Ronchetti holds massive closing rally in ABQ ahead of Election Day

On Monday night, Mark Ronchetti’s campaign held a final rally before Election Day in Albuquerque as a finale of his “Ronchetti on the Road” tour. During the tour, which began in late October, Ronchetti hit all 33 counties, with stops all across the map.

At the rally. Ronchetti said that the Santa Fe elites “want us to believe the lie that it can’t get better,” but it can get better by electing new leadership.

His team wrote on Twitter, “​​Don’t believe what the elites in Santa Fe tell us. We can have cleaner streets, educate our kids better, and put more money in your pocket.” 

A rival event Democrat Gov. Lujan Grisham had on Thursday appeared only to have a few dozen people in attendance. Ronchetti’s had hundreds, if not at least 1,000.

Photos of the crowds show the magnitude of the support Ronchetti had garnered.

Lujan Grisham, the incumbent governor, has been polling within the margin of error with Ronchetti, with one poll showing him beating her by a single point. He has outraised the governor during three separate reporting periods, proving how strong the “red wave” could be against the embattled, scandal-ridden governor. 

Both candidates, as well as Libertarian Karen Bedonie, will battle it out at the ballot box on Tuesday, with polls opening at 7:00 a.m. and closing at 7:00 p.m. for more information about voting, visit this article.


7 thoughts on “Ronchetti holds massive closing rally in ABQ ahead of Election Day”

    1. AngryTXARNGVeteran

      Actually, it’s the DNC trying to say the the GOP crowds are smaller than what they are. So much for “obsessing about ‘crowd size’ “. When the DNC has to lie… it shows who is ‘desperate’ here.

      But then, there is ‘always’ the ‘steal’; like when Pollsters demand that those who vote with their own pens be referred for charges to the DA.. another article in the Pinion Post.

    2. That’s the stupidest statement. Just another angry liberal. This state is where it’s at because of liberal leadership! Last in everything but crime! 75 years of failure and corruption. Losers!

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