It’s more than just a vote

I love New Mexico. There is nothing more important to me than protecting the ones I love and the land that we all call home. 

We New Mexicans are a different breed. Our way of life is rich in the deeply embedded cultures our people have lived by for generations going back hundreds and thousands of years. 

But before going to pick up that delicious Blake’s breakfast burrito Tuesday, go vote first. 

The only way to save our way of life in New Mexico is by taking meaningful action. That can be done at the polls. 

Over these last four years, we have seen our culture, our economy, our children’s well-being, and our very identity be torn apart day by day. Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham not only did what she could to kill our New Mexico jobs and small businesses — she has aided and abetted in the slaughtering of our culture.

While she and others love to pander to New Mexicans with slick commercials standing in acequias or bragging about our state’s culture, they have been working overtime to destroy the fabric that binds each New Mexican together as one.

Lujan Grisham’s administration aided Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber in removing the Don Diego de Vargas statue that used to live in Santa Fe’s Cathedral Park.

Her administration went into overdrive to indoctrinate New Mexico school children with Critical Race Theory while demeaning “territorial” settlers who came to our state for a better life. Our education system is ranked 51st in the nation behind even the failing District of Columbia, despite a supposed “moonshot” of cash slung at the schools to help plug the gaping hole. Our children remain underserved. As a graduate myself of our state’s school system, I’m surprised I can read and write, much less have graduated college. 

But now, Lujan Grisham is devaluing college educations by forcing the taxpayers to finance “free” college handout programs that will plunge our state into financial ruin. She also is trying to ram a constitutional amendment down our throats to rob the permanent fund of cash to fund “free” daycare programs in the state. This gives even more government control of our children’s education despite our actual education system being a massive catastrophe already.

Under her regime, Lujan Grisham has systematically taken apart our state’s identity and crushed our citizens.

During the pandemic lockdown, she killed over 40% of our small businesses, many family-run establishments that have been in operation for decades, if not centuries. Her lockdowns resulted in families not being able to see their loved ones at the end of their lives while irreparably harming children with education loss and medical issues due to the lack of in-person learning and the forcible masking when back in the classroom.

Albuquerque, where my family used to go for a weekend vacation to see the zoo or visit the Balloon Fiesta, has now morphed into a warzone. Heroine needles are strewn about on public sidewalks, vagrants cluster around town in tent cities, shops are forced to board up their windows, and many have fled due to the record homicides and violent crime plaguing the city.

This issue is by no means exclusive to Albuquerque. It has seeped into each and every community in our state. The governor’s refusal to take the border crisis seriously has led to countless families losing their loved ones to illegal drugs like fentanyl. New Mexico remains one of the top states for drug mortality.

While our state benefits from the generous revenues produced by the oil and gas industry, Lujan Grisham’s administration has done everything possible to kneecap the vital industry that provides critical money for our state’s education and health care systems, not to mention infrastructure. 

Lujan Grisham’s Green New Deal (Energy Transition Act) passed in 2019 is ravaging our state, with jobs lost and blackouts/brownouts on the horizon after shuttering critical energy resources such as the San Juan Generating Station. Many Navajo workers lost their good-paying jobs.

The Democrat regime under Lujan Grisham is hell-bent on ripping away our Second Amendment, with Red Flag bills passed to evade our constitutional rights and infringe on our right to bear arms. Lujan Grisham is shamelessly lavished with endorsements and contributions from gun-grabbing groups such as the Giffords Center and Bloomberg’s Everytown group. She also bashed constitutional sheriffs, claiming they were “rogue” and having a “pity party” after anti-gun bills passed.

In 2021, the governor signed a bill legalizing abortion up-to-birth and infanticide in New Mexico, stripping all protections for mothers, babies, and medical professionals. During this election, her only issue to run on is her rabid support for killing children in the womb up to the baby’s birthday while gaslighting her Republican opponent Mark Ronchetti. She now wants to spend $10 million on an abortion mill in Las Cruces to kill more Texas and New Mexican babies while also wanting to “codify” unlimited abortion into state law. In 2021, she also signed a bill legalizing assisted suicide via a cocktail of dangerous, lethal drugs.

A New Mexico under Michelle Lujan Grisham is unrecognizable now, with the devastation she and her party of far-left radical Democrats have brought on in such a short time.

It is time to restore balance, order, respect, and common sense to our state, and we must flood the polls on Election Day to save our very identity. That’s why I stood up to run for the state legislature this election and also why I ask for your vote if you live in House District 51 in Alamogordo.

I’ve had enough, and it’s time for We The People to take back our country. The only way we can make that happen is by taking a few minutes out of our day on Tuesday, November 8th, and voting up and down the ballot for Republicans while rejecting every single judicial retention question, every single constitutional amendment, and every single bond issue. 

I love our state with all my heart, and I know you do too. We must save it on Election Day. Our votes are more than just a statement. Our votes are a potent weapon to defend New Mexico against the extremists who hate us, our culture, and our way of life. Please join me in this fight by taking up arms and VOTING to save New Mexico. God bless you. 

John Block is a native New Mexican and a proud Alamogordo resident. He’s the editor and founder of the Piñon Post, New Mexico’s #1 conservative news site. He has exposed waste, fraud, and abuse across the state while bringing a conservative voice to New Mexico media through the platform. As a legislator, John hopes to FINALLY send a fighter to the Legislature to battle the Radical Democrats and restore New Mexicans’ confidence in the political system.


10 thoughts on “It’s more than just a vote”

  1. This election is for the soul of NM and our country. Neo Bolshevik’s have destroyed our state, country and culture. We must try to recover some of it back through this election cycle as only the beginning of rooting out the communists that have created this appalling situation. We need many more people likeJohn Block. Vote conservative!

  2. I just voted all red in Santa fe. Nothing but blue signs in front of the school. Liberals everywhere i look, but i tried. Long line…7 am.

  3. Today is the big day. I am praying for a RED New Mexico. Thank you John for standing up for the people of New Mexico!.

    1. Me too! Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of the criminals in government. That includes the Criminal Sheriff Chief of police and all the judges in all three courts 1) First Judicial, 2)NMCOA and 3) NMSC who alter the court records, do not care about the facts, evidence and law. DOJ-JUSTICE WHAT A JOKE! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE DAY WHEN THEY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. THEY HAVE COMMITTED TREASON. DOESN’T THE CONSTITUTION READ THAT THEY NEED TO BE SHOT.

  4. Already voted pretty short line only two people in the line were masked so that might be a good sign and even though they tell you don’t do it in blue pen I did and it was taken

  5. If Maggie is reelected for Secretary of State; We the people have to know she corrupted the vote with the Dominion machine. The results will have no merit.

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