NMSU study: cloth face masks alone are not enough to stop COVID-19

Researchers at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces published their research in the scientific journal, “Physics of Fluids” finding that cloth face masks are not enough to stop the spread of COVID-19. It should be noted, however, that according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), COVID-positive patients who get coronavirus have a greater than 99.5% survival rate up to the age of 70, and that number dips to 94.6% for patients over the age of 70. 

The researchers studied five types of face coverings, which included N-95 masks, surgical masks, cloth masks, and cloth masks wetted with water. According to the study, “Droplet flow visualization experiments of a simulated face-to-face interaction with a mask in place were conducted using the particle image velocimetry setup.” 

The study is the first of its kind to “quantitatively verify” if wearing a mask while having closer than six-feet interactions with others is safe. 

According to one source, “Studies have shown that the average infection threshold for COVID-19 is 1,000 virus particles, inhaled either all at once or on separate occasions,” while a single sneeze has the ability to carry up to two million virus particles. 

Therefore, “the cloth mask let through more than 1,000 sneeze droplets, each of which could have millions of virus particles.” 

Findings from the study concluded that while all masks blocked approximately 95% of droplets originating from coughs and sneezes, a risk still remained of the virus being passed on. However, “[if] the relevant social distancing guidelines are compromised,” then “foreign airborne sneeze and cough droplets could pass through all the masks tested.” 

“When the leakage percentages of these airborne droplets were expressed in terms of the number of virus particles, it was found that masks would not offer complete protection to a susceptible person from a viral infection in close (e.g., <6 ft) face-to-face or frontal human interactions,” says the study. 

The researchers give multiple suggestions for avoiding the spread of the mostly non-deadly virus, including “wearing multiple layers of masks could offer increased protection,” using wet or N-95 masks, “or turning the face away from the sneeze or cough.” 


5 thoughts on “NMSU study: cloth face masks alone are not enough to stop COVID-19”

  1. Unfortunately I haven’t been successful in getting anyone to listen.

    This was already demonstrated in previous studies – even CDC studies show that surgical masks do not prevent virus transmission.

    But nobody listens to actual studies. You can force them to look directly at it, and they will default to believing the social consensus over the scientific study. Unless we are able to capture a significant portion of the population with REAL NEWS and convince enough people through strong leadership, the followers will never know the truth.

  2. Who cares if the masks work or not. It’s a free country and we shouldn’t be forced to wear a medical device by someone who is not a doctor. My body, my choice, right??

  3. I refuse to wear a mask unless I want to. The mask is a sign of subservience to the communist dictator that the fools of New Mexico choose to adhere to. Most certified and licensed medical professionals know this but stay quiet to prevent a rabid attack against their license by the communist state robots that can take away their license and livelihood. No cloth mask will prevent viral transmission but several hours of wearing one will decrease arterial oxygen concentration and make you feel and act retarded. I have noticed an incredible number of retards lately in New Mexico. Wake up and take those stupid things off. You will be surprised how many will follow. That is the only non violent approach we have to start to regain our constitutional rights.

  4. I agree James. It puts a new spin on “the land of enchantment”. The useful idiots are under the spell of the witch gruesome. CS Lewis must have traveled forward in time to base his novel about Narnia on gruesome. The villain, the witch, made it “always winter, never Christmas” and had snitches, locked people away and took away everything beautiful. The enforcers, like now, operate as gestapo secret police, and are just as evil.

    That mask study is nonsense. What virus did they measure? No virus has ever been isolated and purified per koch’s postulates in a hundred years. Why the obsession with people spitting on each other? No one does that. Ireland’s dept of health just had to admit in response to an foia request that the covid 19 does not exist. See gemmaodoherty dot com for more information, and then share.

    A mask can not ever stop something that is imaginary. There are many reasons people are sick, but they all boil down to one; poor health based on chemical laden food, poisoned water and too much pharmacopoeia, which is forbidden in the bible, for good reason. Over a quarter million die every year due to the medical cartel. That is a real pandemic. No one has died of cv 19 or any imaginary mutations. They put with cv 19 to receive money on the death certificates. “With” and “of” mean two separate things. Dis ease is nothing more than a manifestation of symptoms to make people aware their bodies are lacking nutrients or poisoned with toxins and their bodies are dying or weakened because of this.

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