As impending impeachment looms over MLG, she gets unlikely far-left foe

On Friday, far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham opened up likely the biggest can of worms in her entire tenure as governor with the most brazenly unconstitutional move yet — banning all open or concealed carry for anyone in Bernalillo County — claiming their constitutional rights are now “suspended” due to a “public health emergency” she just declared via executive order.

Social media and the news exploded with outraged comments coming from all sides. State Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo) called for the governor’s impeachment over her crimes against the Constitution and her oath of office, which she described as not “absolute.” 

The state House Republicans announced their own lawsuit against the governor, writing in a press release that they “will file a federal lawsuit alongside the NM Senate Republicans challenging the unconstitutional gun ban enacted by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.”

 “The outrage from New Mexicans and Americans across the country reveals how precious our rights are, and we will not back down from defending and fighting for what makes the United States of America a unique experiment. This country and our state were founded on principles of freedom and democracy, and one political figure will not erase our shared history,” said GOP House Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec). 

Elon Musk even called for the far-left governor’s removal.

Then the most unlikely voice came out against her — extreme far-left U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (R-California) — who said, “I support gun safety laws. However, this order from the Governor of New Mexico violates the U.S. Constitution. No state in the union can suspend the federal Constitution. There is no such thing as a state public health emergency exception to the U.S. Constitution.”

Lieu served alongside Lujan Grisham while she was a congresswoman from New Mexico’s First District from 2013 to 2019. She served with the California Democrat from 2015 until her inauguration as New Mexico governor.
To make matters worse for the governor, Democrat Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen have refused to enforce the unconstitutional order, saying he has extreme “reservations” regarding its constitutionality.


101 thoughts on “As impending impeachment looms over MLG, she gets unlikely far-left foe”

      1. She is displaying bad governing.refuteing the constitution. What do you expect, she is from California
        She wants only the criminals to have guns. And the home owner to be helpless. Not to mention the hunter and the sportsman.

  1. This woman has truly lost her mind! Don’t know what makes her think she can ignore the Constitution! Damn only New Mexico politicians, we have the Secretary of Interior from NM at a hearing, made to cry by the former Sec that she replaced, because she knew absolutely nothing regarding her job. Now we have the NM governor thinking she can overthrow the US Constitution. Now only the thugs will be armed! Way to protect the law abiding citizens of NM Governor ! Only in NM! Mexico!

    1. I’m not so sure that she hasn’t violated the civil Rights of the citizens of New Mexico by taking away their constitutional rights. So not only she committed a constitutional guy she committed a civil rights crime

  2. Of course instead of comming up with alternative solutions all the little Trumpets of the state would rather throw political boulder’s at anyone who does. I’m a gun owner and I agree that this rule is not good. I encourage All the republicans blowing the Donald’s horn to stop blowing and come up with a better solution to the gun violence taking our children.

    1. How about punishing criminals with laws already on the books and defending law abiding citizens in the protection of their property?The communists have taken the side of vile criminals and allowed citizens to be victims. How about giving the police back the authority that this wretched tyrant took from them? It’s not about Trump or demento in the White House , it’s about our God given rights under the constitution, not revokable “privileges “ as the communists think!

    2. Stop being purposely soft on crime. It’s possible that the treatment of criminals with such things as no cash bail is to further the anti gun agenda. We need to be tough on crime, not on the honest citizen’s constitutional rights.

    3. Enforce all laws immediately, and do it equally for everyone! Apply substantial and fast consequences for scofflaws and miscreants. Ban plea bargaining. Deny bail for all felonies. Incarcerate convicted criminals immediately and for the duration of their sentence. Make prisoners work while incarcerated to pay for the prison system they make necessary.

      1. I agree with your comments and will add that the death penalty needs to be reinstated. Put solar and wind energy to good use by powering the electric chair!

    4. This doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. This has to do with our Constitution, which, by the way, was in existence almost 200 years before the first school shootings. Learn your real 1776 history, not the 1619 made-up garbage.

    5. First off Dean the is no such thing as “gun violence”. That is a leftist democrat invention. There is only violent people that use guns. Try enforcing the laws with harsh penalties for those violent people using guns.

    6. There are plenty of laws that are ignored by Judges, prosecutors, and politicians as they tie the hands of the police — let’s start with fixing that

    7. How about we close the damn borders and stop encouraging all the gangs, cartel creeps and child traffickers to flood our gates and bring so much crime to our state! Also, how about prosecuting these thugs and criminals and have THEM pay for the crimes the commit instead of punishing law abiding citizens! Wow, what a concept!!

    8. The criminals with guns might be Democrat voters. And we can’t hurt their feelings.
      Or maybe register their guns and get the criminals Concealed carry permits too. ?

    9. You really think this is an issue about our former President? Maybe you SHOULD have your gun rights removed as you have publicly shown your lack of intelligence in this matter. This is about over reach on a state and federal level by a tyrannical governor; Not current or past Presidents. As long as people keep making excuses for this stop happen ; it WILL keep happening.

    10. A good solution would be better parenting. Slow the hell down and pay attention to what your kids are doing. Some good butt
      whippings. Get your kids in the house at night. Pay attention!!! Any more the kids are running the show and have no awareness or care for consequences. Stop letting the state raise the children. Church, school, responsibilities, consequences and punishments.

      1. Aaaaaamen!!! Parents need to start being the adults again!! Get the government out of our homes specially tyrannical thinking like the one this uneducated, power hungry, Constitution hating sorry excuse of an American citizen is trying to illegally enforce upon we the people!! How dare she forget who she WORKS FOR?!! She MUST be impeached and judged for her tyranny!!! Traitors belong behind bars!!!

    11. Constitutional issues aside, there is no logic here. Step one, let DOJ handcuff ABQ police, then let all the criminals out with no bail, then stop enforcing so called ‘minor laws’ altogether. When that results in mire crime, take away the ability for legal residents to defend themselves and possibly stop a crime in progress. The result is ABQ is now a giant ‘gun free zone’ where the criminals, WHO WILL ALWAYS HAVE WEAPONS, now have no fear that one of their victims might be able to fight back. The result of these policies is totally predictable to anyone with the ability to do a reasonable analysis of the problems and the causes.

    12. Maybe in Albuquerque they should give law enforcement more freedom to do their job instead of constantly putting them under a microscope for every little thing. Cops are second guessing their decisions because they are not supported. Maybe if the courts would quit releasing criminals from jail and actually make them pay for their crimes, you wouldn’t have so much crime. You best get on the Trump train, don’t blame it for issues created by Democrats.

    13. I would rather be a trumpet trumpster Republican any day of the millennium, but why are you hating on president trump and his supporters? It’s not just the responsibility of The GOP to fix the gun violence problem… Tell your demon’s to stop blocking solutions that The GOP presents to them… The only way what you suggest can be accomplished is the special forces go into every city, every town, every state, every rural area, every farm, every house, and arrest every single gang member and drug dealer, and gun runner in this country! Then there is the Mexican cartels and Mafia who are dealing with China bringing fentanyl and heroin into this country! And now since your lord and master biden has completely opened the southern border’s with his insane sceem of getting illegals to vote for him in 2024, it just may be to dam late now to stop anything!

    14. Why in the world are you bringing Trump into this issue??? You want alternatives lefty… about enforcing the law for one? Maybe if the tyrant would stop letting criminals off with a slap on the wrist, crime might go down. Maybe if the tyrant would secure NMs border and stop letting drugs and cartels run wild in NM crime might come down. Maybe if the tyrant would support the police crime might go down. She needs to punish criminals, gangs, and stop punishing law abiding citizens. These are “common sense” solutions and if you were as smart as you’d like to think you are, you could see that. But as usual, all you crazy lefties see is Trump, who has nothing to do with this topic.

      And one more thing, I will never give up my constitutional rights (God given) for security. You shouldn’t either. Freedom comes at a cost, we should all be willing to pay that price to keep it! Once our freedoms are gone no one will be safe from tyrants.

    15. Please please find help for your mental issues. You’re on a precipice. Why don’t we just treat criminals like criminals and put them in jail.

    16. Of course you would rather do the same thing you leftists always do, drag Trump into something he has nothing to do with, instead of concentrating on the real issue, the democrat left who doesn’t a dammed about any us and that includes you.

    17. Democrats do not listen to anyone and have railroaded many, many solutions presented. In case you don’t know, Democrats have been in majority power for 90 years in NM.

    18. What the hell does Trump have to do with any of this? You were just waiting for any little opening you had to mention Trump which has absolutely nothing to do with this situation, you are a strange fella

    19. It is not a question of throwing political boulders. What you fail to see is the blatant disregard this woman has for not only her oath of office or the validity of the constitution of the US. Her statement that she does not consider adherence to either absolute. Democrats seem to be fine with trashing the constitution. If it is not absolute, what good is it? If her oath is not absolute why take an oath? Her abuse and violation during Covid encouraged her to expand her dictatorial rule by fiat. That is the issue. As for alternatpves, how about enforcing the gun crime laws and not having a rotating door for offenders

  3. Once again the Fuhrer has showed she cares nothing for the state or our country. All she wants is the power but it show how stupid she really is. Punishing the law abiding gum owner’s an not gang bangers an thugs who commit these crimes. Stop worrying about killing the baby’s an smoking dope Gov. Try doing your job. Follow the Constitution, put bad guys in jail leave them their , give them the needle, stop letting them walk out Scott free. And leave are guns alone. Remember your the Governor notthe damn Queen. You are to govern not rule. STUPID.

    1. Her Sheriff up in Santa Dr could arrest her with his powers. Both took a constitutional oath.
      She broke her oath.
      Ditch that Witch tonight

      Impeach her asap.
      Send her packed up to China.
      They would serve her well over there since she sold our state yo them
      Wuhan Lujan only chose her science ‘experts” to tell all what hood the mrna experimental jab with n was good for all or lose your job
      Stop singing? Remember that? No churches open?
      Yet keeping her essential jewelry store and hair salon open during her covidiocy reign of terror.

  4. This order is a test run to see how people will react to a national “public health emergency” to rescind gun rights. The NM GOP can rabble-rouse all they want, but in the end, they’ll do nothing, as usual. Mr. Block and Ms. Lord simply do not have the backing to bring their call to impeach to fruition. Even if MLG were impeached, there’s nothing in the state constitution allowing for the removal of a sitting governor.
    The only thing law-abiding citizens can do is defy the order.
    Until the NM GOP is willing to engage with ordinary people and support local schoolboard and small town elections, they’re simply screaming into the void.
    I got of NM while I could, and just barely. Best of luck.

  5. New Mexicans elected this tyrant, not once, but twice. Now, the chickens have come home to roost. Maybe in the future, the people of our state will learn once and for all that Democrats do not respect the Constitution nor the rule of law.

    1. No, we actually didn’t vote for this little communist troll either time nor did we vote to have the corruptible election hardware put in every New Mexico county which can be manipulated & votes changed.

      1. Absolutely agree with you. The audit of the vote showed discrepancies and illegal voles, we did not elect that witch, she stole the election and thinks she is above the law. Does any law officer in New Mexico have the cajones to just go an arrest her for perjury about her oath of office – which she says cam be set aside when she wants to. Wicked, evil woman who is not rightfully in office.

    2. Amen, the Demoncrats think they rule our Grand Old USA. However, contact your/our Creator whom you demons have ignored for too long making us All victims..but God is our Judge–where will you demoniacs land?! Ooohh!

  6. She herself admitted that it would not work. The bad actors, like she called them are not going to follow her unconstitutional order, these are the people she needs to attack!! Quit pampering criminals, secure our border, fix our broken education system, tear into CYFD and leave law abiding citizens alone!!!!

  7. New Mexico Constitution
    Article IV – Legislative Department
    § 35 Power and procedure for impeachment and trial.
    Universal Citation: NM Const art IV § 35
    The sole power of impeachment shall be vested in the house of representatives, and a concurrence of a majority of all the members elected shall be necessary to the proper exercise thereof. All impeachments shall be tried by the senate. When sitting for that purpose the senators shall be under oath or affirmation to do justice according to the law and the evidence. When the governor or lieutenant governor is on trial, the chief justice of the supreme court shall preside. No person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two-thirds of the senators elected.

    1. I have tried to get a copy of her oath of office and have gotten the run around. Makes me wonder if she has a certified copy on record. Todd Callender of and his team have FOIA’d Biden and his administration and found that they have no oath of office on file. Is it because they knew they were going to commit treason?? They are impersonating an official if that is the case.

  8. This woman is out of touch with reality and drunk with power. Impeach her sooner than later. She does not uphold the Constitution and is dangerous to our REPUBLIC!

  9. I saw this coming, in her first day of office, I knew what kind of person she was, and what her agenda was going to be. But yet democrats still voted her in because they vote on causes, not common sense.

  10. Take into account the amount of gun violence crimes that being done by illegals that are allowed into the U.S. (dealers and traffickers) Crack down on the other illegal problems like close borders, shut down the nonsense of bail reform, bust dealers, take guns from parolees. Make the consequences stiffer for actual criminals instead of a slap on the wrist. Buckle down on crime, don’t punish the law abiding citizens.

  11. I agree that the term, “gun violence” is misleading. Violent people should be locked up not non-violent inanimate guns. What a wicked governor we have.

  12. Impeach the old bag why don’t we take the 10 million dollars? She. Gave? 2. Abortion clinic and use that for the crime.
    Prevention and untied the police hands. And let them do their job.

  13. A reminder to my friends in New Mexico. The Constitution of the United States of America limits the “power” of our elected public SERVANTS.

    We do not have kings, queens, dictators, or rulers. We have elected public SERVANTS.

    Any executive order, issued by any elected public SERVANT, that violates the Constitution of the United States of America is not only un-Constitutional, it is actually illegal. It doesn’t matter if that elected public SERVANT is the mayor, the governor, or the president. If it violates the Constitution it is illegal, and it is up to We The People to remind our elected public SERVANTS of that fact.

    Executive orders are not laws. (Neither are mandates, but that’s another topic.)

    We need to stop letting the elected public SERVANTS dictate to us. We need to EDUCATE those that think “they” (she) are/is doing a great job!

  14. Violating the Oath of Office by knowingly violating the Constitution should be made a felony. The representatives we elected could introduce that bill at the state AND federal levels.

  15. She’s looking for a position in the regime’s administration as her time as chief NM dictator is coming to an end. She will fit right in with the DC ‘in-crowd’ don’t you think! I guess they found out this little ‘experiment’ won’t work, even in NM!

  16. I am Native American and I live in part of Bernallilo county, and you have no jurisdiction on Pueblo Lands and I have the right to bare arms in my Pueblo and you have no right to restrict me of me carrying and possessing a firearm,

  17. Where in the Constitution does it say we can all Open Carry? It doesn’t, therefore, the majority of the US does not allow open carry. MLG is suspending Open Carry temporarily in an area where there is anastronomical number of shootings. The end.

    1. Do your research. She suspended Open and conceal carry in all public spaces unless you’re a police officer or security. This will not reduce criminal activity with firearms. It only makes law abiding citizens more vulnerable, and it’s a message to the people saying “We don’t care about your right to bare arms”. MLG should be kicked right the hell out. This is crazy. Go take your ignorance somewhere else.

  18. Get her out NOW ! She’s a hipacrit, she’s okay with ripping babies out and throwing them in the trash and say it’s a women’s right to do so ! And now she says there’s to much gun violence!!!! State of emergency for 30 days What’s the difference? Who does she think she is ? GOD ? ARREST HER AND GET HER OUT! She is the threat and dangerous.How dare she take our constitutional right as an American and even think it’s okay .

  19. Everyone must remember our right as a citizen…..who has the balls to do a citizens arrest . It can be done …. Remember back in 66 Reies López tijerina did a citizens arrest on the district attorney…and then all hell broke loose. That was a man with balls and knew his rights. I know we have those people out there. I CALL FOR A CITIZENS ARRESET ON THAT FILTH OF A GOVERNOR . SHES A TRAITOR THAT IS BREAKING THE LAW AND TRYING TO PARALYZE US AND NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL NOW !

  20. I can’t help but wonder if this is a calculated move by the radical left to begin normalizing “temporary” executive branch departures from the Constitution. It is absurd today, and they will lose the first round, but it may be normal in a decade. Just think about all that was absurd just a decade ago.

  21. Also, notice, right out of the Democrat playbook, the governor announced all of this Friday evening, hoping that most people won’t notice. And that by Monday, all would be forgotten. We need to keep it front and center.

  22. Remember why George the Third sent the Redcoats to Lexington and Concord. It was to deprive them of the ability to defend themselves against tyranny, by taking their gunpowder. That’s why we have the Second Amendment. Hey folks it’s time to stand up and do something ! Let’s start with IMPEACHMENT and FEDERAL LAWSUITS. John Block
    is on the right track, support and encourage him and get the rest of the Republicans in office to support Impeachment.

  23. Folks, The tyrant has won again! She was looking for national headlines and she got them. Her sole purpose is to gat a seat at the top in 24 when the dummcrats will steal the election again. I say ARREST the

  24. How about making an example out of her! Along with Impeachment ARREST and CONVICTION! escorted out of the roundhouse and let her sit in a jail cell-one with a window so she can see her hanging platform being built!

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