Extremist group wants New Mexicans to keep wearing masks due to ‘Delta’ variant

It has been reported that an extremist New Mexico group “Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women,” (CSVANW) which purports to speak for Native American communities, now wants people to put their masks back on, regardless of vaccination status, in fear of COVID-19. 

The radical group believes such things as that the Keystone XL Pipeline, which Joe Biden destroyed, is contributing to “violence against women” and that “the gender binary is a colonial construct,” claiming that there are multiple genders other than male and female, including “two-spirit,” which apparently is “a person with both a feminine and a masculine spirit living in the same body.” These extremist beliefs, among countless others, make this group a radical extremist group.

Angel Charley, CSVANW’s executive director, says, “It requires a lot of sacrifice from all of us as individuals; it’s how we made this much progress.” She added, “But until we reach herd immunity, until there is vaccination access for kids under 12, until there is true equitable access to vaccinations then we’re asserting this is a safety precaution.” 

“Charley said the Navajo Nation is following [World Health Organization (WHO)] guidance and is continuing its mask mandate,” according to one report. The WHO appears to be looking for another worldwide lockdown, including mask mandates, due to the “Delta variant.”

“So today, we are calling on the public to continue being proactive in our fight against the COVID-19 virus, and its variants, by continuing to wear masks and practicing social distancing––regardless of restrictions removals beginning July 1st. This is our ultimate show of love and respect for others in our state. I ask this holding an immense awareness for our little ones, under 12, who have not yet had access to a vaccine,” says Charley.

Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifting the mask guidelines, as well as studies showing the ineffectiveness of masks alone, the group is jumping on the bandwagon that scandal-ridden Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich have created with the scare of a “Delta variant.” 

One graphic shared by CSVANW includes a quote from one of its members who writes, “Vaccination is only one measure of safety, one layer of protection against a risk that requires multiple levels [of] protection. As transmission increases new variants will be created. Masks along with vaccine equity reduce transmission. Other countries who lifted mask mandates are already reinstating them due to the Delta variant (which has also been identified in one of our southwest tribes).” 

The lack of confidence in herd immunity and the continuation of these scare tactics for a virus with a nearly 100% survival rate appears to be another manipulation tactic by the far-left. 

“It’s a deadly virus, it’s not going to go away. This variant is serious,” said Lujan Grisham previously. 

In response to the CSVANW demands for the reinstitution of face mask mandates, Lujan Grisham’s press secretary Nora Sackett applauded the group’s work but said it would follow CDC guidelines while letting workplaces and others require masks if they so choose. 

“We continue to encourage New Mexicans to use COVID-safe practices and, regardless of state guidance, the state supports businesses, workplaces and tribes continuing to require masks for employees, customers or visitors on the premises, regardless of vaccination status, at their discretion” Sackett told the New Mexico Political Report.

New Mexicans last month held statewide protests against the masking of children in schools, which is still in effect due to the Governor’s lockdown orders.


5 thoughts on “Extremist group wants New Mexicans to keep wearing masks due to ‘Delta’ variant”

  1. Outlaw Preacher

    No variant differs from the original sequence by more than 0.3%. All variants are at least 99.7% identical to the Wuhan sequence. It’s a fiction, and an evil one, that variants are likely to escape immunity.
    Dr. Mike Yeadon.

    These people calling for continued mask mandates have legitimate mental instability and should not be listened to unless you need a good laugh.

  2. There is no virus. Period. Please show me the evidence that disproves this. You cannot and the state cannot prove this virus exists either, which the People’s claim for fraud is strong against groups like this in their personal capacity and against the NM Legislative in their personal capacity. A non profit groups board members can be held accountable in their personal capacity if they cannot prove, via facts and evidence, the necessary data to violate your God Given Rights.

  3. Of course there will be another political virus….you think she is going to give up her power?

    more porn fear coming our way..

    Don’t let the fearmongers win. New public England study of delta variant shows 44 deaths out of 53,822 (.08%) in unvaccinated group. Hmmm.

    In other words, Delta is literally the flu with a CFR identical to it. This is exactly what every respiratory pandemic has done through history: morphed into more transmissible and less virulent form that forces the other mutations out since you get that one. Nothing about masks, lockdowns, or experimental shots did this. To the extent this really is more transmissible, it’s going to be less deadly, as is the case with the common cold….


  4. nmstandsup.org Cease and desist
    If everyone stands together we can defeat this Jezebel !!
    Enough of this plandemic, the lies and the evil forces at work to enslave us. In America we are all free. This is about control. Dr.s Yeadon, VandenBosche, Merritt, Madjei, Tenpenny, Jensen and many many well respected others have been providing facts. If people don’t want to listen, that is on them. If we don’t stand for our rights and freedoms now, we will be defeated.

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