ABQ restaurant that fought MLG’s draconian edicts says goodbye after judge deals final death blow

Backstreet Grill, an Albuquerque restaurant that put up a valiant 18 month-long fight against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s extreme pandemic edicts, is now saying goodbye after losing a battle with the State.

On Friday, Judge Franchini reportedly dealt the death blow to the restaurant, ordering the small business to close voluntarily following the Albuquerque city attorney Robyn Rose making an “outrageous” request for the Court to terminate Backstreet Grill’s utilities.

The City of Albuquerque and the liberal media have harassed the struggling small business for months, with Backstreet Grill refusing to close their doors and deprive their employees of work, even when the city’s Environmental Health Department took them to court to try to force closure.

According to a press release reviewed by Backstreet Grill’s attorneys, “​​Even after the mask mandates were lifted, the city continued its relentless attacks. They filed for a temporary restraining order without giving notice to the attorneys they KNEW were representing Backstreet Grill. The harassment and intimidation [were] intensified by local news outlets and journalists. Managers have had to call in police to remove those harassing their clientele.” 

In May, the State of New Mexico filed a temporary restraining order against the restaurant earlier this year, resulting in Judge Lisa Ortega ruling in favor of Backstreet Grill, by declining to extend the restraining order letting it expire in May 2021.

Now, after Judge Franchini’s ruling, Backstreet Grill is saying goodbye to its loyal customers and supporters, who have stood by them throughout these months of harassment and litigation.

The press release notes that “If people want to come by in solidarity and support, many will join to say goodbye this Sunday, 9/5/21. [Attorney] Ana Garner will be there at 5:30 pm to thank the restaurant publicly for [its] efforts in standing up.” 

People from across New Mexico are invited to attend and support the business in its final days operating. 


18 thoughts on “ABQ restaurant that fought MLG’s draconian edicts says goodbye after judge deals final death blow”

  1. The court systems are completely corrupt. Full of freemasons and secret society members who will always give each other a pass while prosecuting innocent people just trying to make a living for their families.

    We are at the precipice of absolute corruption and judgement in this nation. Things will continue to get worse as long as we participate in this evil infrastructure.

    1. Freemason conspiracy theories… don’t empower your argument. There is no need to invent evil conspiracies when stupidity can easily explain both corruption and dysfunction in the government, in academia, in the professional classes, etc.

  2. Sad to hear. These measures for a non pandemic are arbitrary and capricious.

    On trek to the Pacific Northwest recently where similar measures are ongoing including mandatory vaccination. I heard stories. Here are but two.
    Heard from a Vietnam era vet speak to me about his daughter, a general surgeon whose hospital in Oregon gave her a one week vaccination ultimatum. She refused and tendered her resignation. Spoke to a Washington state small grocery and deli market owner who had a staffing issue. It was due to three of his employees made fearful by the media propaganda, went and got the Covid-19 shot. One got Bell’s Palsy, a second had a major stroke and the third was so debilitated from that shot so instead of handling 50 hours a week normally she now went down 4 hours a day as the most work she could handle.

    This should not be happening.

    1. You’re damn right it is – in lock step with China CCP goals to take down America. Did you see the gift of the high tech airbase Joe gave them in Afghanistan? How Canada has gifted Vancouver Airport to the CCP?

  3. Triste. I wish owners and staff well–you fought the good fight and gave us hope for 18 months!
    now the rest of us need to step in and push back against this madness.

  4. Back Street Grill… I salute you for your bravery… thank you for standing up! I’m sorry your closed! how can we help?

  5. Please correct this article.

    The Backstreet Grill did not close voluntarily. Voluntary requires no threat of force.

    The Backstreet Grill closed after a judge threatened them with prison and millions of dollars in fines, taking both their freedom and financial future away.

    The Backstreet Grill was closed by an act of judicial coercion by Democrat judge Nancy Francini.

  6. That’s the message that the communists want to send . An omnipotent government with totalitarian control and no personal freedoms. Back street grill was made an example of by these soviets in power. People, what will it take to wake up and see that what they did to Back street grill they’ll do again and again to people and businesses that defy their unconstitutional whims ? The judge that gave the order comes from a long line of prominent Soviet leftist “Democrats” as so many are ,here in this failed State of NM.

  7. I am so sorry to read this! Is there any way that this can be brought to Supreme Court? I read that Thomas More Society was successful with the CA church, Grace Community Church for discrimination restrictions on houses of worship.
    We know that NM judges are aligned with MLG = communism.
    Pray that somehow justice will be served! God bless Backstreet Grill!

  8. Judge Franchini – recently put in place by Wuhan Luhan
    (voters unaware of Franchini’s liberal leaning of course).
    Here’s some related news from many years ago (that never saw print):
    A family of 4 driving in ABQ enters an intersection at the same time a police car is compromised by a detained but unrestrained felon who causes an accident between the two parties. Family is spun around by the hard impact leaving all three with injuries – one unharmed. So with a witness living at the corner of the scene what do the police/city do for that family? Hmmm… demand the family go to only the doctors the police/justice system approved of if they wanted to seek real compensation. The witness was disappeared and her house on the corner demolished. The policeman quit so as not to be sued. The attorney sold out to the city – his name – Franchini. He later got promoted to judge. Like father like daughter.
    The cycle in New Mexico NEVER ENDS.

  9. It was very disheartening. If many other ABQ businesses would stand up this would not be happening. Now they missed their opportunity to have Backstreet Grill help lead the way. If Small Business owners think this is going to stop they are wrong. Stand up or close, the only two options.

  10. Start talking to friends, people of like mind. Communities come together to stand against this tyranny. Masks, tests and jabs are all under Emergency Use Authorization. Check out Dr. Ardis. Dr. Fleming (flemingmethod). Dr. David Martin. Dr. Judy Mikovits. Dr. Peter McCulllough and many others. We the People have GOD given rights that cannot be taken from us unless we let them. Silence is deadly to our freedoms. Not saying something is saying something.

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