Dem who compared police to the KKK now claims to ‘support law enforcement’

On Tuesday, following months of horrific attacks against Muslim men in Albuquerque, where four individuals have already been slain, the Albuquerque Journal highlighted Republican House District 24 candidate Khalid Emshadi as he steps back from the campaign trail in fear of a serial killer on the loose.

In the article, far-left Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo), Emshadi’s opponent, now claims to back the police as they work to track down the killer. 

“We have to support law enforcement and do everything we can to get this person or people caught,” Thomson said. 

But that is in dire opposition to her record over the past few years, where she has not only signed onto anti-police legislation but has personally demeaned the men and women in law enforcement.

As we previously reported

On another day, Thomson also shared hate speech against the police, comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan. The tweet Thomson shared came in response to news that New York police officers would be calling out following orders for their forcible inoculation, or else they would lose their jobs. This appears to be the regard Thomson has for law enforcers who work each day to protect communities — she compares them to the KKK.

Thomson has long been known for her nasty and personal attacks against fellow New Mexicans, demeaning them as “uneducated” for asking questions about the virus jab and claiming in one rant, “Anyone who continues to back the orange traitor (apparently referring to President Donald Trump) after the terrorist attack, is forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist.” 

She also called concerned parents asking questions about the jab for their kids “low iq voters.” Then, Thomson snitched on fellow citizens to the attorney general regarding pandemic mandates.

Thomson also voted for a rabidly anti-police bill, 2021’s H.B. 4, which stripped peace officers and local governments of qualified immunity, thereby putting a target on law enforcers’ backs. She has lauded and backed other anti-police bills while bashing them.

Following Thomson’s 180-degree shift in position, state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) wrote, “Liz said to the media that ‘we have to support law enforcement.’ Well, that would be a first for her. Every session, she has supported bills that tie Law Enforcement’s hands and make it more difficult for them to do their jobs.”

Thomson’s fate will be decided at the November 8 General Election, where Emshadi could likely unseat the far-left legislator. 


8 thoughts on “Dem who compared police to the KKK now claims to ‘support law enforcement’”

  1. SITUATIONAL MORALITY…this time, she supports ‘the Muslims’ as all DemocRats do, fearing to lose their votes. Mr. Emshadi is merely an inconvenient Republican to her.

  2. I am in no way minimizing these recent murders, but the fact that Thomson never spoke out against all the other innocent lives lost to the out of control crime rate, or make the plea for increased law enforcement, speaks volumes to me.

  3. Thomson has learned from the best, the liars, Thieves & the back ally manipulators, pretending they care about the backbone of America, however, indicative of the weathervane performance.

  4. Thomson has learned from the best, the liars, Thieves & the back ally manipulators, pretending to care about the backbone of America, the ‘Lizard People’ if & when it benefits the cause ie the police force, “now we need them”.

  5. Lying dems all over NM

    All lies, she wants people to vote for her dumba$$. Liberals think people are stupid. Yet they are the only idiots out there. They will vote for this evil police hating witch because they are stupid. Smart people won’t. We appreciate the sacrifices our officers make each day. Not just when we need something.

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