Heinrich fearmongers New Mexicans to get jabbed with threat of ‘Delta’ virus strain

On Tuesday, Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) used fear to push New Mexicans to get the jab for the novel China Virus, sharing an article from the left-wing site NPR about what they are calling the “dangerous Delta variant,” a “mutant strain.” 

While sharing the article, Heinrich wrote, “Seems to me like a pretty good reason to get vaccinated. Let’s all do our part.” 

According to NPR, “All the vaccines authorized for use in the U.S. appear, in general, to provide powerful protection against all the variants, including Delta. But the rapid spread of the variants is still raising concern because of the large number of people who remain unvaccinated.” 

However, Heinrich did not opine on one section from the article quoting a Johns Hopkins University epidemiologist, Justin Lessler, who said, “For the most part, it’s a moderate resurgence.”  Lessler, who helps coordinate the University’s virus hub, added, “We’re not having massive epidemics at a national level, but we have this kind of continuation of the virus just sticking around and keeping us on our toes.” 

Although the supposed strain is reportedly more easy to transmit, according to the liberal outlet, it does not appear as deadly as the original strain of the virus (which carries a survival rate close to 100%). 

The use of fear by Heinrich is just the latest Democrat ploy to push citizens to get the jab with the supposed goal of reaching a threshold of inoculation. Gov. Lujan Grisham told KOB 4 on Monday that her goal for New Mexico was to reach 75% fully jabbed by August.


10 thoughts on “Heinrich fearmongers New Mexicans to get jabbed with threat of ‘Delta’ virus strain”

  1. Keep your laws off my body!

    Seems to me that this carpet bagging piece of trash doesn’t have an M.D immediately following his name. It also occurred to me that variants didn’t exist last year or years prior to the scam-demic. These new “variants “ are a deadly new variable produced by the bio-Terror injections courtesy of moderna( windows of life) J&J and Pfizer. New variants are spike protein coming off of the injected! Research Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Michael Yeadon and Dr Montagnier.

    1. You are 100% correct. The Fauci 🐀 didn’t even show up at the ladt Congressional hearing. He & the DemocRat’s are the major vaccine pushers.

    1. Are the variants, a 1% mutation from alpha a problem to people who have had the virus and recovered (natural immunity)…. hum, learn some basic immunology.

  2. Barbara Continola

    Nope not getting this poison. Ds goal world wide DEPOPULATION!!!! People need to wake up!! WWG1WGA UNITED WE STAND!! NM IS IN DIRE NEED OF AN OVERHAUL!!!!

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    During a 2014 speech, then-President Barack Obama warned about the need for the US to cast aside partisan differences to prepare for an upcoming pandemic.
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  5. What a hypocrite, if he wanted New Mexicans safe he would work to secure the border and stand for law and order. Where is he on those issues? Well we all know where he stands and that is with the rest of the demo/communists.

  6. Good video that should be watched…


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