Democrats whine about ‘climate change’ because summer is hot

Summer is hot. That’s just a fact, especially in the desert of New Mexico.

However, far-left Democrats in the U.S. Congress are claiming triple-digit July temperatures are the result of “climate change,” some even going so far as to blame it on Republicans for not passing eco-left laws.

Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Maryland resident, claimed on Twitter, “We are all paying the price of Republican inaction on climate change,” sharing an article from the Washington Post talking about the “extreme heat.”

Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-CD-01) wrote, “This summer is a scorcher! Friendly reminder that climate change is real and we are feeling the effects of global warming in REAL TIME. When [Tina Snow] mentioned ‘hot girl summer,’ I don’t think this is what she meant.” 

New Mexicans didn’t buy what Heinrich and Stansbury are selling. 

“This summer is no hotter than many summers past. Educate yourself,” one person wrote to Stansbury. Well-documented scientific figures attest to this argument disproving the Democrat.

One person wrote to Heinrich, “And the mega drought that drove out the cliff dwellers was also caused by the Republicans?” The account added, “It’s all cycles upon cycles. Some last a few years, some last centuries or millennia.” 

“You have been in elected office for 15 years. For 6 of those years you were a member of the party that controlled both houses of congress. Quit pretending that one party is responsible for anything as complex as the earth’s climate.  Have your intern step away from the [T]witter,” another chimed in.

Heinrich and Stansbury fervently back far-left Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez’s (D-NY) “Green New Deal,” as well as far-left Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s version, the “Energy Transition Act.” 


20 thoughts on “Democrats whine about ‘climate change’ because summer is hot”

  1. The earth has been going through periods of heating and cooling for millenia. In the 1970’s, the scientific community was predicting that we were headed for an extended period of global cooling caused by human activity. At the time, it was thought that aerosols such as hairspray and deodorants were putting particles in the atmosphere that would reflect the sun’s radiation leading to another ice age. Then there was a sudden flip to predictions about global warming due to those particles, together with carbon dioxide, trapping the sun’s radiation and creating a “greenhouse effect”. Now that the warming has leveled off, they changed to “climate change” from global warming. Bottom line is that they don’t know what causes the temperature to go up or down. But the truth is that God controls the earth and its climate. If it gets warmer, God is doing that. If it gets colder, God is doing that. It is the arrogance of mankind to think that we are in control of the planet. We are not.

  2. Somebody needs to tell melanie and marty there is a way to deal with this unexpected hot summer weather in the desert Southwest. It is a new novel invention called the evaporative cooler! sarc

  3. Remember the summer of 1980. Over 100 degrees for over 30 days. That is just part of living in New Mexico.

  4. Everybody complains about the weather. That is all “climate change”, is spring, summer ,fall, winter you can’t change it. It is a good thing the government can’t, they’d screw it up!


  5. An ignorant person has not been exposed to the subject matter.
    A stupid person has been exposed but does not have the ability to draw proper conclusions.
    You can’t fix stupid.

  6. Nancy Tannenbaum

    As a native Texan living in NM (temporarily, I hope), the summers here are nothing compared to 100+ degrees for days/weeks with 90+ % humidity. My sister lived in Phoenix AZ for ten years and used to wait for the temperature to drop to 115 degrees before taking her daily walks. People who are incapable of comprehending that the TPTB are using this “heat wave” (lol) to keep the brainwashed useful idiots prepped up with terror and make them compliant for lock downs, etc., will never get any of this.

  7. The Climate change scam is another scare tactic our communist overlords use to exact more taxes and maintain control through fear. None of their earth ending dire predictions have come true, to include the charlatan Al Gore in his fake book. World carbon taxes and other local environmental taxes are only more ways of theft from a government run amok hungry to parlay public trust into private gain. By the way I’m sure it’s cooler in DC and Maryland where “our” selected representatives live anyway even though they must parrot the democommie party line.

  8. Does the climate change? Yes. Up and down, ice age and heat wave for billions of years.
    Is it caused by man? The political left believes that if you can use that statement to sow division and hatred of “other” in one breath and demand money and political change in another breath, then who cares.
    -Carefully note they are two different questions that aren’t explored separately in the media- it’s just implied.

    Terrorism is using fear to promote a political agenda; what have these eco-lefties done? Stirred up a good frothing, fearful, panicked mass of a cult following- they believe if someone says “science” it means “absolute & undeniable truth”.

    “Science” has a long history of shouting down, ignoring or punishing people presenting new and/or contradictory information — likely because scientists base their careers and livelihood on their theories. Journals selectively publish information. The media twists and selectively reports what the mainstream sees… Good luck getting to the truth– real science took its last breath when the politicians realized it’s the new opiate of the masses.

    Is all science done today biased and bad? Not all.
    But, we are fully justified in slamming on the brakes when politicians push agendas so hard based on new science while blatantly ignoring that there is contradictory science. As previously mentioned, in the 70s scientists thought we were going to push the earth into an ice age.
    So we went from global cooling, to global warming and now they settled on “climate change” and have dropped the critical, and difficult to prove, “man made” portion.
    It just really looks like the dems are selling snake oil.

  9. “The sky is not falling”

    “Climate change” “global warming” “woke”. “LGB”. “LGBT” ”LGBTQ” “pronouns” “ Diversity”. “It’s science” “rainbow” “Pride”. “CRT”
    “Gun violence” (because it’s not the person that’s violent, it’s the gun). “Gender identity”.
    The propaganda continues with these catchy little one or two phrases that are intended to keep brainwashing everyone. Yet one mentions the “thong” “the cigar” “pay for play” anymore, all of which are still alive and well. What clever person sits around creating these labels?

    1. When California got record high snows, and other places have been flooding, and tornados hit, why is that? Climate change? Or global warming? Maybe it’s just God, not the Republicans that have a weather control panel.

  10. Kimothy M Sparks

    Heinrich & Stansbury should tell “climate czar” John “Swift Boat” Kerry to stop taking a private jet everywhere.

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