Lujan Grisham named one of the ‘most vulnerable’ governors facing 2022 reelection

On Saturday, The Hill listed scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham as one of the “most vulnerable” governors facing reelection in 2022 after the Governor’s tumultuous tenure which has resulted in scandal after scandal.

The Hill reported:

October campaign finance reports showed that New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) raked in more than $2.5 million over the previous six months.

While Grisham appears to be in a stronger position than other Democratic incumbent governors, with the Cook Political Report rating her race as “likely Democratic,” Republicans have set their sights on her seat.

Several Republicans, including state Rep. Rebecca Dow, former Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti and Sandoval County commissioner Jay Block, have thrown their hats into the ring to challenge Grisham.

Lujan Grisham joins the likes of fellow Democrat Govs. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Laura Kelly of Kansas, Steve Sisolak of Nevada, Tony Evers of Wisconsin, and Janet Mills of Maine who are all holding onto their seats by a thread. 

With New Mexico’s Governor being the chair of the “Democratic Governors Association,” her race being listed as “likely Democratic” shows the people of New Mexico may have just had enough of her far-left leadership. 

As we previously reported regarding Lujan Grisham:

Her controversy-driven tenure as governor has been marked with scandal after scandal after scandal. From forcing through the most far-left extreme bills through the Legislature to paying off sexual accusers and her own daughter with campaign cash, and then “misplacing” $250 million in Workforce Solutions money, she has weakened her chance of reelection day after day. 

She repeatedly skirted her pandemic rules to buy luxury jewelry, used taxpayer funds for fine wine and $200/lb Wagyu beef steaks, berated local communities for not following her edicts, forced New Mexicans to stand in cold bread lines to get food and basic goods, fined churches and businesses tens of thousands of dollars for alleged non-compliance, removed the National Guard from the border and denied an immigration crisis, fired and hired cabinet secretaries on a dime, gave her staff hefty raises while New Mexicans lost everything, and she is giving away $10 million of New Mexicans’ dollars through a “lottery” to bribe people to take the experimental virus inoculation. Her pandemic lockdowns killed 40% of New Mexico’s small businesses.


8 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham named one of the ‘most vulnerable’ governors facing 2022 reelection”

  1. Hopefully Karen Beodnie wins by a landslide dow cant be trusted either sinse she admitted shes a democrat and also has lawsuits filed against her dow also has uncoded donners who funded her campaign wich is dark money Karen Beodnie is a sure win with her strong platform and strong background keeping intouch and listens to new mexicans. Karen has the rinios nervous we need strong leaders not weak rinos

    1. Well said. Karen does make the establishment RINOs nervous because she’s not a career politician – like she says it, she’s a people-tician. She’s been to my podunk nowhere county 2 or 3 times just to meet people and listen to them. I think only one other candidate came down here once to visit the GOP and cozy up to the money. Karen is pretty much NM’s only hope to get out of the politics as usual downward spiral the GOP helps keep us stuck in.

  2. I would say that she is toast except for one thing, the Soros selected Secretary of State. It’s not who votes but who counts the votes!!!

  3. Let’s put the Loserjan Regime to rest!!! I’m glad to see her corruption being exposed in Washington –I’m praying she does something really stupid and drags Benny-boy Loserjan down with her!

  4. I seriously doubt if Dow is a RINO. I have always liked her as a House member representing several counties in southern NM. However, I honestly do not believe she can win the nomination. I am also not a fan of Mark Ronchetti, I believe he is a political opportunist and a puppet for Steve Pearce. As far as Karen Bedonie, I do not know her at all. That leaves Greg Zanetti, and from what I have read about him, he definitely has the professional credentials to lead our state.

    1. Louise F. Garcia Byrd

      If Greg Zanetti has the professional credentials and is an upstanding honest candidate, then we should stand together and Nominate him.

  5. Luján Grisham endorses Crime!! I have proof. Free child care? So her pedophile friends can have more bait! Again proof. Her and the lying Mayor promote crime and cover up for pedophilic raping molesters!! APD is a corrupt cover agency! They all work with each other to break laws, making who they see as not as important, slaves to their sadism! Tons of proof. No one reports yet!! She hasn’t improved anything. The State continues to fall under these Nazis! She throws candy to cover her evil deeds to those that don’t look hard enough or just haven’t had the nightmare of having to deal with her and her Satan spawns! Her cops steal from hard working HEALTHCARE providers to support their corrupt law breaking, thieving, drug dealing, murderous Buddies!! Wonder why there is a healthcare provider shortage?! The reasons are the corrupt government! I WAS A NM HEALTHCARE PROVIDER AND STATE EMPLOYEE, I KNOW!!!! She can give two shits about public health!! These people are experts at saying all you want to hear, yet destruction is what follows! They are professional liars! Proof abounds!! She is treasonous! The Mayor is treasonous! His cop minions are treasonous! Poison!! New Mexico will never heal with traitors at the helm! Corrupt leaders = corrupt shitty society, and that’s exactly what you have in her Nazi state! Made schools better? How? Hiring pedophiles with known records. Covering up for them! I can prove all I say! It will shock you, the truth they cleverly hide! No wonder Epstein found a haven in NM!!! I FOUGHT FOR NM! I WILL CONTINUE!! Across all their divisive names DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN the devil wears the same face! Across all their divisive “groups” the innocent wear the same face as well! There are TWO types of people period!! EVIL OR GOOD! THEY ARENT THE GOOD GUYS! Anyone who is trying for these positions in upcoming elections is just as treasonous if they ignore these facts! Weed out the treasonous criminals from the PEOPLES GOVERNMENT!!

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