Vasquez, Dems silent on MLG’s gun ban as defensive gov attacks leftist critics

As the U.S. Constitution comes under attack in his district by anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, far-left U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez, who is extremely vulnerable in 2024, refused to stand up for constitutional rights by condemning the governor’s attacks.

On Friday, New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham issued an emergency order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque and all of Bernalillo County county for at least 30 days. She also erroneously claimed she had the power to do it by executive order, claiming citizens’ rights are not “absolute.”

While other Democrats like far-left U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and anti-gun activist David Hogg publicly condemned Governor Grisham for suspending the U.S. Constitution, Vasquez and all New Mexico congressional representatives are silent. Not a single Democrat state representative or senator has come out in support of the governor’s unconstitutional order.

Lujan Grisham even went on the defense on X, formerly Twitter, to attack Lieu for his stance against her gun grab. 

“Hey Ted, conceal and open carry are state laws that I have jurisdiction over. If you’re really interested in helping curb gun violence, I’d welcome you to join our next police academy class,” the governor wrote to her former colleague in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Vasquez and other Democrats’ silence on Governor Grisham’s decision is deafening, with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) saying it is again “showing that Vasquez is willing to align himself with the extreme edges on his party.”

The NRCC’s spokeswoman, Delanie Bomar, said in a statement, “Since coming to D.C. Gabe Vasquez has aligned himself with the extreme Left on a number of issues, the latest of which is this gun ban.”

She added, “Vasquez cannot ignore a violation of the Constitution and expect New Mexicans to accept his silence.”

New Mexico has made international news for the unconstitutional gun grab, with news outlets in Europe, Asia, and other continents picking up the story of the power grab.


30 thoughts on “Vasquez, Dems silent on MLG’s gun ban as defensive gov attacks leftist critics”

  1. ““Hey Ted, conceal and open carry are state laws that I have jurisdiction over”.
    Well Governor the only jurisdiction you have over those laws is to see that they are enforced to the letter of the law. You do not have the authority to suspend them based on some frivolous health issue.

    1. But she doesn’t believe in absolutes. She believes the constitution is a moving target, if she doesn’t like something she can just change it. Kinda like Barak Obama. They are all students of Rules for Radicals.

    2. She doesn’t believe that her own solemn oath is absolute (indicating that she believes lying is acceptable), so why should she believe that the Constitution is absolute?

    3. In the good old USA the Constitution is the Supreme law of the land. She has moved against our constitution and proved she is just a tiny dictator.

  2. What in the heck is wrong with dems? Have they forgotten that regardless of whether or not we agree on everything, we are all AMERICANS? We should have each other’s backs! Why don’t we? Why don’t they? There are laws and they aren’t just for us; laws affect everyone. The Founding Fathers weren’t perfect but they put together the US Constitution that, when followed, makes for a growing, thriving country. What a special bunch of idiots it takes to throw something that benefits all of us, including them, into the trash. If you don’t like it, find yourselves a desert isle somewhere and move your scumbag selves there. We’ll help you pack.

  3. When is it gonna enough to try and imprison the tiny tyrant? When are people gonna stand up to this? Everybody knows the New Mexico doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the entire United States. She is pulling this power-play as her puppeteers have demanded to see what other states will do following this. It’s sets a very dangerous president. And while they do nothings in our state, senate and house of representatives, sit on their hands, with the people are the ones under attack. No thanks. I will not comply.

  4. Vasquez, you are chicken to not stand up for what is right. She’s breaking the Constitution!
    We don’t need you in our legislature!

    1. Bombard him & the worthless Governor with emails, I sent them both one this morning & told them I would not comply with the unconstitutional “health hogwash order,” that she was violating the constitution & reminded her of all the other things she did (manhandling the guy & paying him off, buying Wagu beef & alcohol, locking us down while she got her hair done & shopped for jewelry). Grisham is a communist troll & I reminded Gabe Vasquez his lack of standing up for the constitution when he’s up for reelection next year may be a deciding factor in him not getting reelected.

      1. Hell yes. The Dems need to get thumped this next election. We need real people who actually care about the American people.!

  5. Michelle luhan Grisham is an enemy of the state, believing that she can do whatever she feels like just because she is. The governors cannot suspend the US constitution. This governor needs to be impeached. Charged with treason. Aiding and giving comfort to illegal aliens Many of whom are murderers rapist and thieves .

    1. Unfortunately, impeachment is NOT in the NM constitution. Tell me why anyone voted for her a second time after what she did to us during COVID! Why don’t the Democrats here realize this is NOT our parents’ Democratic party? They are long gone. I left the party years ago. Wake up, New Mexico. Most of the residents are Conservative in their beliefs yet they continue to vote for the party that left them! People need to read and educate themselves on what is going on with the Democratic Party now. Up to birth abortion? Take away the guns? Release criminals into the streets and punish those trying to defend themselves? REALLY, people?????

  6. Hey Grish!! How about asking your Dem controlled legislature to reinstate the Death Penalty in New Mexico with a simultaneous state and federal appeals process (which makes the average time before execution 5.5 years)? This would eliminate the hotheads who ran down the family and killed the 11 year-old if mush mouthed Harold Medina and his department can find them.

  7. MLG is a communist, it shows in all she does this time she stepped on the US Constitution she needs to be removed from office and our state, People stand up, and Vasquez is showing he too is a communist.

  8. The gov Lujan said she based her unconstitutional gun ban on 3 children being killed in 3 months. What she’s NOT talking about is the fact that two of the killers were underage and shouldn’t have had guns and the 3rd was 18. Now you want to tell me prohibiting open or concealed carry is going to stop these young fools from getting guns and killing. Your order is so offensive you should resign and crawl under a rock. I completely agree with NonCompliant, this is a test run to see just have far other blue states can push their communist insanity. RESIGN. Your election in now null and void according to the rules I just made up. FMLG

  9. MLG is a domestic treasonous governor. All law enforcement has taken an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all domestic and foreign enemies. She took this same oath and she is a domestic threat to our state as well as the nation. Why hasn’t she been arrested yet for treason?

  10. Unless there’s a position or large enough group of people demanding charges or impeachment the tiny tyrant will keep doing what she does.

  11. Ditto on “closet communists”, but the closet door is open and they are pouring out into our state and country. BTW, gun “violence” is not a health issue.

  12. MLG and her Minions, they truly are a piece of work that brings shame to our State in all their antics. I’m including those Minions that are in Washington as well.

    1. This is not YOUR state!!! It belongs to Native Americans and Mexicans. This is America’s problem, it’s stolen and no good will ever come to or from it.

  13. She thinks because she is Governor of the state of New Mexico that she is the ruler of the state and decides for the state. Dictator thinking.Federal law doesn’t matter to her. Look how she’s able to open and support abortion up to birth with taxpayers money and go against Roe vs. Wade. It’s my legal right to have a firearm and if people have a concealed carry they could carry in certain places. It’s also legal to carry a firearm in your vehicle. I know a person who tried to control everything and his name was Hitler.

  14. I think she knows damned well it’s unconstitutional. I also think she is getting instructions from the White House although I have no proof. She has been pretty chummy with the upper echelon of the democrat party, so I will not put it past her, she is doing this to test out if those rubes in New Mexico will accept this kind of power grab. Like they did with COVID. She is too stupid to come up with this on her own.

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