Governor tries justifying unconstitutional anti-gun edict in Tuesday presser

One month following far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s unconstitutional edict trying to unilaterally usurp Albuquerque and Bernalillo County residents’ rights to open or concealed carry, she called a Tuesday press conference trying to defend the indefensible after a judge struck down her original order and her subsequent amended order.

She tried to take credit for a minor dip in gunshots detected from 166 over a 4-day span in September to 128 over another 4-day span later in the month, despite her unconstitutional orders being on hold pending the judge’s ruling.

“I am incredibly pleased by the outcome, but we have a long way to go,” she said, claiming her policies were helping “move the needle,” despite violent crime at an all-time high, with constant homicides in Albuquerque.

The governor said, “I won’t rest until we don’t have to talk about (gun violence) as an epidemic and a public health emergency. That’s the goal — and if we turn the tide and it’s sustainable.” 

“Every single New Mexican deserves that, and there’s not a single New Mexican who isn’t impacted by our public safety challenges and, quite frankly, this epidemic and crisis,” she claimed.

A Monday murder near the 1100 block of Second Street NW was the 118th homicide in the Duke City, just 20 shy of last year’s total with two full months to go. 

Lujan Grisham recently tripled down on her unconstitutional executive order, having her New Mexico Department of Health Secretary Patrick Allen reissue the stricken firearm ban on parks and playgrounds, which carries $5,000 civil infraction penalties. 

Lujan Grisham continues to face impeachment calls from 31 legislators, being led by Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo), who have begun a certification petition process for an extraordinary impeachment session. 


23 thoughts on “Governor tries justifying unconstitutional anti-gun edict in Tuesday presser”

    1. She does need to be impeached impeached and then put behind bars she’s been nothing but a tyrant dictator since she’s been in office

  1. Why do New Mexicans keep voting her into office. She is almost as dumb as Biden. The election has to be rigged. Stop the cheat or our numbers that measure how good our systems are will be lower than most third world countries.

    1. Because NM is a welfare state. We’re the Dems petri dish to see just how well dictatorships work when the proffered carrot is large enough. Question: how did an extreme baby killer become so powerful in what is generally thought of as a Catholic state? Answer: freebies!

  2. She knows nothing will happen to her so she will keep up with these fiats and mixing them in with other public health concerns. She wants to keep the attention on guns so the legislature can enact even moire draconian laws. All part of the plan. Worse is yet to come.

  3. Let’s see – schools are open again, so there are fewer people on the streets, and the weather is cooling, so there are fewer people outside later at night.

    Yup, Governor Grisham did that, and the result is fewer gunshots detected. But politicians snatch credit for anything they can, whether they had any actual influence on it or not: it’s what they do.

  4. Broken leadership

    Noticed Monday night’s accident that killed 2 innocent 14yr olds because of street car racing on Louisiana Blvd. didn’t seem to stir the governor’s anger! Why hasn’t she demanded a ban in automobiles?? Because it doesn’t fit the agenda…

  5. Such a pompous . . . to believe her mandate makes a difference.

    MLG never ceases to amaze as an embarrassment to New Mexico.

  6. She’s got nowhere to go (politically) after December 2026 so, she is doing this to self-promote herself with a leftist agenda, hoping Biden will be re-elected and she can get a cabinet appointment.

  7. New Mexicans will be dancing in the streets and it will be a glorious day when she is handcuffed and escorted out of the roundhouse!

  8. What more can be expected from a communist? They crave power and will commit murder in order to obtain it. She is like all communists, more evil than stupid. The real nitwits are the useful idiots who are too stupid to do anything except keep voting for her and her fellow dictators. Dumb as dirt.

  9. Once she fully revealed she discarded her oath and the Constitution, this became the only direction, more tyranny — just wait till speaking out creates a “public health crises”. That won’t happen till the firearms are all collected… will it?

  10. Dear Tin Pot Dictator Michelle,

    You haven’t seen the magnitude of gun violence that will occur from leaving your border unsecured.


  11. The democrats seen how easy it is to get people to follow like sheep, just call it a health crises and come get your shot. Vote for a democrat get told how to think, how to talk and wear your mask when turning in your guns. I’m sure with the border so well secured in NM we won’t need to defend ourselves from any act of violence. Michelle has your back.

  12. MLG is a babbling idiot, the more she tries to legitimize her rhetoric the more she sounds like a battle axe. She just needs to go quietly, take a leave of absence, go on a safari for a year. MLG will always be tagged for killing the unborn and for gloating over it. Where is the mill stone?

  13. I just can’t fathom mlg’s frame of mind and reference. Let’s hope for a ‘challenging’ upcoming legislative session…lol

  14. We all know that MLG wants to go to DC and be on O’Bidens Cabinet. They need to create a position for her, Secretary of Idiots and Hypocrites. She is as dumb as a box of rocks and such a hypocrite when she cares about kids but is the Abortion Queen.
    Hey MLG, how about put criminals in jail and enforcing the gun laws on the books before you try and take away my right to defend myself and my family. Better yet, give up your State Police protection.

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