOR LATE TERM ABORTION FOR ANY PURPOSE was the absolute admonishment, dismemberment, and destruction of the basic core elements of the value of life. The purest form of evil by elected politicians if there was ever a standard attempted to be set…

    But you knew this JB… you’ve permitted me to post about it before… and you’ve also censored my posts as well…

    Lets see if anyone, from Fecalbook to the Pinon Post will continue to permit “moderation” back into the meaning and value of life.

    The absolute control of New Mexico by the DNC of New Mexico has lost the moderation button, and they don’t want to give it back, let alone look at what monsters they have created as it is far easier if they stick their head into their a** or the sand and ignore what they have caused.

    Voting them and everyone appointed who created this massive rift in the value of life needs to be not only excommunicated from the church, if they even were a member, then required to leave the State. Forever banished. IMHO… all of this… and I don’t care if that person runs a city, the head of Sandia National Labs, the bus driver on Gibson, the District Attorney, the Sheriff.

    They have no value for life, why we still hold a value of their combined intellect or talent is the greatest’s mystery of New Mexico…

  7. If you want to follow all the teachings of Jesus, you must follow all the teachings of His Church (the Catholic Church). Including receiving the sacraments which includes going to confession to a priest and attending Mass (receiving Jesus’ body, blood, soul, & divinity) on every day of obligation. You may not know and/or understand all the teachings, but you still have to abide by them. If you don’t know or understand all of Jesus’ teachings go to any Catholic parish and tell someone there that you would like to attend an RCIA class.

    1. You can’t abide by something you do not know. The true Catholic faith is not taught in almost all Catholic Churches that offer the new rite ( Novus Ordo) which has only been around since the 60s and is almost a religion of its own with its own modern teachings and practices that amount to a denigration and hiding of the actual Catholic church. If it was in union with the church you would never have so many Catholics cohabitating and on birth control of any form. That is not part of the tradition of the church. God never changes and neither does His truth which is taught in the traditional doctrines and dogmas of the church. The Catechism of the council of Trent is a solid place for finding the truth. It was one of last legitimate councils that defined what the truths of the church are. Vatican II defined nothing just made a bunch of useless changes that caused a lot of confusion and scandal. You can’t be a practicing Catholic and not know what you practice. There is also no excuse for ignorance as all the materials you need to learn about the true church are found online and for free including the Catechism of the Council of Trent.

  8. Censored… dang it. So Ill go with another response JB…

    Do you think the reason why the Church finally said something about abortion up to birth for any reason to enhance the States Taxation and Revenuer streams for Tourism dollars motivated the Churches response? …

    That been my message for months now…it is resonating yet?

    1. I stand corrected JB, Thank you for permitting my other post.

      Bring “MODERATION” back to we the people… in turn that will bring back a sense of moral and a massive ethical shift back and a correction in the DNC and Governors current stances on

      “Late Term Abortion for any Reason to Generate Taxation and Revenue Streams to the State Coffers”

      End this madness, this sickness, this mental health DNC political party evil issue once and for all…


  9. That’s great, but why didn’t he speak out when the laws were being proposed? Why isn’t he promoting the referendum project to remove the laws and let the churches speak of this to congregations? I suspect they are infiltrated too and playing part. This should have come out way earlier this year!

    1. I am not catholic but I know of a church that was proclaiming a need for the Referendum Project and a well known DNC leader told them to stop or lose their 501c3. There is lots of really evil stuff going on in New Mexico. And it isnt just the democrats.

  10. With all respect for the office of Archbishop, the entire state should be formally consecrated by all three bishops and a public excommunication of the governor and all pro-abort Catholic politicians unless they repeal the laws that are responsible for the mass murder of innocent children.
    Also, poverty is NOT a cause of abortion. Many wealthy people get abortions.
    The culture of impurity, fornication, and sexual promiscuity forced on us by Hollywood, Dept. of Education, the government, etc., is the cause of most abortion. Not to mention that the Catholic Church’s failure to condemn contraception, and their stand-down theology on teaching all nations (i.e., governments) the moral truths is a huge factor in this mass genocide.
    “Central to the Archbishop’s message is the urgent call for Catholics in New Mexico to actively defend innocent life at all stages,…” So does this mean we should all be out there physically protesting?
    He needs to be out there with us.
    Exorcism? Of course. Formal public excommunication? Definitely.

  11. Why don’t all the Catholic Churches speak up during Mass by speaking the truth. I’ve talked to Catholics about abortion, and I heard, “It’s a woman’s right Joe.” The person who told me that claims to be a devote Catholic.
    Why did so many Catholics in state vote for the current governor and other abortion loving democrats? Is it because they say, “Vote for us and we will give you all this.” Everyone of us will have to answer to God for every word and action, remember that.

  12. Archbishop where are the CCD classes for the young. We need to teach our kids about God/Jesus. Bring our faith back.

  13. I feel like most people do when commenting on this subject. While it’s a welcome first step , the churches need to stand with the decent people of this state and not only condemn abortions but stand against all the perversion and injustice that is being forced on the people by the communist state. The church should historically know that when communism takes hold, true religion is outlawed, churches are banned and Gods law is not allowed . Dark days indeed. Priests and pastors should be spearheading the spiritual battle to restore America to a constitutional republic under God. They should not be worried about 501c3 tax exemption bribes from a corrupt government.

  14. If the Catholic Church preached every Sunday to all Catholics that if you vote for democrats you are excommunicated, I would attend again. The First Amendment protect demands we speak out politically and spiritually against all forms of demonic beliefs of our elected officials. That includes transgender nonsense, pedophilia and abortions to name the most prevalent. Sane Catholics should have stopped voting democrat and supporting the church decades ago. Of course socialism has also become a standard part of the Church so that explains a lot. What this guy says means nothing.

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