Punk shoots up ABQ mall — a ‘gun-free zone’

On the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 24, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) swiftly responded to reports of gunfire at Coronado Center — a “gun-free zone” — in northeast Albuquerque. The incident occurred shortly before 4 p.m., prompting a significant police presence.

Around 100 officers who were initially monitoring a rally at the Uptown Shopping Area were quickly redirected to Coronado Center upon receiving alerts of shots fired.

Gilbert Gallegos from the Albuquerque Police Department provided updates following the incident, stating, “The suspect is not in custody. To my understanding, they did a foot pursuit, chased him out of the mall, and he was able to escape at this point. We do have a good description. We believe we may have photos later tonight. We’re getting those analyzed and checking with different witnesses who were involved, but at this point, everybody is safe at the mall, everyone is safe in the surrounding area. We don’t believe there’s any kind of threat to the public.”

Another photograph of the suspect:

Witnesses inside the mall described a chaotic scene, with people rushing to safety. Maryah Lovato shared, “We didn’t hear gunshots. We just… everybody piling up, like falling over each other. We thought maybe something, a fight was happening, so we just ran out. We were stressed out, just trying to get to somewhere safe.”

By 4:54 p.m., APD confirmed that there was no active shooter. An off-duty Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputy or lieutenant pursued the offender. While APD had a description of the suspect, they anticipated releasing photos later that evening.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries, and officers discovered at least one bullet casing at the scene. The firearm used in the shooting was not immediately identified.

Crucially, APD clarified that there was no connection between the rally held earlier and the shooting at Coronado Center. The mall, however, remained closed for the remainder of the evening following the incident.

The suspect was later identified as 14-year-old Isaiah Montoya.

Reports indicate that immediately after the shooting, around 3:51 p.m., officers detained a juvenile involved in a confrontation with Montoya. The juvenile revealed a prior friendship with Montoya but mentioned an ongoing dispute over social media. Following a physical altercation at the mall, Montoya allegedly brandished a silver handgun and pursued the juvenile and another individual. The situation escalated as Montoya fired a round outside the mall, causing panic among shoppers and workers.

Surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts, including those of an off-duty Bernalillo County Sheriff’s lieutenant, provided a detailed sequence of events. Montoya, carrying the firearm, initially walked away from the mall entrance but then turned back, firing a shot that struck the building. Additional footage captured Montoya manipulating the handgun outside the mall before fleeing the scene toward Menaul Blvd.

A gun matching Montoya’s firearm was discovered near the mall on November 25th, 2023, and subsequently turned over to the police. A warrant from the Children’s Court approved charges against Montoya, and efforts are underway to apprehend him.

Concerns have been raised regarding the potential culpability of Montoya’s guardians under Bennie’s Law, an anti-gun law recently passed regarding minors getting access to firearms from their parents or legal guardians. The law stipulates that if a child gains access to a negligently stored gun, resulting in harm or death, it constitutes a fourth-degree felony with a possible sentence of up to a year and a half in prison.

The application of the law hinges on whether the child causes harm, turning it into a misdemeanor if no injuries occur. The involvement of Montoya’s guardians in legal proceedings remains unclear at this point. However, despite the law, it appears it has not been a deterrent whatsoever, as crimes involving minors and firearms have gone up since its passage.


21 thoughts on “Punk shoots up ABQ mall — a ‘gun-free zone’”

  1. Another strike against Her Thighness, queen mlg and her unconstitutional gun ban, along with another strike against her incompetent, wokeness administration, the Dept of Education.
    Little Jose can’t read, having been DEI promoted to a High School Freshman after 14 years of extra tutoring, ESL and a special “At Risk Mentoring” program, so he’s unaware he’s in violation of Lil’ queenie’s illegal executive edict.
    Way to go, Your Thighness…

  2. Punish the parent(s). If you can’t afford a safe get a trigger lock. With trigger locks the firearms are useless unless you tell your 14yo son where the keys are.

  3. Coronado Mall……..”a gun free zone” seriously …a gun free zone… says come on in and start shooting because of course criminals follow all the rules….yeah right…NOT

  4. We used to walk around farm fields with rifles as kids when school was out. Some things got shot that shouldn’t have been (e.g., birds) and I’m sure the local farmers were less than thrilled. But never, never did we point these at another human being. Someone being shot was unheard of.

    What changed, it wasn’t access to firearms,

    1. Seems to me, what changed is the lack of discipline when the government took over raising the children. When punishment became abuse! HA! Good going democrats because it was their plan.

        1. You are right on my friend.


    2. Exactly my experience growing up in the Albuquerque valley along the Bosque during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Too many people forget or just don’t know this.

  5. It is naive to reduce what happened yesterday to a partisan issue. Bernie’s Law is viable. It went into effect this past July. We have a group of juveniles who feel it is okay to carry guns, create chaos over petty disputes and risk serious harm to the community. Yep adults bear some of the responsibility. Hopefully all the involved parties will be in court soon.

    1. It isn’t naive to reduce this to a partisan issue. The schools in NM are the worst in the country, due to the partisan approach taken by the school system. Violent behavior and poor school performance are connected. One of the reasons we have schools is so children won’t grow up to be criminals.

    2. Cornelia,

      Unfortunately, Bernie’s law or any other gun control law is not needed nor will it be effective.

      There are plenty of laws on the books that address the young shooter’s behavior aggravated assault; battery or possibly murder should you hit someone. I’m sure there’s something on the books for child endangerment for mom and dad should the weapon have come from home. Do we have as a society to enforce and sanction people under these laws?

      Guns are out there and negligent parents are not the only or biggest source of weaponry. A number of studies show that the majority of guns used on crime are stolen and obtained on the underground market. The pistol could have been easily obtained from a fellow miscreant as from the parents nightstand.

      So I hate to seem less than optimistic but gun control measure such as Bernie’s law leave big holes and will not achieve what was hoped for.



    3. This all started several years ago when we citizens allowed our government to revamp our police department. A police officer can’t do the job with their hands tied behind them.

    1. They can’t as unless the school is a religious school, government and religion can’t mix due to constitutional reasons. It would be forcing a specific religion on kids.

  6. Ok, should the gun not been locked up in his parents safe that most of us cannot afford? That law is against the NM constitution that our POS Governor follows. ;). The kid is lucky he was not killed by someone with a gun. But then the state would have tried to prosecute the defender. This is all nuts.

  7. This all started several years ago when we citizens allowed our government to revamp our police department. A police officer can’t do the job with their hands tied behind them.

  8. Silly boy. What didn’t he understand about the “GUN FREE ZONE”,,, Oh that’s right he’s not a law abiding citizen, he can do whatever he wants. Its only the law abiding gun owners that will get arrested for following the laws. Is the Midget dictator surrounded by law abiding citizens with guns when she goes shopping in Crime City?

  9. We can only say thank you to NO MORALS lawyers and no ca~jones judges who don’t try and incarcerate these punks! The bullshit of “he’s only a kid” doesn’t cut it anymore! This punk has a rap sheet and total disregard for laws or other people!

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