Amy Klobuchar has endorsed Luján and Torres Small, signaling more out-of-state cash into NM

On Friday, failed presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced endorsements through her initiative, the “Win Big Project” of Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) for U.S. Senate, and Rep. Xochitl Torres Small for reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The move by the possible vice presidential contender to endorse the two candidates may show a sign of more out-of-state money being thrown into the Land of Enchantment to support far-left Democrats like Luján and Torres Small. According to Politico, Win Big Project is “a joint effort of her PAC, Follow the North Star PAC, and her reelection committee, Klobuchar for Minnesota,” meaning there is likely lots of money involved in the backing of the two Democrats.

Luján praised the endorsement, saying in a tweet, “Americans know & trust leaders like Sen. Klobuchar to end division & get things done. I’m proud to join a slate of #WinBig leaders who will restore common sense to the Senate in 2020.” The tweet featured a photograph of Luján wearing an apparently brand new Carhart jacket and full hair and makeup.

Xochitl Torres Small has not commented on the endorsement yet, possibly in a strategic move to distance herself from Klobuchar or Luján, despite her campaign still sending out a fundraising email not mentioning the endorsement Saturday. 

Xochitl Torres Small has earned the endorsements of the abortion up-to-birth and infanticide group EMILY’s List, the extremist enviro-militant group League of Conservation Voters, among other out-of-state D.C. based dark money groups.
Ben Ray Luján has been endorsed by Mike Bloomberg’s far-left anti-gun group “Moms Demand Action,” radical population control group “Population Connection Action Fund,” among other groups.


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