Grants to reopen Monday despite ‘little dictator’ Gov. MLG’s threats

On Monday, the city of Grants in Cibola County is set to reopen small businesses after the Democrat mayor, Martin “Modey” Hicks rebuked Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for holding his city hostage, saying, “if Walmart and Smith’s can open with social distancing, then why can’t a clothing store, why can’t a liquor store, why can’t a gun store as long as they follow the same guidelines?”

Hicks continued, “She says they’re not essential. But if that’s the only way these people put food on their family is through that business, then by god that business is essential to them.” He also said, “She wants to be the little dictator, and she doesn’t care.” He also allegedly compared Lujan Grisham sending out State Police to hunt down small businesses defying her order as the Governor’s “Gestapo.”

The move to reopen grants comes after 81 small businesses signed a petition to open up their city, however senior centers and the city library will remain closed. 

Papa’s Pawn Shop owner Diane Rowe told KRQE 13 News, “I don’t agree with [Gov. Lujan Grisham’s] standpoint. All businesses should’ve been able to be open with precautions.”

On Friday, Gov. Lujan Grisham lashed out at Mayor Hicks during her coronavirus briefing, saying, “This notion that you don’t have to comply is wrong. That you can just open up businesses and not worry about public health issues is really quite frankly tantamount to opening up a public pool and having a pee section.” Some may say the Governor’s rebuke gives credence to Hicks’ claim of her dictator-like qualities, given her unwillingness to let local officials control their own towns.

The “left-leaning pressure group,” the Anti-Defamation League stood by New Mexico’s far-left Gov. Lujan Grisham in rebuking Democrat Mayor Hicks, saying, “We urge elected officials and all New Mexicans to stop using inaccurate Nazi analogies when expressing frustration and disagreement over public policy.” 

“I’m standing behind the mayor, as far as him wanting to open the city offices and the golf courses and things like that,” said the small business owner of Sign FX, Jim Stevens, who commented, “Grants is a very, very depressed economy anyway and it’s getting worse.”

Even the State Police may be getting tired of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s militant orders to issue citations to small businesses reopening in Grants. “We’re not going to be sending additional officers,” said NMSP Chief Tim Johnson. “I mean, obviously if an emergency arises where we need to get officers there quickly, we have a plan for that.”

Supporters of the mayor will be assembling at Walmart in Grants between 7:30 and 8:00 on Monday, driving traffic to the small businesses in the city.


4 thoughts on “Grants to reopen Monday despite ‘little dictator’ Gov. MLG’s threats”

  1. Who is next ? Emperor Grisham wears no clothes. Everyone needs to call her bluff and beginning May 1st pursue their life the way God intended. Mayor Hicks is a real American and deserves the support and admiration of the people.
    We all should use this time to ponder what we have learned and vow to never be fooled again.

  2. Whats right isnt always legal, and whats illegal isnt always wrong. If your weak or elderly or sick, STAY HOME. Other people have lives to live. Its easy to judge and dictate from high on a pedestal. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

  3. I agree with the mayor as well, when is flu season there’s no flu police telling people to go home. We live in a free America and there’s no politician that can tell you what to do. vote her out!!!

  4. David Anthony McKenzie

    Love all the previous comments. I applaud Mayor Hicks for having a backbone. I wish ALL Mayors would grow some balls and stand up to this wanna-be globalist, elitist Queen. She is an ELECTED official. I hope ALL New Mexicans remember her lust for power and furthering her career at the expense of her constituents.

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