Lujan Grisham again defies court order, reissues unconstitutional gun ban

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has again extended her anti-gun executive orders, introducing a renewed order that includes updated measures to curb access to firearms. Her past two executive orders were stricken down by a Joe Biden-appointed judge, forcing her to rewrite them again and release them via her New Mexico Department of Health Secretary Patrick Allen.

The renewed order now mandates the Department of Public Safety to organize gun buy-backs. Within the next 30 days, buy-back events will be held in Albuquerque, Española, and Las Cruces to attempt to further disarm the populous.

Governor Lujan Grisham claimed firearms threaten the state, citing a recent incident where two guns were found in the possession of students at an Albuquerque high school. While no injuries occurred, the incident underscored the psychological impact on children. 

The previous version of the public health order had included additional measures, such as attempting to suspend gun-carry rights in specific areas, a move that a federal judge temporarily halted. Despite that, she reissued it in Allen’s order.

“No person, other than a law enforcement officer or licensed security officer, or active duty military personnel shall possess a firearm, as defined in NMSA 1978, Section 30-7-4.1, either openly or concealed, in public parks or playgrounds within the City of Albuquerque or Bernalillo County, except in the City of Albuquerque’s Shooting Range Park and areas designated as a state park within the state parks system and owned or managed by the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department State Parks Division, or the State Land Office,” read the new order.

“This Order supersedes any previous Order to the extent it is in conflict and shall take effect on October 6, 2023, and remain in effect for the duration of the public health emergencies declared in Executive Orders 2023-130 and 2023-132 and any subsequent renewals of those public health emergency declarations, unless otherwise rescinded,” it included.

It also involved the distribution of trigger locks, reading, “Trigger locks shall be made available free of charge to all firearm owners; provided that each firearm owner shall only be entitled to one free trigger lock. Firearm owners wishing to obtain a free trigger lock should visit”

Interestingly, the decree concluded, “Nothing in this Order shall be construed to contradict or evade any court orders temporarily enjoining provisions in previous public health emergency orders that remain in this Order. Any court order regarding such provisions shall apply to the same provisions found herein,” an apparent attempt to minimize liability from the new unconstitutional edict that violates the drudge’s previous court order.

Lujan Grisham continues to face impeachment calls from 31 legislators, being led by Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo), who have begun a certification petition process for an extraordinary impeachment session. 


60 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham again defies court order, reissues unconstitutional gun ban”

  1. The wicked witch of the North (MLG) didn’t seem to learn about this the last time she did this, and EVERYONE went against her….and shut her down. Does she think that this is going to end differently. IMPEACH THE BITCH!

  2. vapid | ˈvapəd |
    offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging: tuneful but vapid musical comedies. Elected but vapid Dem.

  3. Bernalillo County Sheriff it was your job to arrest a criminal breaking Constitutional Law and to protect the rights of citizens in your county.

    Because you sat by and did nothing the crimes will continue. Way to swear and oath and do NOTHING.

  4. Michelle Lujan Grisham violated the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, which is a violation of the highest law of the land. She attempted to use her position to prevent American citizens from exercising their legal rights.

    She has committed a crime.

    Not an impeachable offense, a CRIME!

    1. I fully agree. I feel the Bernalillo Sheriff should make the arrest for her crimes in his county. He has jurisdiction, and he is the highest law enforcement officer in the county. Impeachment is a no brainer, but arrest is a must as well. If she can violate our 2nd amendment without consequences, why would I face any consequences for violating someone’s 4th amendment right. She needs prison time.

  5. To all the bandits, theirs, gang bangers in Albuquerque, your governor just gave you free rein to rob, jump, steel, and do what you want to Albuquerque citizens. I guess if they shoot at you they will goto jail but you won’t. How do you say it, Albuquerque is a free for all!

  6. Gun buy-back program?? Who in the heck is going to sign up for that program? Not the lawful gun owners, and for sure not the criminals. I say we keep our guns and have them for the constitutional use of protection from a tyrannical government.

  7. She is a vril. Have you ever heard of the Black Eye Club? Look up Vril. Vrils like people on a 0 to 10 scale, less than a 1. A creature crawls in the eye, then a black eye develops, possibly something like an epileptic fit and then something takes over the body. You have seen the pictures, right? Some might call them Lizards but it is not the Lizzies (Lady Di called the Queen and family Lizzies in David Icke’s book, The Biggest Secret from back in the ’90s). It is a Vril. The creature that crawls in is called a probiscus. Look it up. But probably not on google.

    1. These are people that sold their soul to satan and allow this parasite to take over their body. The vril society were part of the nazi establishment and use willing people as a host for interdimensional evil beings in exchange for power, money, and promise of everlasting life. No wonder she has allowed the church of satan to do ceremonial incantations for each aborted baby being sacrificed to moloch.

    2. A seizure isn’t an epileptic fit! Someone with epilepsy has a seizure, not a fit! How sad, to use that type of analogy for people who has a medical condition.

  8. Today is the very day that members of our gun club gather at the range to renew their annual dues. Do you suppose that the prime topic will be how many of us plan to participate in the MILG gun buy-back scheme? Do you suppose anyone there will express that they support MLG?


  9. Yay for our Governor!!! She is stepping up to control the trends in gun violence in New Mexico. Let’s hope other states follow her lead. 🤞

    1. So, how is restricting LEGAL gun owners going to stop crime? Maybe the DAs, Judges, and courts should keep the FELONS in jail. This is New Mexico’s problem, not legal gun owners.

    2. So, you want other governors to continue turning this into a communist country that takes away the people’s means of protection? I do believe that happened in Poland. Check your history! Do the ‘stepping up’ by punishing criminals, not law abiding citizens.

    3. Wake up Airie, if she really cared about reducing gun violence she would of closed the southern border and not be releasing repeat criminals with a no cash bail. She only cares about disarming the public to impliment the globalist nwo Marxist agenda. Don’t be a “useful idiot”!

    4. Ok criminals I’m taking responsible gun owners rights away so you’re free to go cause havoc in our state. I’m protecting children while killing some everyday. Satan at it’s best. God please protect us from all this evil.

  10. The Governor is a lawless communist that cares nothing for the constitution, neither the US or New Mexico’s although she swore to uphold both. Her dereliction of duty should be enough to have her removed from office immediately. Her narcissistic arrogance is more than any people should be made to tolerate. Her term as Governor has only brought this state shame and ridicule. The worst Governor for the worst state in the Union.

  11. Emil her office, the mansion, the People’s House, call, Facebook, Twitter etc…. WE WILL NOT COMPLY! Push back. Call the news stations, if many of us do this, she will attempt to double down which can very well lead to her downfall. Can’t hurt to try…

    1. I doubt if anything of real value will be turned in. But show up and compete with the State. I’m sure if there is something worth buying you will get a good price.

  12. Where we went wrong was giving her the power to decide what is a health emergency. The free trigger lock will be nothing but a who owns a gun list to go after when she decides to go full bore and try and confiscate our guns.

  13. What most people do not understand is that this is for the sole purpose of keeping her Public Health Emergency in play. With out a declared emergency she cannot put all her new gun laws before the upcoming 30 day legislative session.

  14. She is truly dumber than dumb. A Narcissist, a true assassin of the unborn and the most unpatriotic human kind that have walked these Lands of Enchantment. She lives and loves this notoriety. The Sheriff department failed in the duty to arrest her. If Manny was still holding office , she would be behind bars, but the present Sheriff is a democrat. By the way so was Manny whom she denied due process of the law.? Do guns have free will ? Do guns make a choice to pull the trigger? No!!! Guns are an inanimate object like our Governor. Those who believe in abortion have already been born….. darn, can we sue for reparation for the damage their parents left us to deal with?

  15. The sole purpose is the notoriety she’s receiving. She loves the attention and the spotlight at all cost. It’s called Narcissism and she has the worst case. No cure for her.

    The Sheriff has failed us as well, He took office to protect the Constitution and all that it stands for. If you are reading this, we need cajones from your office.
    All those who are in favor of abortion have already been born. Can we sue the parents for reparation caused by giving birth to murders who kill the unborn?

  16. What is wrong with New Mexico? PLEASE get rid of this ridiculous governor. Law abiding citizens of this country should have the right to defend themselves against the criminals who actually do all the harm. If you don’t like guns, don’t have them. However, no one has the right to make this choice for others. Our biggest problem was electing someone who thinks she knows best. MLG is not our mommy. She’s a power hungry politician.

  17. Stephanie McKenzie

    I am disappointed with the sheriff. He is failing his oath by not arresting her for her CRIMINAL actions. The next time she sets foot in Bernalillo county he should arrest her.

  18. Clare A May, retired

    Israel. When they disarm, I disarm.

    Simple provacation is when your next door neighbor’s President, (Mexico), encourages Russian diplomats involved during a time of war, to attend celebrations of their independance, 16 September 2023, while our closest trading partner isnt in the same party of attending… and that would be US.

    Non stop flooding of illicit ( not lawful) immigration through your neighbors property can be another one.

    On the same pattern of conduct, by that same elected Mexican President, permitting by using specific blinders that fentanol is an American(USA) problem and Mexico’s President openly declared that fentanol is not made or produced in Mexico.

    War…is a two way street. Some of the GOP begin talking about using military assets to take on the cartels. If that happenes, the American military will be taking on the entire population of Mexico the first time a firefight kills cartel members.

    Fentanol is not only an American problem. Its a world problem…brought to the world by greed of Mexico permitted and encouraged by China.

    Disarm me now? Why?

  19. The only reason she is being so obnoxious is because she is being directed to by the very higher-ups, with impunity. She is trying to get someone to get angry enough to do something stupid and violent. Once that happens, she escalates by calling in the State Police, and if it gets worse, the Nat’ Guard, etc until the Feds are called in. Then Marshall Law is not far behind where we are locked down, curfews, checkpoints and of course many more gun restrictions~Get It?? The best weapon is to just ignore her completely! Pull down your pants and moon her! Almost every law enforcement agency in the state refuses to enforce her gun edicts~the state police haven’t stood up yet so if they are going to be her gestapo, they know it’s not a wise road to go down~Ignore, ignore, ignore!

  20. So maybe New Mexico’s prayers will be answered and she will be arrested and escorted out of the roundhouse wearing handcuffs!! Enough of her thugism and lack of respect for the law!!

  21. For those calling for the governor to be arrested, allow me to explain why that is a terrible idea. The Bernalillo Co. Sheriff chooses to not arrest the governor, but also chooses to not arrest or cite any citizen found carrying a firearm in violation to Her Majesty’s order. For those who are so quick in your condemnation of our law enforcement officers, understand that in many ways they are the gatekeepers of your rights as citizens. If they see an order from the governor or even the legislature they recognize to be a blatant violation of constitutionally guaranteed rights, they will find a way to not enforce such an order. If they were to arrest the governor, to what court would they send their case? Or to what prosecutor? The Attorney General? They cannot go that way because such an action would effectively be a coup d’état, and the federal authorities would declare martial law over the state, and arrest the officers involved as insurrectionists. So, appreciate the wisdom of how the sheriffs in this state have chosen to not enforce her mandate. We can only hope the State Police show the same wisdom.

  22. The Governor is trying to control gun violence. Like the Republicans taking away people’s choice to have an abortion. Unfortunately for both parties ” GOD ” put choice out there for a reason. I believe that both parties are going against God. Guns or scalpels killing is killing. There’s no amendments to God’s laws. The only bad thing is taking away people’s right to choose weather to choose sinning with a gun or a scalpel

    1. Let’s clean up our language Dean, the governor ‘s goal as it is with all anti-gun proponents is civilian disarmament.

    2. You are wrong. I have attended Church since I was a little boy, go to Bible study and I’m a registered member. Do you attend church? Tell me how many legal gun owners have committed crimes versus guns that fall in the wrong hands. I support anti-abortion and so does the Catholic Church, Archbishops, Bishops, and Priests. In God’s eyes when a baby is conceived it has a soul. If you want an abortion and free choice then do it. But don’t expect to be judged like anyone else. Unless you repent and give yourself to God.

  23. She is a democrat who wants to disarm law abiding people. Criminals and thugs, many of them illegal, will still have access to guns. Parents need to be held responsible to teach their children responsible gun ownership and keep their guns locked up.
    Disarming people is what happened in prewar Germany and other socialist countries, Iran, China, and Russia. This is how the government gets control of the public.

  24. How long will our law makers and law enforcement put up with this blatant disregard for our constitution.?
    If we disobeyed a court order the sheriff would arrest us, I guess the left wing Democrats are above the law.

  25. I want 1 just 1 sheriff or the state police commander that isn’t a chicken to deputize me. I will go right up there and walk her out in cuffs. It’s still legal in this state to deputize. If y’all don’t want to do your job, im absolutely sure you can find someone who has nothing to lose to do it for you. I’m a disabled man and I don’t work for the state so she cant fire me. And you all know its the only reason you wont do your job, is because like every other chicken in this world. Oh, oh, no! I can’t do that, what about my pension? Whaaaaa! Whaaaaa! you don’t want to lose your job. So, let me do it.

  26. Every time she starts up with the guns, I remember the piles and piles of shoes from the Holocaust. They gave up their guns. Then they were marched into gas chambers and exterminated.

    That’s what we should all remember. If we give up our guns, the gas chambers can’t be far behind. Do you really want to end up in a mass grave?

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