All-Dem NM Supreme Court upholds Dems’ gerrymandered ‘Frankenmap’

In an unsurprising turn of events, the all-Democrat New Mexico Supreme Court upheld New Mexico’s extremely gerrymandered congressional map, dubbed by many as the “Frankenmap.”

The Court dismissed claims by the GOP that it favored Democrats excessively. The lawsuit, filed by New Mexico Republicans, argued that the state legislature’s redrawing of the map amounted to a Democratic gerrymander, violating the state’s constitution. This redistricting occurred before the 2022 midterms, and the alterations aimed to shift the 2nd Congressional District, previously leaning Republican, toward a more Democratic profile.

The contested district is currently held by Democrat Rep. Gabe Vasquez, who secured victory in 2022 against Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell by a margin of 0.7 percentage points. In 2020, Joe Biden carried the district by approximately 6 points. In the prior map, 45th President Donald Trump had won the district by nearly 12 points.

Despite the GOP’s legal efforts, the New Mexico Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit, marking another redistricting loss for Republicans. The party had sought a “partisan-neutral” redraw, but the court did not uphold this request. A trial court had previously determined that while the map favored Democrats, it didn’t meet the threshold for an “egregious” gerrymander.

Herrell is running again to reclaim the seat despite the extremely gerrymandered district that chopped conservative areas in as many as thirds to help Democrats swing the state for all-Democrat control. The former congresswoman has the support of all the GOP leadership in the House and chairmen of key committees.

As redistricting efforts unfold across the United States before the 2024 elections, both major political parties experience mixed outcomes. In North Carolina, Republicans secured a significant win, favoring the GOP in a new map split 7-7, with 10 districts leaning Republican, three toward Democrats, and one competitive seat. Democrats gained ground in Alabama due to a court ruling against a GOP-drawn map deemed a racial gerrymander. Georgia also faces a court-ordered redraw after a judge overturned a map accused of racial gerrymandering.

Louisiana Republicans have been instructed to redraw their map following a court ruling that deemed the current map a racial gerrymander. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is deliberating on a map criticized for favoring Republicans despite Trump losing the state.

In New York, Democrats are considering redrawing the state’s map, with the timing of this process remaining uncertain before the 2024 elections.


22 thoughts on “All-Dem NM Supreme Court upholds Dems’ gerrymandered ‘Frankenmap’”

  1. No surprise there, comrades aiding other communists in “the party” . Like comic philosopher George Carlin said about politics, “it’s a club and you ain’t in it” . Much like the old Soviet Union all official’s come from the “party” judges are appointed by politicians in the party so must always rule in their favor. Don’t expect much else.

  2. Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek are the two USSC cases establishing that political gerrymandering is outside the jurisdiction of federal courts, unlike racial gerrymandering. Republicans from North Carolina brought that case to challenge a redistricting map they didn’t like.

    1. Republicans “brought that case to challenge” a map which was illegally mandated by the partisan Democrat NC state Supreme Court, which invented out of thin air a “law” against the map the GOP legislature had produced. The new NC Supreme Court decided to uphold the actual law instead of made-up laws, and reinstated the legal map which the Republicans had drawn.

  3. In the old “Frankenstein” movies, the townsfolk came after Frankenstein’s monster with pitchforks and torches. Perhaps it’s time a peaceful mob formed to protest the CD 2 Frankenmap

    1. Exercising our Constitutional right to protest
      the government’s illegal actions is not a bad idea, but look what the dimmoKKKraps did to peaceful protesters in d.c. Inserting agents from their STASSI/FBI/KGB to provoke a riot, or “insurrection”, as the PRAVDABCNNBCBS called it they murdered Ashli Babbitt, fired tear gas and flash bang grenades into the crowd without warning and then rounded up people nationwide dragnet. With a “bi-partisan” Star Chamber kangaroo court they have kept Patriots in solitary confinement, denied them lawyers and visitors and withheld video evidence in order to crush any dissent.

      Her Thighness, queen mlg would gladly use the (d) playbook to do the same here. I can see her now, sharpening an axe to follow Onate’s example of chopping off a foot from the Pueblo Revolt participants.

      We’re in a heap ‘o trouble folks, and I don’t see things getting any better. BE PREPARED…

    2. All NM courts are corrupted. And the machines are corrupted and almost none of our so called Republicans in Santa Fe will challenge outcomes, so we are left with no one to.acy on.our behalf. When the so called Republicans in Chaves County would not act, nor allow us to do a cast vote count I figured our is toast.

  4. I really do not understand the GOP point on this. NM is ONE state.

    If you are a politico, go out into the “new” districts and get to know the people who live there. The days of the easy vote are over. Not only have the immigration issues blurred the lines, people are no longer educated to make educated decisions.

    The politico now has to be the teacher. So pack your apples, your chalk and chalk board and knock on doors and earn your vote!

  5. Mario, you are right, we all need to knock on doors! A small handful of people are doing the knocking, calling and registering. There is a large group of people complaining, telling. and sitting. What are you going to
    do for NM?

    1. Every bit as much as I can CTT. Most will never know as I am not seeking fame. I am seeking those who will also answer the call to action in truth and upstanding behaviors.

  6. A old and out of touch NM Republican Party doesn’t understand the socialist radicals the Dems have become and thus have lost the state probably forever. Truly sad

  7. The NM Supreme Court has been in the Democrap Party and the Little Tyrants back pocket since COVID. This decision comes as no surprise, the GOP will never win an election as long as this dictatorship is allowed to reign.

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