Dem anti-gun law not targeting the main way youth are getting guns

In recent times, the issue of guns has garnered widespread attention across the state, driven by growing concerns about the potential for increased violence, particularly through shootings. Recently, in Albuquerque, a 15-year-old fired off a gun at Coronado Mall.

Democrats rammed through an extreme anti-gun bill last legislative session, making parents and guardians felons if a minor got access to their firearms and caused great bodily harm or death with them. But underaged offenders aren’t necessarily getting guns from parents who forget to lock their gun safes.

Kyle Hartsock, a commander with the Albuquerque Police Department, sheds light on a significant source of firearms for teenagers: theft, especially from vehicles, according to a report from KOAT 7 News. “Some are kept for self-defense, some are kept because they are just kept, and they have always been there. So that’s the primary place kids get guns. From mom and dad,” says Hartsock.

The prevalent method for teenagers acquiring guns is through the theft of firearms, particularly from vehicles. Hartsock emphasizes that the thieves often target vehicles displaying hunting stickers or stickers supporting law enforcement. The assumption is that individuals who support the police are likely to possess guns, making these vehicles attractive targets for theft. “They look for hunting stickers, stickers that support police because they see that guy that supports police carries guns, and they just look around for those cars to just break windows and roll the dice that they are going to find a gun inside,” explains Hartsock.

The consequences of these thefts are far-reaching, as the stolen guns frequently enter the black market and find buyers through various social media platforms. Hartsock points out that transactions involving these stolen firearms often take place on platforms like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat or through connections with individuals capable of selling guns. The ease of access to firearms through such channels contributes to a significant number of homicides stemming from black market gun sales.

Hartsock provides insights into recognizing potential warning signs related to teenagers and firearms. He suggests observing changes in behavior, even though teenagers can be enigmatic. Paying attention to whether they become more protective of certain objects, such as backpacks or their rooms, can offer clues. Additionally, he highlights the importance of scrutinizing specific language and emojis used in online communications. For instance, seemingly innocent references to water guns may indicate something more sinister. “We see the use of the water gun to show actual guns, and we see it in homicide investigations, and so it might be cartoonish and funny. It doesn’t mean let’s go have fun on a hot day; it means actual firearms,” warns Hartsock.

According to the Albuquerque Police Department, the statistics are alarming, with approximately 70-80 guns stolen in the city every month and a mere four or five of them being recovered. The prevalence of stolen firearms and their potential journey into illegal markets remains a pressing concern for law enforcement and public safety.


11 thoughts on “Dem anti-gun law not targeting the main way youth are getting guns”

  1. More focus needs to be placed on why kids think they need to carry a gun in the 1st place. Teens rarely have the ability to think rationally and now more seem to have emotional imbalances that make rational thought less likely.

    When adults exercise discipline, perhaps our children will have examples of such behavior.

  2. None of the anti-gun laws target the illegal use of firearms – that is why it is so obvious that these communists are constantly infringing. Want to come down on illegal gun use? Come down on illegal gun use! Possession of a stolen firearm? 1st time, 20 years no parole. Use of a firearm to commit a violent crime? 1st time, 30 years, no parole.
    How about following through with attacking hollywood and video games? Watch a movie or play a game with firearms use and tell me they promote safe and legal use of guns. How about no filming of violent movies in New Mexico?

    1. Exactly. Most RPG games involve rapid fire military s5yle weapons where you can save your current status and return if you loose the current round you are playing. COVID stay at home teaching did not help, it just encouraged more video game playing and laziness,

    2. I so agree with what you are saying. And the courts need to stop “catch and release!” Put the criminals in jail until court date. Vote out of office the crazy far left Democrats that are more like socialist/communists and only want to take away the rights of the law abiding citizens.

  3. Gun safety as the goal of gun control law is disingenuous and a misdirection play.

    The real goal is civilian disarmament.

  4. It should be noted that the prevalence of “gun-free zones” can increase the likelihood of a personal firearm being left in a car by a law-abiding citizen, only to be victimized by an opportunistic thief.

  5. I think there are many good, valid points especially about having to leave your gun in the car when going to a “gun free zone”. I just carry anywhere and rather be arrested for defending myself or others than be dead. People have to take more precautions: always put most of your weapons in your safe. I say most because I always keep a pistol and rifle nearby; even at home. If you have visitors always have them secured or on you person. It is a very serious responsibility owning firearms. Please, all, take it seriously.

  6. All very good points especially viejo Ray . We must continue to understand that these communists/globalists that rule us have only one plan when it comes to the second amendment and that is to abolish it. Every law they pass or attempt is simply “foot in the door “ for further disarmament of the public. They don’t give a rats – _ss about public safety it’s only a subterfuge for their crimes and violation of their oath. They must disarm us before they enslave us.

  7. It’s time to hold the NO MORALS lawyers and No ca~jones judges accountable that let these punks run the streets, that don’t try these punks as adults and send them to prison! No new laws will do anything as the current laws are not being followed by these punks! AND until the criminals and thugs are removed from the roundhouse, and local Gov’t this crappy behavior will continue!

  8. The reaction, as usual, is knee jerk and not based on any research such as contacting APD for facts on how kids get guns. The Coronado Mall shooter getting a year locked up (unless he’s a good boy and released early) and then three months probation is a joke. Bregman going to the schools and telling kids you will be prosecuted to the fullest was (pardon me) shot full of holes by the Coronado shooters sentence and that is how the kids will see it. The dem controlled legislature refusing to even hear a bill to add time to convictions where a gun was used was a slap in the face to everyone in NM.

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