Anti-life legislator and alleged MLG groping witness announces retirement

On Tuesday, far-left anti-life state Rep. Debbie Armstrong announced she will be retiring after he current term is up since she was able to finally pass her “grandma killer” bill to prescribe life-ending drug “cocktails” to kill people who have a terminal illness, including the mentally infirm, the disabled, and cancer patients.

Armstrong said, “Having passed the End-of-Life Options Act, the Healthcare Affordability Fund, and seeing the state truly turn a corner with the firm establishment of our medical cannabis program and legalization of adult-use cannabis, I feel it is time for me to focus on my family and other projects. I can’t thank enough my incredible constituents and supporters who have supported me and these important initiatives over the years, and who shared my vision of a state where every New Mexican can get access to the quality healthcare they deserve.”

Scandal-ridden alleged groper Gov. Lujan Grisham, who signed Armstrong’s bill, lauded the legislator, who has been a long-time business partner of Grisham, where the two defrauded the American taxpayers with their “Delta Consulting” endeavor, named after their college sorority Delta Delta Delta. 

The statement reads as follows:

“Representative Armstrong has for years been a strong advocate for the health and wellbeing of every New Mexican, one of the fiercest and most dedicated champions our state has ever had in this all-important issue area. Throughout her distinguished tenure as a legislator, she always put people first — making health insurance affordable for more families, reproductive healthcare accessible to more women and medical cannabis available to more patients, to name only a few of her numerous legislative accomplishments.

In 2021, Representative Armstrong succeeded in leading the Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act through the Legislature, the culmination of a passionate decades-long effort for the representative and countless advocates for dignity in dying throughout our state.

I know she will continue her efforts to improve the lives of New Mexicans outside the Legislature, but her departure from that body will be a bittersweet occasion, as she has done so much for so many in that honorable role.

In addition to her meaningful professional work on behalf of New Mexicans, of course, Debbie is also, simply, an incredibly generous and loving and funny person, who I have been honored for so many years to call my dear friend. And as both a friend and colleague I wish her the very best of luck in her future endeavors and many happy years spent with her family and loved ones, and I look forward to continuing to work with her for a brighter future for New Mexico families.” 

The two reportedly grifted the people of New Mexico by upcharging the sick in the state’s high-risk insurance pool despite Obamacare effectively making the program obsolete. 

Regarding the alleged sexual assault by Grisham to a former staffer, we previously reported: 

He claims this assault happened during a senior staff meeting held at Representative Deborah Armstrong’s (D-Bernalillo) home in the summer of 2018…. Hallinan claimed then-U.S. Rep. Lujan Grisham “took a water bottle and dumped it on my crotch and then slapped and grabbed me in front of everybody.” 

Now, the anti-life legislator and alleged Lujan Grisham groping witness is calling it quits after her term is up, although it is unclear if an even more radical anti-lifer will fill her seat.

2 thoughts on “Anti-life legislator and alleged MLG groping witness announces retirement”

  1. To H_LL with NM Democraps

    Crap, started reading this post and was so happy when I thought it was our Evil Governor MLG retiring. Wish she would get the H_LL out of New Mexico. Glad this other psycho is retiring sad for what she has done. But praying everyday that New Mexico turns back to God and gets rid of these Demons.

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