Even Dem BernCo sheriff won’t enforce MLG’s unconstitutional gun order

On Friday, following a press conference where far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered all concealed and open-carried firearms banned in Bernalillo County, Sheriff John Allen distanced himself from the extreme order.

Although he did not go right out and say he would not enforce her order, he wrote in a statement that “as the elected Sheriff, I have reservations regarding this order. While I understand and appreciate the urgency, the temporary ban challenges the foundation of our Constitution, which I swore an oath to uphold.”

He continued, “I am wary of placing my deputies in positions that could lead to civil liability conflicts, as well as the potential risks posed by prohibiting law-abiding citizens from their constitutional right to self-defense.”

“I was elected to represent and safeguard all constituents and to ensure the balance between our rights and public safety is maintained. That means we must critically evaluate any proposed solution to the deeply rooted issue of gun violence, ensuring we both protect our community and uphold the values that define us as a nation.” 

He listed some ways he wanted to address so-called “gun violence,” including enforcing anti-gun laws actually passed by the legislature, such as an extreme Red Flag law. He also said he will continue to find “sustainable solutions” to address the issue. 

At the press conference, Lujan Grisham said no rights are “absolute” and that her oath to the Constitution is not absolute. Allen joined the governor and others at the roundtable press conference held at the Capitol. 


31 thoughts on “Even Dem BernCo sheriff won’t enforce MLG’s unconstitutional gun order”

  1. Where are we usar . USA that’s what we need to ask because they tell us what to do in this land of the free ? I have not seen , been , or had any feelings of being free . And I know one thing for sure I’m not the only one that feels like that! Look out ur windows right now! And the first person that you see ask them if they feel free ? And you will hear the same as me ? No one has the right or power to take freedom from anyone who lives in the bleesed and brave and the free USA FIGHT THE POWER

  2. The 2nd amendment is to protect ourselves from criminals by taking away our right to bare arms will only leave the criminals with guns .There is one easy example to prove my theory. Mexico our neighboring country does not allow there residents to bare arms. This only leaves the criminals the cartel and crooked cops with the guns and that’s how I believe we will end up if you destroy what our for fathers have given us to protect ourselves.

    1. 2nd amendment has nothing to do with protecting ourselves from criminals, nor hunting, nor sport shooting. It has but one purpose. To act as a check on the tyrannical tendencies of government. We are seeing every day more and more proof that it is a necessary right.

    2. The Constitution doesn’t say a word about concealed carry, automatic weapons, extended magazines. The Constitution authorized a “well-regulated militia” to bear arms, NOT individual good ol’ boys stalking imaginary illuminati and possibly the Governor.

      1. Spoken like a true lib who has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Your ignorance of the facts is breathtaking but you probably also voted for the walking corpse Biden.

  3. This is why ALL law enforcement should be operated by ELECTED representatives of the people! They cannot be threatened into being a thuggish goon squad of a dictator!

    Anything Lujan does from the moment she started with back peddling on her oath is not in consent with the people.

    She just said “I can, and will, rewrite your Constitutional Rights with my dictates.”


      1. I’m in total agreement. This witch is also for abortion =murdering babies in las cruces. I would have never moved to NM if I had known she was so evil. Impeach her.

  4. This is MLG’s goal for the entire state. She is refusing to address the root cause of violence in the state because that does not fit her agenda. Her actions will do nothing to stop violence. You must go to the root cause of the violence problem. We no longer teach our children the value of life. Instead we teach them that it’s okay to hurt others by not instilling the basic value of all life. We need to reboot our state legislature and elect good people that will put education of the the necessary subjects ahead of the failed ideology that schools are trying to teach now. Math, reading, science and history for starters. Prepare our youth to function independently and to compete at the global level.

  5. As a retired Army Veteran,I was enlisted to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign or Domestic. I see now that our Governor is one of those. She refuses to guard the Border and now outlaws the 2nd amendment right to have and Beat arms. We must refuse this Illegal order !!

  6. I am sorry Michelle, but if you stated and truly believe this line… “Lujan Grisham said no rights are “absolute” and that her oath to the Constitution is not absolute.” You gave an oath in which you lied. You should resign from your office immediately. You are a disgrace to Americans.

  7. The state legislature should remove her from office immediately. She openly admitted that she does not respect her oath to the State Constitution and US Constitution and is breaking the law.

  8. She believes she has powers that she does not. She cannot suspend the Constitution- as much as she would like to. She acted like a dictator during Covid and she obviously liked the taste of power. Well it’s time to give her something she cannot swallow – the rights of law abiding citizens.

  9. Once again your comments make my heart swell with pride to know that I am among people with like mind and spirit, courage and common sense. How do we fix it? Legislature won’t because 80-90% belong to the exclusive good buddy club and power is their forte’. The SOS being at the top of the list as well as appointed judges. Who do we the people get to enforce the real laws and get rid of the ones who continue to circumvent and hold themselves above the law?

  10. Hey Sheriff, you related to Kneepads Harris? What is up with you morons in power with the word salad? It’s bad enough with legalese. You hide behind your word salad to say absolutely nothing because you either agree with her or a too much of a beta mail an coward to take a stand! C’mon Man! Get off the fence on the side of liberty! If I pissed you off, my bad, but I want the wake up the good man and American I am hoping you could be!

  11. I am basically not technical and I just noticed I supposedly blocked notifications. How did I do that and how do I undo that? By reading the directions I don’t know where to go. Did I actually do this or has some higher power done it? And while I’m asking questions, why when I have continually checked the save “my name and email” for the next time I sign in, I still have to do both every time?

  12. God, Family, Country. I will always defend. No one will take away my rights to protect my Family or my country. I have conceal carry and nothing will take that away! I will not comply to this idiot governor!

  13. MLG’s an attention wh**e, an opportunist. No surprise, this move is all about elevating her status in the Communist (Democratic) party. We the people will prevail.

  14. Sheriff Allen, as a Believer in Jesus Christ, you should speak in total truth. Please do not dance around like a court jester in the presence of MLG.

    Me, you and your dad… let’s have some coffee and talk.

    Rev. Rico

  15. So the question you have to ask is how do these morons get the vote to get re-elected? She should never had won her re-election, but she did and in a big way.

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