Lujan Grisham flying to Dubai for ‘climate change’ conference

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is set to attend the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, in Dubai on December 2 and 3. 

New Mexico Environment Secretary James Kenney and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Caroline Buerkle are Accompanying Governor Grisham on this international trip. The panels they will engage in, titled “Subnational Leaders Supercharging Climate Action Across America Panel” and “All Hands on Deck: How the U.S. Climate Alliance is Securing America’s Net-Zero Future with State-Led, High-Impact Action,” involve discussions on ambitious climate innovation and the role of the U.S. Climate Alliance in achieving a net-zero future.

The choice of Dubai as the conference location is noteworthy, given the country’s reputation as a significant oil exporter and her traveling via airplane, which creates a significant amount of pollution, according to “climate” scientists. This is particularly relevant as COP28 emphasizes a “global stocktake” to assess progress toward the 2015 Paris Agreement goals. The paradox of hosting a climate conference in a nation heavily reliant on oil exports adds complexity to the discussions.

Governor Grisham’s consistent international engagements, including leading trade missions to Taiwan and Australia in recent months, raise questions about the effectiveness of such trips in addressing climate concerns. While the Governor actively participates in “climate”-related initiatives, critics argue that tangible actions at the state level should take precedence over international appearances.

The panels, which will include representatives from various U.S. states and cities, offer a platform to showcase state-led efforts. However, skeptics question the impact of these discussions on addressing immediate climate challenges within New Mexico, particularly considering the energy sector’s importance in the state’s economy.

As Governor Grisham joins global leaders in Dubai, the spotlight remains on the practical implications of her climate policies back home. Whether these international endeavors translate into effective climate actions within New Mexico is a subject of ongoing debate, highlighting the tension between global aspirations and local priorities in addressing climate change.


37 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham flying to Dubai for ‘climate change’ conference”

  1. What a crock of feces! My taxpayer money going to the Pygmy so she can try to become a world leader. What a joke she is! But I’m not laughing.

      1. This conference is to plan ways to get Americans to give up meat and eat bugs! And we know the Lil dictator isn’t gonna give up her meat. Wasting our tax money being a twit.

    1. So true but she’s a democrat nothing will ever come of her wasteful spending, giving out huge bonuses to her staff. I think this list could keep going on and onZc

  2. There is climate change.
    There is no man-made climate change.
    This is a mass hysteria, propogandist driven movement to control society.
    Wake up, educate yourself!.

  3. Just me, what action plan do u have to get rid of her? I try talking to folks. in nice conversations with and ask what they think of the governor. Then I ask what has she done for us. Then I ask folks if they know what she signed into law this year? Sometimes folks kind of shake there heads some state they did not know, but almost all say she is a POS.

  4. Is she flying COMMERCIAL? Or is she borrowing some billionaire’s private jet? Is she ‘plane-pooling’ with other LefTards? She should have left already, on a sailing ship, then overland to the Conference. Actually, she should go by CAMEL…and she should stay there, and apply for some Arab Sheik’s harem. Goo-Bye Mini DickTator.

    1. NO sheik would ever select the pygmy for a harem! No, she is more prone to slinky black leather, 12 inch heels and a whip. Those who defy her are rewarded with an iron mask with no provisions to receive air. At. All.

    1. Oppressed always vote in their oppressor! They do not even know the evil that she is… They just close their eyes to the problem. Wonder how that is going for them when they go to the grocery store. And glad gas prices are down, but not holding my breath. They will spike again when no one is watching.
      MLG is an ungodly evil person. One thing I do know is that come judgement day, she will pay the price for her evilness.

  5. We all know she is corrupt, wasteful and dosnt give a rats ass about us. She will be removed and will never see the light of day again. It’s just a matter of time!

  6. She’s escaping the winter weather in NM. The climate is changing from fall to winter with freezing temperatures and wind to prove it. She’s just a little dictator like all democrats in office are and if a democrat votes for these people then they enjoy living under a dictatorship.

    1. I agree she is a little dictator. People need to wake up and vote the corrupt socialist/Communists Democrats out of office. I won’t hold my breath. Seems like the oppressed always vote for their oppressors. Go figure.

  7. Remember her behaviors when you vote!! Quit the “heritage crap of “well she’s got a Hispanic name so she will do Hispanics right” . She doesn’t give a shit about who you are ,or where you live!! WAKE UP!!! It will be a glorious day when she is arrested and escorted out of the roundhouse wearing handcuffs!!!!

  8. COP28 (Conference of the Parties) climate conference may see the largest increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused by any human event yet. Expected are 70,000 attendees from 200 countries mostly flying in by private or commercial jet aircraft.

    Huge amounts of jet fuel burned. Transportation within UAE via limousine or taxi mostly fueled by gasoline and diesel fuel. Social gatherings with plenty of booze and expensive foods. Likely few of the tea-totaling, vegetarian sort.

    A bunch of “holier than thou” hypocrites. Yes, MLG fits right in.

    Nothing good for New Mexico will come from this junket.

  9. I agree with the above comments. Are these comments and past comments forwarded to the Governor’s office? Surely she has to have an idea what is written about her, or she’s so narcissistic it doesn’t faze her at all.

  10. Supposedly Bloomberg is paying for the trip. But is she an international expert on climate change just like she is an expert on pandemics? This is just a move to get her name out there for some future political position. These climate change conferences are so hypocritical. Maybe MLG and Greta can play together.

  11. These hypocrites chose to meet in the richest and most wasteful artificial city in the world, wallowing in wealth derived from oil, gas, and air travel tourists.
    BTW the Saudis recently cut oil production to insure price increases.

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