Governor releases new video urging citizens to ‘protect New Mexico’ by wearing masks

On Wednesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham released a new ad pushing for her mask mandate, which comes with $100 fines and up to 6 months in jail for non-compliance. 

The lighthearted video featuring a female voiceover shows people of all different ages — including a New Mexico State Police officer and a child — wearing masks. 

The ad says, “Masks are mandatory in New Mexico. The men and women called to serve and protect you want to thank you for wearing one. For those of you who are diligently wearing a mask everywhere you go, during every activity… keep up the great work! You’re setting an example by doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and you are appreciated. When you wear a mask, you show support and respect for others. That’s the New Mexico way.” 

The video then shows a young man wearing an American flag cap being cited for not wearing a mask, as the police officer holds up a blue mask and a citation. “Please don’t waste law enforcement’s time. They have more important things to do than cite you for not wearing a mask. Do the right thing. Always wear a mask. Protect New Mexico,” says the ad. 

This is just the latest attempt by the Governor to try and build public opinion for her strict mask mandate, on Tuesday, retweeting a post talking about President Trump touting the use of masks as “patriotic.” She wrote in a presumably sarcastic tone, “Thanks for joining us, Mr. President.”


4 thoughts on “Governor releases new video urging citizens to ‘protect New Mexico’ by wearing masks”

  1. There is no emergency. There is no pandemic. Stop letting this harpy destroy your lives.
    As of July 17 – The population of New Mexico is: 2,096,829.
    Number of Covid19 Cases: 16,138.
    Number of Covid19 Deaths: 562.
    This is only – 0 .7 % – of the population for Cases;
    and only – 0.03 % – of the population for Deaths.
    When 99% of the population does not have Covid19, or deaths – –
    there is no excuse for closing businesses,
    or for keeping schools closed.
    People who are afraid should STAY HOME without visitors, and let all others go about their normal business. Quarantine is for sick people, not healthy people.

    Her exec orders are null, void and without effect. They are not law and they violate our founding documents. She is forbidden from violating her oath and our Republic.
    Think about this; NM law violates the U.S, Constitution, which requires that every state have a republican form of government? By giving this much authority to the governor, NM has created a monarchy.
    How long are you planning on wearing your masks and being grounded for life by this mentally ill hag? Have mommy issues? Obviously most of the people do, or they would not allow this. It is shameful the repubs are going along with this, and so are the people.

  2. Let us look at the tests. The PCR test is not for diagnostic use. The false positives are epic. Doctors fraudulently accepting money to murder people with ventilators and label everyone covid with no scientific evidence. This is racketeering and fraud. Anyone victimized should file a lawsuit and demand Barr investigate for RICO fraud.
    Do your research people, this whole thing is a scamdemic, more and more doctors censored, more and more people around the world coming out and telling the truth. The NM dept of public health is a disgrace to health and science. They know the PCR tests are fraud and the antibody tests just show you have had some kind of cold or flu in the last ten years, or the flu shot.
    Wake up

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  4. Just imagine if a certain wealthy former CD2 candidate offered donations to the OxyContin funds of anyone offering up emails/texts as proof of bribes to publicly compliment MLG’s China Virus effort.

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