CNN floats MLG as Biden’s VP with ‘health care experience’ despite her company ripping off the sick

On Sunday, CNN posted an op-ed touting Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) as the “less obvious” choice for Democrat presumptive nominee for president, Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick.

The piece touts Lujan Grisham’s alleged “health care experience” as what qualifies her to be Biden’s running mate, touting her past as the cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Department of Health under former Gov. Bill Richardson, which she resigned from.

But skeletons in her closet, which came out during her 2018 run for governor, reveal her company Delta Consulting, made a fortune from ripping off New Mexico taxpayers and sick patients with New Mexico’s “virtually obsolete” high-risk insurance pool, charging “10 percent higher” than another available program. 

Another report by Politico shows that Lujan Grisham underestimated her income on required House of Representatives disclosures by as much as $88,000. 

Lujan Grisham has come under harsh scrutiny from New Mexicans regarding her response to COVID-19, in which she has punished citizens with $60,000 fines, blocked off rural roads necessary for many in the Navajo Nation to get water and food, and punished counties whose elected officials are working to safely reopen small businesses. Despite the pandemic, Lujan Grisham has allowed pot dispensaries and abortion mills to stay open.

On April 30, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham rolled back some harsh restrictions, giving a bread crumb to angered citizens under lockdown despite the low risk of coronavirus.

The CNN article also touts Lujan Grisham’s Hispanic race as another plus in her being picked by biden, labeling the Governor as “Latinx.”

During an Easter Sunday interview on CNN, Lujan Grisham kissed up to Biden, telling Jake Tapper, “I think that you want a vice president who was much like former vice president Biden. He knew how to govern, he had done a ton of work as a senator and in local government as well, and I think those are incredible attributes.”

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