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New Mexico beats all other states in Whopper sales

While New Mexicans love their green chile cheeseburgers, they also apparently love Burger King’s signature sandwich.

“New Mexico ordered more Whopper sandwiches than any other state in 2022,” announced the fast food restaurant in its “Flame-Grilled ‘State’ of Mind” report. The Land of Enchantment has been labeled “The Champ.” 

The report also disclosed what states like on the BK menu, with states like North Carolina ordering the most Double Whopper sandwiches last year and Montana buying the most Triple Whopper sandwiches in 2022.

The news comes right before National Hamburger Day is held on May 28. 

Prudence Earl via Unsplash.

Arizona bought the most Whoppers before 10:30 am, being dubbed “The Early Bird,” while Kansas “loves that late-night grub, ordering the most Whopper sandwiches after 8 p.m,” earning the state the title of “The Late Night Adventurer.” 

Alaska “orders a side of Chicken Fries with their Whopper sandwiches more than any other state,” and Texas “spices it up by adding more BBQ sauce and jalapeños to their Whopper sandwiches than anyone else,” earning the title of “The Sweetest & Spiciest.”

“For all those seeking the perfect combination to go with their Whopper sandwich, watch out – New Mexico (Whopper, U.S.A.) knows where it’s at when it comes to fries, but Hawaii (more than any other state) orders their Whopper sandwiches with onion rings,” writes Business Wire.

See the company’s full Whopper map here

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New Mexico is a top state to mine Bitcoin

Rising electrical costs in the United States have increased Bitcoin mining prices. Investopedia explains, “Bitcoin mining is the process of validating the information in a blockchain block by generating a cryptographic solution that matches specific criteria. When a correct solution is reached, a reward in the form of bitcoin and fees for the work done is given to the miner who reached the solution first.” 

Since the process takes so much energy, the increase in energy prices means a decrease Bitcoin miners see in revenue. 

“The rising electrical energy charges in the USA have contributed to the rising Bitcoin mining prices, making it much less worthwhile for miners…. The price of electrical energy is a number one expense for Bitcoin miners, because the mining course of requires an unlimited quantity of vitality. The Bitcoin Power Consumption Index estimates that the Bitcoin community consumes extra vitality than [the] entire nation of the Philippines. The electrical energy consumption is primarily pushed by the necessity to energy the [specialized] pc gear used within the mining course of, which requires huge vitality.” writes Crypto News BTC.

The outlet noted, “One other issue contributing to the rising electrical energy charges is the surge in electrical energy demand. Because the inhabitants grows and extra folks use electrical energy, the necessity will increase, driving up the fee. This elevated demand has been notably evident in locations similar to California, the place the inhabitants has proliferated, resulting in a pressure on the state’s energy grid and inflicting rolling blackouts.”

But New Mexico is seen as a leader for Bitcoin miners, per the report, noting, “New Mexico has comparatively low cost electrical energy costs, making it one of many extra inexpensive states for Bitcoin mining. Per the Hashrate index report, New Mexico emerged as probably the most affordable and, in [turn], extra worthwhile state for Bitcoin miners in [the first quarter of 2023] at $16,850 to mint one BTC.” 

According to the report, “In 2023, the electrical energy charge continues to [hit] new highs, which doesn’t come as a shock. Bitcoin miners require no less than $17,000 to supply one BTC in the USA versus the $5,000 to 10,000… in the past. That is based on the Bitcoin mining information useful resource Hashrate Index and Luxor.” 

With the revelation that New Mexico is on the map for affordable Bitcoin mining, it could mean more miners relocate to the state for this purpose. 

UNM tight end Jaden Hullaby found dead at 21 after being reported missing

On Monday, it was revealed that University of New Mexico tight end Jaden Hullaby had passed away at just 21 after previously being declared missing. He started his football career at the University of Texas.

“Hullaby’s family said in a statement on social media on Sunday that they had feared for his safety … after they hadn’t been able to make contact with him since last Thursday. He was last seen on a freeway in Dallas, the family said. In an update on Monday — Hullaby’s brother, Landon, announced the UNM athlete had sadly passed away.” TMZ reported.

“I love you so much and I got you and the family forever I swear get your rest King,” wrote Landon.

UNM wrote, “The Lobo family is saddened to learn of the passing of former RB/TE Jaden Hullaby. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jaden’s family and all who knew him.”

“He was a great person and someone we all enjoyed being around, coaching and spending time with,” said University of Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian said. “All of our thoughts are with his family, friends and teammates, and we want to send our deepest condolences to them in such a difficult time.”

“Hullaby was a touted running back prospect in the Longhorns’ 2020 class who switched to linebacker when he got to the Austin campus. He played in just two games in his two seasons for the school … before he transferred to UNM prior to the 2022 season. In his one year with the Lobos, he played tight end, and piled up 44 receiving yards and 59 rushing yards in eight games,” TMZ added.

“The cause of death has yet to be released by authorities. Hullaby was last seen in Dallas on Friday heading westbound on I-30 at 6:23 pm,” according to the Texas Longhorns. 

No further details have been immediately made available following Hullaby’s tragic death.

Video shows Couy Griffin being arrested after argument with ‘squatter’

It was revealed that Cowboys for Trump founder and former Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin was arrested by the Otero County Sherriff’s Department last week. 

A video shared on TikTok and later on Twitter appears to show Griffin being arrested in Tularosa. It is likely to have come from a disgruntled tenant with whom the former official argued in another video.

On the tweet, it claims that Griffin is facing “3 counts for Trespassing,  3 counts for Harassing a Witness (sic).” 

The person who posted the video, likely named “DeWayne Braithwaite,” claimed in a previous video that Griffin “used food to get forced labor out of me. That is human trafficking through fraud.”

The arrest could possibly stem from Griffin potentially attempting to remove the man from a property Griffin was renting him. Other videos who him attempting to inspect his property which Griffin claims the man is “squatting” in.

@mywildlifesanctuary Couy Griffin paid my airfare, flew me 1900 miles, picked me up at the airport, brought me to this house, and said, "Here's where you're sleeping, and this is where you're working". Now that I've completed the first of 2 paint jobs Griffin now wants out of our Agreement without any compensation to me and is calling me a squatter. #couygriffin #cowboysfortrump #foryou ♬ original sound – President D

In a video, the man claims he is being mistreated by Griffin for the Cowboys for Trump founder not making him home-cooked meals every night. To that, Griffin called him a “freeloading loser.” The former official then went on to explain all the food bought for the man.

Braithwaite then claimed, “I am not listening to your dealings no more.” Braithwaite is apparently from La Plata, Maryland, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Other TikTok posts from Braithwaite claim he called police six times previously and they did not act on his claims he was being “human trafficked.”

Griffin then, later in the video, told the man not to “harm my family” and reminded him of Mr. Braithwaite’s 14 years in federal prison. 

Griffin is likely being held at the Otero County Detention Center. 

The Republican was previously removed from office by a far-left Santa Fe judge due to his involvement in the incursion of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

MLG fact-checked after her unhinged rant against ‘automatic weapons’

On Friday, far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan (D-NM) Grisham said she would continue her attacks against the Second Amendment — going further to say no one in America should personally own an “automatic weapon” while appearing for an interview on MSNBC. 

She said, “Frankly, no one that isn’t in the military — this is a weapon of war — or, uh, the trained police department. In my view, no one in America who isn’t in one of those two situations should own an automatic weapon. There is no reason to own one of those…. There is no reason.”

She also said she is “looking at” legislation that died in the last legislative session to “go after gun manufacturers. This is an all-of-the-above approach. Every single thing. I want fewer firearms in the street, I want no more gun trafficking, I want people held accountable, and what happened to Mr. Wilson? Did he reach out for help at the school? I’m going to need to know that. Was there a missed opportunity for a red flag high-risk protection order?”

But after making the unhinged statements, she got brutally fact-checked by Breitbart News and the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

Breitbart wrote, “Contrary to Grisham’s assertion, AR-15s are semiautomatic firearms. They fire one round, and one round only, per trigger pull. The AR-15 has a safety on the lower that allows the owner of the gun to switch between ‘safe’ and ‘fire.’ Automatic weapons, on the other hand, have a select fire switch that allows the owner of the gun to switch between ‘safe,’ ‘semiautomatic fire,’ and ‘automatic fire.’ (In some cases the choice is a three-round burst of auto fire instead of unlimited auto fire.)” 

“Grisham’s claim that an AR-15 is an ‘automatic weapon’ is false,” the article concluded. 

The NRA also shared the video of Lujan Grisham, writing how “yet another governor soft on criminals, aired her extensive gun control wish list on MSNBC. Complete bans on the most popular self-defense rifle, disarming young adults, targeting gun manufacturers, and more. Her erroneous ‘automatic’ AR-15 label: ignorance or deception? The NRA and our members will fight against her anti-gun agenda.” 

State paid $250K to culprits who tortured disabled woman to death

So-called “caregivers” who imprisoned, tortured, and murdered a 38-year-old disabled woman, Mary Melero, with autism were supposed to be her guardians to care for her. Instead, they physically and sexually abused her to the point she went into septic shock and died at an El Paso hospital after having a heart attack due to the trauma. Melero lived in Chacon’s house in Rio Rancho. The Santa Fe New Mexican first reported the story.

The two women responsible for her brutal torture and death, Angelita Chacon, 52, and Patricia Hurtado, 42, have been charged with several offenses ranging from neglect, false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit false imprisonment, and failure to report. Another woman, Luz Scott, has been charged with false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit false imprisonment. 

Chacon faces a maximum of 19 years behind bars, Hurtado faces a maximum of 20.5 years, and Scott faces a maximum of three years, according to Attorney General Raúl Torrez.

“Melero was unable to stand and was unresponsive when she was found in the back of the van, lying on the floorboard wrapped in a blanket and dirty bandages covering her open wounds, but was crying…. Chacon told authorities they were taking the woman for medical treatment in Mexico,” USA Today reports.

“Chacon told investigators that the victim had spent three days in a bathtub with her own feces and urine, which investigators suspect may have contributed to the infections that led to her death, the affidavit said. She also told investigators that the victim had recently thrown a portable stereo at Chacon and she ‘threw’ it back at the victim, hitting her in the face and causing her lip to get ‘busted.’ Chacon said she asked a friend, who was not a medical professional, to stitch up the victim’s lip instead of taking her to see a doctor, according to the affidavit.” 

Medical examinations show she was sexually abused. “A sexual assault nurse examination, to collect evidence commonly referred to as a rape kit, was performed on the woman March 5 due to her “traumatic injuries,” the affidavit states. It revealed the woman had several lacerations between her vagina and anus, as well as lacerations in her anus,” reported the New Mexican.

To make matters worse, Chacon and Hurtado, who were granted guardianship of Melero, got paid $250,000 in state funds, or $5,000 per month, to care for the woman, contracting through At Home Advocacy and three other contractors.

“Torrez said At Home Advocacy was supposed to conduct monthly home checks and had been to Chacon’s home about a month before to check on the victim. A representative for At Home Advocacy told investigators that ‘body checks’ were not performed during those check-ins, and staff didn’t observe any injuries on the victim at the time, according to the affidavit,” the report continued.

In a press release from New Mexico Department of Health Secretary Patrick Allen, the Department wrote, “Upon learning of this horrific case, DOH took immediate action and terminated agreements with the four providers involved: At Home Advocacy, Inc., Albuquerque; A New Vision Case Management, Corrales; Lynn Barbour, LLC, Albuquerque; Sylvester & Company, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.”

The case prompted DOH to conduct and complete in-person wellness checks on all individuals being cared for under the state’s Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DD Waiver) programs to ensure they are in good health and being well cared for by providers, according to the release.

“The Department of Health will use every tool at our disposal to make sure we are doing everything we can to prevent future cases of abuse and neglect of our DD Waiver clients,” said Secretary Allen. “Persons with disabilities often rely on others for their day-to-day living. They literally entrust their caregivers with their lives. This vulnerable population has inherent difficulty advocating for itself, and are highly dependent on caregivers, often in the caregiver’s own home. People with developmental and intellectual disabilities are people who deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and care. When their care is covered by one of the state’s Medicaid funded DD Waiver Programs everyone is accountable, and we must ensure their health and safety needs are met.”

Lujan Grisham vows to crush Second Amendment, ‘go after’ gun manufacturers

During an appearance Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said she will continue her attacks against the Second Amendment — going further to say no one in America should personally own an “automatic weapon.”

During the appearance, she said she would continue to try and ban all weapons with high capacities, mandate the age to purchase any firearm is 21 years of age, expand her “red flag” law, and put forward a 14-day waiting period to purchase a gun, among other anti-gun measures. All of these proposals died in the 2023 Legislative Session with a lack of support from the majority of members. 

Morning Joe host Mica Brzezinski asked Lujan Grisham if the Farmington shooter should have been able to get an AR-15, to which she responded, “It shouldn’t. This is my point exactly. Frankly, no one that isn’t in the military — this is a weapon of war — or, uh, the trained police department. In my view, no one in America who isn’t in one of those two situations should own an automatic weapon. There is no reason to own one of those…. There is no reason.” Automatic weapons are already banned in the United States.

She also said she is “looking at” legislation that died in the last legislative session to “go after gun manufacturers. This is an all-of-the-above approach. Every single thing. I want fewer firearms in the street, I want no more gun trafficking, I want people held accountable, and what happened to Mr. Wilson? Did he reach out for help at the school? I’m going to need to know that. Was there a missed opportunity for a red flag high-risk protection order?”

Brzezinski also asked Lujan Grisham about abortion, with Lujan Grisham referring to pro-lifers, “They’re chipping away one thing at a time. They want the Supreme Court in a position to be able to finally rule on that. Congress must act, but in the meantime, we are going to make sure that these medications are available in our state. We’re going to make sure that clinics are available. We’re probably going to have to band together and make sure that there’s a process and resources for women to move and travel across the country…. Democratic governors — and women Democratic governors — are going to make sure that women, no matter where you are, have the ability to get to us for the protections and support you need, including my own Department of Health is looking at launching a national hotline so people really know who is standing up for you and where you can go to be protected.” By protected, she is referring to “protecting” the right to kill a child in the womb up to the ninth month of pregnancy, which is legal in New Mexico.

Ex-state archaeologist says he was fired from MLG admin. for reporting abuse

A new lawsuit filed by former state archaeologist Eric Blinman claims he was fired this year “in retaliation for reporting to human resources rumors of an ‘illicit sexual affair’ between his boss and a subordinate,” according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Blinman, who was fired on February 13, 2023, from being chief of the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies, claims he was fired for ageist, sexist, and racist reasons. He was supervised by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Department of Cultural Affairs Secretary Debra Garcia y Griego. Both Lujan Grisham and Garcia y Griego have been named in the case as defendants. 

The lawsuit stems from Blinman reporting a rumor that the cabinet secretary was having an affair with a subordinate in 2022.

“Mr. Blinman believed that the rumor itself had the potential to negatively impact the efficiency” of the department and “was not in keeping with the State’s code of professional conduct,” the lawsuit read.

Blinman’s attorney, Merit Bennett, told the Journal Thursday, “We don’t know exactly what happened, but obviously the confidential reporting was disclosed to Garcia y Griego, who has a friendship with the governor,” noting, “So basically they began to retaliate against Dr. Blinman.”

The former state official alleges that after Garcia y Griego found out about Blinman’s report, which was supposed to stay confidential, then she denied him of his ability to hire the necessary staff to carry out the basic duties of the Office. 

He then filed an official complaint with the New Mexico Office of Human Resources due to the hostile work environment. He was quickly fired. 

“He needed the resources and they basically starve[d] him out,” Bennett said. “Basically, they wanted to get him out of there because he was an older white guy…. That’s the other aspect of this case, that there was a civil rights violation happening at the same time as the whistleblower violation, he said.”

Both Lujan Grisham’s office and Garcia y Griego’s vehemently denied Blinman’s allegations, with the latter claiming there was “sound and carefully considered reasoning” to dismiss the former state archeologist. 

Even the left-leaning public appears to agree with allegations that Garcia y Griego caused a toxic work environment:  

This is certainly not the first time the Lujan Grisham regime has been the target of whistleblower lawsuits, with two former officials previously filing a complaint after being fired for exposing the deletion of data in the state’s Children, Youth, and Families Department — a failing agency that has overseen the deaths of many children while in state custody.

Governor’s feeble excuse reignites eco-left’s fury over EV tax credit veto

At a Thursday POLITICO energy summit in Washington, D.C., far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham attempted to justify her veto of electric vehicle tax (EV) credits to the chagrin of eco-leftist groups.

“These were important but way too small,” Lujan Grisham said of the tax credits. “These benefits were so small, they don’t move the needle. Sometimes when you get something, you don’t get a second bite at it.”

According to the Associated Press, “The state would provide a $2,500 refundable personal income tax credit toward the purchase of an electric vehicle — or up … to $4,000 for low-income residents, with an additional $300 credit for car-charging equipment and installation.” Those provisions died on the governor’s desk.

The dark money eco-left group, the Sierra Club of the Rio Grande Chapter, tweeted, “@GovMLG are you truly saying that you vetoed the electric vehicle tax credit that we’ve all been working on for the last 15 years because it was too small? Those were thousands of EVs for low-income New Mexicans that now won’t have that benefit.”

Others charged the governor with “blowing smoke” with her “bull***t response.” 

The Western Environmental Law Center’s executive director Erik Schlenker-Goodrich tweeted, “Listening to @GovMLG at #POLITICOenergy attempt to explain (unpersuasively) why she vetoed sensible climate tax credits just confirms that her administration, after a promising 1st term, has no climate policy agenda in its 2nd term beyond a word salad.”

Previously, a mirage of eco-leftist and enviro-Marxist groups took out full-page ads in the Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal, and Las Cruces Sun-News ripping the governor over her EV tax credit veto. 

Despite the governor promising to act on EVs early in her first term, “climate change” activists described themselves as “pissed” with the governor’s failures to act upon their agenda.

TV station shreds Lujan Grisham admin. over CYFD’s horrific failures

On Thursday, KOAT 7 aired a heartbreaking special investigation detailing the failures of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s administration to protect New Mexico’s children through the Children, Youth, and Families Department.

The 25-minute segment dug deep into the tragedies and avoidable mistakes caused by the “dysfunctional” agency. 

“Target 7 has spent months looking into these cases and searching for solutions as to why children have been placed back into homes, with some ultimately dying,” wrote the network.

It interviewed lawmakers, the attorney general, advocates, parents, law enforcers, and those who have warned about the failures of the catastrophic system that is doing more harm to New Mexico’s children than good.

Following the airing of the segment, state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) wrote, “KOAT just put @GovMLG on notice. @koat7news had more balls than 90% of our legislators. 

“We introduced solutions – like ombuds and fixing CARA. From now on, if you oppose these bills, the blood is on you,” she continued. 

Bills to reform CYFD died in the 2023 Legislative Session, continuing a broken system that has harmed and killed children.


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