Heinrich continues his crusade against gas stoves

In his latest move, Democrat U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich is once again attacking his most fierce nemesis — the gas stove. You read that right. While New Mexicans struggle to heat their homes and feed their families, Heinrich is passionately joining a crusade of enviro-Marxists working to ban gas stoves. About 35 percent of Americans have gas stoves, according to the Census Bureau. Heinrich wants to make that zero percent.

In a December 22 tweet, Heinrich wrote, “Many people are unaware of the high level of dangerous indoor air pollutants emitted by gas stoves. That’s why I joined @SenBooker and a number of our colleagues in urging the Consumer Product Safety Commission to help protect Americans from these hazards.”

In an attached letter to the tweet, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) write, “In addition to the climate impacts, these emissions represent real health risks to millions of Americans. Both NO2 and PM2.5 are known to exacerbate respiratory conditions. Short-term exposure to NO2 is linked to worsening asthma in children, and long-term exposure has been determined to likely cause the development of asthma. Both pollutants have also been linked to cardiovascular impacts and a range of other adverse health issues. Even low-level CO exposure can exacerbate cardiovascular illness among people with coronary heart disease and other vulnerable populations.”

The lawmakers, including Heinrich, demand the following measures be taken to limit gas stoves:

• Require gas stoves to be sold with range hoods that meet mandatory performance standards, assessing their efficiency of removing the pollutants, 

• Where feasible, issue mandatory performance standards for gas stoves that address steady-state-off leakage, including requiring automatic shut-off valves, 

• Where feasible, issue mandatory performance standards for gas stoves that address the health impacts of hazardous emissions, 

• Require labels on gas stoves that educate consumers about their exposure risks, 

• Launch a public education campaign on the health risks of cooking with a gas stove, and steps that consumers can take to minimize their risk. 

Previously, Heinrich made a big stink about gas stoves, claiming using one was comparable to letting one’s babysitter smoke around a child. 

It’s unclear what Heinrich’s obsession with banning gas stoves is all about, but Heinrich has been on this tear for years. 

In July of 2021, Heinrich wrote on Twitter, “When you trade out your gas stove for an electric one you lower your monthly energy bills, create jobs, and move us closer to a zero-emissions future. And a bill I’ll be introducing would give you money back for doing that. This is how we build a clean energy powered economy.”

Heinrich previously bragged on social media about supposedly electrifying his home, sharing a video of him installing a new heat pump to supposedly save the planet. 


28 thoughts on “Heinrich continues his crusade against gas stoves”

  1. Let’s talk about the dangers of the poisonous gas coming out of his mouth. May cause irritation to brain cells and produce politician fatigue for anyone exposed to it.

  2. Heinrich is using this idiot plan to remind New Mexicans that he actually exists and is doing “ something “ in Washington besides giving our money away to despotic tyrants and agreeing with the border invasion of moron Biden and his handlers. He surfaces from time to time to further damage New Mexicans ability to crawl out of the hole he and his fellow communists have dug for us.

    1. SO TRUE!!!! I just can’t figure out why people still support him because he does NOT have our welfare in mind!! I don’t think enough people know what he’s up to.

  3. It takes all types— How do the most DUMBEST,MOST INCOMPETENT IDIOTS get put in to politics? And Hiney-lick is the poster child for STUPIDITY! New Mexico is on a fast track to be a 3rd world country between this idiot, little Benny boy and Moochie Loserjan-Gruesome! Remove gas stoves, kill the gas and oil industry,pay FOREIGN countries big bucks to put up inefficient,extremely overpriced whirlygigs,(New Mexicans will NEVER be able to pay these things off), taking away our incomes, let riff-raff and ILLEGALS run amuck,and then you want to raise our taxes and try to remove our 2nd amendment RIGHT to protect ourselves. Simple minded idiots sitting behind desks,eating wagu beef and being cared for by taxpayers -you’d think they would protect and respect the people of New Mexico -wishful thinking -these 3 idiots turned their back on New Mexico a long time ago!

    1. How do the most dumbest, most incompetent idiots get put into politics? By the dumbest, most incompetent VOTERS….

      This state gets almost half their budget from the oil & gas industry in SE NM where I live. Puts Wuhan-Grisham, the Nazi of the North in a bit of a pickle, no, to kill or curtail the golden goose?

  4. You do realize that much of today’s literature is written by talk-to-text, right? And that apps often fill in the rest of the word even if you don’t want it to?

    Here’s where credibility is stretched: our southern boarder is secure, Joe Biden didn’t know of his son’s shady business dealings with our greatest adversaries, that Kamala Harris makes a good second in command, that MLG is a magnanimous governor, that liberals are the smartest people in the room, that teachers’ unions give a damn about our children’s educations.

    Well, you get the idea!

  5. I thought Heinrich was supposed to represent New Mexicans. Instead, he’s going all out to destroy New Mexico’s lifeblood—- it’s oil and gas industry..

  6. Martin Heinrich apparently believes that generating electricity by natural gas, then sending that electricity over hundreds of miles of transmission lines to our homes results in the same or greater energy than just using gas appliances in the home.

    That idiso also believes that nuclear energy is dangerous despite the fact that the US has 93 nuclear reactors pumping out almost 100,000 megawatts of electricity every day and have been doing so for decades.

    Liberals are nothing if not malignant, dictatorial cretins.

    1. People have cooked w/ gas for AT LEAST decades w/ no issues, little asthma until fairly recently, likely tied to the 70 or so “vaccine” schedule. Same for explosions in autism, ADD, ADHD, etc

      They’re malevolent cretins

  7. The statement, “I joined Corry Booker,” say it all. We are the only animal on earth who allows the weakest to lead the pack.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how idiotic our congressional delegation can be. Now that Harell has been replaced, it can only get worse. None of these people are qualified – no clue how they keep getting elected.

  9. Ridiculous! I’m 80 years old and have always cooked with gas, even in the 40’s! It is much more efficient than cooking with electricity. Unlike electric, You turn it on and it’s on, turn it off and it’s off. At a friends house I burned the entire palm of my hand cuz the electric burner was still on, but appeared to be off.

  10. I heard, not a fact, that he does not even live in NM anymore. He lives in Maryland. They all get selected and seated. Until our voting system is corrected, they will be seated.

  11. “It’s unclear what Heinrich’s obsession with banning gas stoves is all about”
    Heinrich is a moron besides being a parrot that will say whatever he’s told to by those that fill his pockets with money.

  12. Martin Heinrich is not a native New Mexican, and neither was Tom Udall. Apparently his main goal is to destroy the main major industry in the state of New Mexico – oil and gas. Just like they have destroyed New Mexico’s mining industry (including coal) and timber/lumber industry, and are currently hell-bent on destroying our farming and ranching industries. A ranch in Lincoln county that used to have 1300 head of cattle on BLM land can now only have 100 head. How is that economically sustainable? Farmers in the Mimbres valley are now under attack by state regulators refusing to fund acequia repairs after a major wildfire in the Gila. (Of course, the fire wouldn’t have been as dangerous if they’d permitted logging and timber cutting there.) In NM we’ve got an ongoing and worsening condition of “death by environmentalist do-gooders.”

  13. Anyone who “knows” how to cook ALWAYS cooks with gas, duh. Ever seen a restaurant with electric ovens and stove tops. He once told me he had a science background! In what environmental studies! He is dumber than a box of rocks!

  14. Lil’ Mattie is still around? I thought he had stolen enough to retire to China and live with his Masters. Foolish me – I forgot that gasbag politicians can never steal enough – one man’s fortune is a gasbag politician’s pocket change!

    I’m guessing Lil’ Mattie took a week’s worth of campaign “donations” and bought a boatload of stock in electric stove makers, giving him a reason to push them so hard. “Follow the money” is the gasbag politicians bribe cry…

    Until we reform elections Lil’ Mattie, the littlest Nazi MLG, et al will be what is appointed to rule over us…


  15. If he’s involved with Spartacus Booker, he has ascended to a new high level of negative intelligence. Every once in a while I write him a thoroughly insulting but curse-free letter. He sort of responds/lies for one line and then spends the next four paragraphs telling me how wonderful he is. And why.

    Writing to him is strictly recreational – it doesn’t do any good but sometimes his green garbage gets even more annoying than usual and I cut loose on him. It’s fun to insult him and sometimes I can tell that I got a harpoon shot in.

    The fact that they keep Al Gore around shows me just how stupid the WEF is. Al Gore… seriously? Talk about Stupid On A Stick…

  16. AngryTXARNGVeteran

    You can bet your bottom dollar that Heinrich along with Lujan, MLG etc… want to control your every move.

    Gas stoves aren’t even the ‘tip’ of the iceberg here.

  17. This carpetbagger and the tyrant in the roundhouse are brought to us by our low intelligence, low information NM democrat voters.

  18. He is full of BS. I use very little propane in my propane fueled gas stove. This is my freedom vs his control. I buy propane on the open market. The government totally controls PNM. Heinrich is a socialist bastard.

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