NM courts chock-full of judges trained by extremist pro-abortion group

As you may have read in the news lately, the state Supreme Court recently heard arguments on a case brought forth by far-left pro-abortion Democrat Attorney General Raúl Torrez, who is suing Lea and Roosevelt counties and the cities of Hobbs and Clovis for enacting ordinances relating to business licensing for abortion facilities. The ordinances are based on the federal Comstock Act, which preempts the state from interfering in its application. However, Torrez is trying to get the high court to rule against the counties.

What New Mexicans may not know about the Court, in particular, is that its chief justice, Shannon Bacon, and Justice Julie Vargas (both appointed by pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham) are alumni of the heavily biased dark money pro-abortion group “Emerge New Mexico,” which is a pro-abortion organization that trains women and “non-binary” candidates to run for office.

The national Emerge group, “Emerge America,” wrote on a form to recruit candidates, “Are you outraged by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade? Do you want to protect abortion rights for your community? Are you ready to step forward and be the leader you’re meant to be? Then it’s time to run for office.”

During oral arguments on the county abortion ordinance case, Justice Bacon got combative and even hostile toward the attorneys representing the defendants, showing clear bias against the counties and cities before deliberations had even begun. 

The Associated Press reported, “Justices peppered the attorney general and three attorneys for local governments with questions, voicing skepticism on a variety of arguments.”

“For anyone watching or tuning in, it was difficult to learn because of the justices’ frequent interruptions,” said State Senator David Gallegos, R-Eunice, who sat through some of the hearing via the live video feed, according to the Carlsbad Current-Argus. “At times, the personal ideologies of some of the justices were evident and they even coached the attorney general and pro-abortion counsel.”

Bacon said during the hearing, “These ordinances have a chilling effect on people in the state seeking the health care they need and these entities locating in Lea County,” appearing to show her bias in ruling over the Court.

How is it that nearly half of the judges on the state’s highest court appear inherently biased against counties that passed life-affirming laws due to their affiliation with Emerge New Mexico? The other three justices on the Court were either endorsed or appointed by the fervently pro-abortion governor, which lends no question as to how they will rule on any case involving abortion access in New Mexico. 

What’s even more shocking than just the Supreme Court littered with pro-abortion extremist jurists is that seven out of the ten justices who sit on New Mexico’s Court of Appeals are graduates of Emerge, which the organization proudly touts on its website. 

The group’s graduates who sit on the Court of Appeals include Judges Jennifer Attrep (ENM ’15), Kristina Bogardus (ENM ’17), Megan Duffy (ENM ’18), Shammara Henderson (ENM ’10), Jacqueline Medina (ENM ’14), Katherine Wray (ENM ’22), and Jane Yohalem (ENM ’18). 

27 of the state Legislature’s 112 members are also graduates of the far-left pro-abortion organization, including the sponsors of 2021’s House bill to legalize abortion up-to-birth in the state. Democrat House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski of Santa Fe, who was just elected in 2023, has risen to House leadership after being executive director for Emerge — showing the organization has clout with pulling strings to power. Three of Albuquerque’s seven school board members are Emerge alumni.

The referendum project currently challenging far-left extremist laws includes six bills seeking to be put on the ballot for a vote. Five of those six bills were sponsored by Emerge alumni. 

Four judges in the First Judicial District (Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, Los Alamos counties), 11 in the Second District (Bernalillo County), one in the Sixth (Grant, Luna, and Hidalgo counties), one in the Eighth District (Colfax, Taos, and Union counties), and one in the Thirteenth District (Cibola, Sandoval, and Valencia counties) are Emerge alumni. The group has four judges on the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, one judge on the Doña Ana County Magistrate Court, one on the Los Alamos County Municipal Court (District 32), and one on the Bernalillo County Probate Court. 

The organization is funded by the Black Lives Matter-linked “Akonadi Foundation,” the major pro-lockdown teacher’s union, the National Education Association (NEA), and Hillary Clinton’s group “Onward Together,” among others, as reported by Influence Watch.

Many of these “Emerge” judges placed on the high courts may attempt to conceal their true values by cloaking them under their black robes and lip service to following the rule of law and nothing else, but make no mistake — it looks to be impossible to get an unbiased verdict in the state’s Supreme Court and Court of Appeals with the books already cooked against anyone who does not support pro-abortion extremism and other views held by the biased “progressive” organization.

Researcher Leanna Derrick contributed to this report. 


7 thoughts on “NM courts chock-full of judges trained by extremist pro-abortion group”

  1. …Hummmmm… You forgot to add Gabe Vasquez by name. The “I refuse to answer because I am complicit killer of the unborn late term abortion executioner”.

  2. The criminally insane are abundant in New Mexico with most of them living in the Rio Grande valley. The chief demon, MLG, has brought forth her companions to rule over us and bring forth as much hate and discontent as possible. It is working! There is no hope for us as long as we allow child murderers and pedophiles to run the asylum.

  3. Would guess New Mexicans are pro life, heck most NMs are conservative, yes like myself I graduated HS as a democrat (brainwashed) but the democrats of old are not like the Marxist dems of today. Anyway, let’s stop saying “far-left pro-abortion organization” they are a “far-left baby killing organization”. Name them what they are. It is like when they say “reproductive rights”, rubbers and birth control are reproductive rights, not the killing of babies. Use the terms people understand do not white wash the terms. Maybe NMs will wake up to the fact that the Marxist want to kill our children and if they cannot kill our children they will try to brain wash them in our schools so our children think they need to cut off their sexual organs without parental consent. Wake up New Mexico, the Marxist democrats ARE going for our children, be active, pay attention, talk to your children and grandchildren make sure the Marxists are not putting crap in their minds. Failure to do so will be the death of all our freedoms and our path to the one world order.

  4. Did you notice that the “judges “ are overwhelmingly women? Also note that those groups that train these people are really communist subversives formed to infiltrate our once great system and rot America from within. Abortion is not the only issue these “judges “ will rule on negatively , the US constitution will also be shredded to include the first and second amendments. The willful obedience to their communist masters plus a large “contribution “ to their already amassed wealth is enough for them to condemn all to the hell that communism brings. “Women shall rule you and children shall be your tormentors “ Bible, KJV .

  5. Uneducated voters as to the six house and senate bill that hopefully are put on the ballot in 2024 to vote on rather than have MLG and her minions decide what’s good for the residents of New Mexico. I speak of experience on the referendum because so many of us worked diligently in educating the public on the bills. Sadly 99% of the public had no idea what each bill entailed until we explained the magnitude of each bill and the effects on our children, families and communities. Please !!! Become educated on what MLG and her minions are doing to ruin our State. Didn’t Hitler have his own class of subjects referred to as Minions???

  6. I’m all about choices.

    You had LOTS of choices….
    You had a choice to have sex
    You had a choice to have unprotected sex
    You had a choice not to choose Plan B or the morning after pill
    And you had a choice not to consider adoption

    But to kill your baby….because you were personally irresponsible?


    You don’t want a baby?
    Make your choices before you have sex.
    When approximately 92% of all abortions are “elective surgery”, these women are using abortion as a birth control method….and the tax payers foot the bill.

    Abortion is NOT “healthcare”. And it is not “your body” when you carry another human being with completely different DNA than you.

    The Constitution confers no right to kill….but it does guarantee the Right to Life.

    Let’s stop teaching our young people they have no responsibility for their actions….and how to USE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in their decision making. This lack of personal responsibility is destroying our country and planet.

    Did I hear we have a Satanic Temple abortion clinic in our state? Who allowed that? Evil has taken over our state. This must be stopped now.

    ***I believe in the case of rape, incest or health, of course abortion should be a personal choice.

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