Dem lawmaker flips out on police officers trying to help him with hate mail, now claims to have PTSD

Earlier this week, the Piñon Post exclusively reported on state Sen. Jacob Candelaria (D-Bernalillo) harassing a Catholic priest on Twitter and sending him sexually suggestive graphics, while he claimed to get death threats with homophobic language to his phone.

He previously begged for Police to come to his house because “as a state senator,” he felt as if he deserved Law Enforcement to jump at his beck and call when he gets a little bit of hate mail.

Now, the ABQReport has uncovered a body cam video from one of the State Police officers who responded to Candelaria’s multiple calls. 

The exchange with Candelaria began with the state senator berating the officers about their response time to his calls, with him ultimately threatening to call Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and trying to use his office to twist the officers’ hands to supposedly take him to a secure location despite no known individual coming to his residence to harm him or his husband.

Candelaria said to the officers who responded to the call, “Please don’t talk down to me because I will get the governor, on the phone, or whoever, because I don’t understand why this is my problem.” 

“You may not have respect for me, but I am a member of the Senate,” said Candelaria, adding, “I took an oath, to this day, and I don’t deserve to have my life threatened.” 

Candelaria continued on his trade, saying in a raised voice, “I’m Senator Jacob Candeleria. I received a death threat last night at two o’clock in the morning…. So I got a death threat. My husband and I are leaving the city of Albuquerque right now because we don’t feel safe. I don’t know what it’s going to take. It’s been thirteen hours, guys, thirteen hours.”

One officer asked Candelaria to sit down, to which he replied, “No. I’m a senator. This senator is getting ready and leaving. I was told that you were coming to help us leave town. So Senator Candelaria and his husband are leaving their home. If you want to watch us while we get in our car and go out and tell them to protect our lives.” 

After playing the recording of the message Candelaria received, he asked the officers if it was a threat to which they replied, “Sir, that’s how it can be interpreted.” 

Candelaria kicked them out, saying, “Leave my house. You are asked to leave. You don’t have a warrant. You don’t have the authority to be here. Get out.”

Candelaria has since made plans to “pursue reforms that make police more responsive to threats against elected officials – including those who may be especially vulnerable to discrimination,” which would put lawmakers above the constituents they represent.

On Wednesday, Candelaria bemoaned on Twitter, “I live with PTSD. No American should ever be made to feel fear for their beliefs, or who they are or who they love. Every moment has been a struggle since we received the death threat on Saturday.”

The Governor’s office appears to have blocked out Candelaria and dismissed his melodramatic tirade:


6 thoughts on “Dem lawmaker flips out on police officers trying to help him with hate mail, now claims to have PTSD”

  1. Go – really, go. You’re a whiny little man who should never have been in office. Same on you and the rest of the MLG clan for failing your oath to the citizens. Go be a socialist somewhere else.

  2. A whiny b*tch that thinks he’s royalty. He hates cops, wants them gone, at the same time demanding personal protection, respect, and obedience. He and his party are responcible for making targets out of cops and their families for violence. He and his party supports other cop haters leaving cops vulnerable.
    Everybody despises you Jacob Candelaria, go RP senator far away.
    Thank you for your service, Officers.
    I’m sorry you have to deal with this Idiot!

  3. Thats what happens when you represent evil and hate. Its the law of attraction. When you defend hate, like defending violent protesters, and the murder of innocent unborn babies, and stand for what is unjust, thats what will be drawn to you. Mr. Candelaria is obviously in no position to be making sound mind decisions for the people of New Mexico.
    There seems to be a need for Mr.
    Candelaria to get psychological help, the evidence is clear.

  4. PTSD, huh…….from a phone call, huh. Have you ever had cause for a REAL PTSD event?
    I don’t think so? Your too much of a whiny little bi*chy spoiled brat to do anything that may get you even close to any event that may cause PTSD. Your using PTSD as an excuse for your whiny selfishness. Grow up!

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