Texas governor deploys National Guard to reinforce barrier with New Mexico

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has ordered the Texas National Guard to reinforce “the barrier with concertina wire, a type of barbed wire, near the New Mexico state line, close to Sunland Park,” KFOX14 reported.

The reinforcements will be near the Rio Grande bank at the U.S.-Mexico Border.

“The move is meant to restrict what the Governor’s allies consider to be overwhelming migration through unofficial pathways,” the outlet continued.

Title: A dry wash in the high country to the east of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, which is split between Hudspeth and Culberson counties in Texas, along the New Mexico border. Library of Congress via Wiki Commons.

Abbott shared via X, formerly Twitter, “‘Texas National Guard reinforces border with razor wire following Governor Abbott’s orders.’ This is on the border between Texas and NEW Mexico.”

He added, “Migrants are entering New Mexico illegally then crossing into Texas. We are stopping it.”

State Rep. Stefani Lord commented on Abbott’s post, tagging New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, “[H]ow many crossing into America via New Mexico  are Hamas ‘rape terrorists*’ or other terrorist groups chanting ‘Death to America?’ *Survivors of Hamas attack on music festival: Women were raped next to the corpses of their friends.” 

Abbott launched the state’s Operation Lone Star to stop the scourge of illegal immigration into the country. He has transported illegal immigrants to leftist “sanctuary cities” that have since been angered by the move to the supposed inclusive cities of illegal immigrants. 


42 thoughts on “Texas governor deploys National Guard to reinforce barrier with New Mexico”

  1. Can Abbott place it 3 high and 4 deep all across the New Mexico/Mexico border?! Please and thank you!

    Signed Every Actual New Mexican!

  2. Sidney M. "Sid" Benson

    The Quee? of SF/NM could care less what New Mexicans want, As long as she can grab crotches and wear her P***y hat, she is happy…

  3. Thank heaven Gov. Abbott is willing to defend New Mexico’s border. Our governor has made zero efforts to protect New Mexicans from the invaders, in fact she welcomes them with every benefit she can come up with. With the latest election interference scam Democrat SOS Toulouse and the governor have made it possible for the invaders to get drivers license. Every one that uses the online MVD app are automatically registered to vote. Is it any wonder it takes an actual governor to try and stop the invaders while Gov. dingbat nearly pees her pants and the thought of all those new voters she welcoming.

      1. What is really ridiculous is how people are treating one another.
        Get over it the election was not rigged , it was proven time and time again in a court of law.
        Our nation needs to come together and heal the wounds of indifference We are still one nation under God, let’s move forward
        for the betterment of the country.

    1. Gov. Abbott doesn’t give a rats tail about New Mexico. He’s putting the wire up between New Mexico and Texas… Not New Mexico and Mexico…. He’s keeping them out of Texas… That’s the only state he cares about. If you’re planning to drive through Texas in the near future I suggest you have proof of your citizenship. It’s coming to that. We’ll have border patrol at every state.

      1. Juliana Rodriguez

        That’s right not his job it’s our goveners job. And you can thank her for you having to prove your citizenship.

      2. Abbott does not have any authority to do anything in New Mexico. If you were schooled in civics and government you should know that.

        1. Yes he does on the border of Texas and NM. He is doing the right thing. Unlike our governor who does not help us here.

      3. I am a native Texan and the Texas governor is DOING HIS JOB. What is your excuse for the Communist governor of New Mexico not doing hers?

    2. He’s not protecting New Mexico…he’s not even protecting Texas! It’s a flat out political move and if any of you believe otherwise, give up your New Mexico property to me- you can have my Texas property and live under his crap permanently!

      1. What is really sad is that hate has reared it’s ugly head in a country that is thought of as the leader of the free world. Tic for tac is getting us no where.

  4. What a bunch of ignorant commemts!! You are so go to church on Sunday or Saturday, right?? There is a name for that besides hypocritical!! All the parents hope you know what it is! Ignorance is the greatest evil!!

    1. The ignorant comment was made by a very ignorant person. Maybe when one of these illegal crossers who is actually a terrorist here to kill come to your neighborhood you might smarten up.

        1. @VL – You think that only middle easterners are terrorists? You need to learn something. I guess you got your education from NM schools.

    2. The IGNORANCE comes from YOU and the DEMS. Nobody is saying they can’t come to the USA, we are only saying come here LEGALLY. Crossing the border ANYWHERE but through a POE is ILLEGAL.
      I’d be willing to bet you have Locks on the doors and windows in your house and use them but sometimes welcome folks that knock on the door and not break in.

  5. MLG needs to be impeached And arrested for violating her oath and out rights. I know that won’t happen because of the corrupt administration and judges we have. Need to bus the illegals to her home. Her husband can care for them.

  6. Ur all stupid, they have all y’all in there dem rep pockets believing what they want u to, fighting over what they want u to fight about while they let COVID run wild which they made, while they pin us against each other, race, border, police brutality, gum violence, rape, murder, where all here before they came but nobody cared now u do it all stupid

  7. Thank you Governor Abbott, I admire your tenacity, integrity, insight and patriotism. It’s everything that MLG is not…or will ever hope to be. Let’s stop blaming the Democrats for this debacle… what about the independents that are also registered voters… I’m sure they voted as the democrats did…I’m counting the days when she leaves office, it will be a great day for our State.

  8. I like how all the lefties cannot handle is that want legal immigrants only, thus vastly reducing terrorists and criminals from entering.
    Mega Lousy Governor has done nothing but harm to New Mexico.

  9. Our laws work when understood. For example, we allow entry to the US (not citizenship yet) for several reasons. One of which is asylum. This is one of the oldest permissions because it was meant to be a place for people who feared for their lives from a government that would murder them for political reasons. We became a strong country by accepting these “troublemakers” from other countries.
    What we have now is a gross cross border movement blind to entry laws, responsibility and public safety. Most enter asylum as the reason for their illegal entry crime, but what asylum do they need protection from? Poverty, lack of education or more opportunity is not asylum! I do feel sorry for their situation, but we do not have the resources for unrestricted entry. They would be further ahead to follow our example and rebuild their own country.
    God bless Gregg and the people of Texas

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