As Cartel conquers NM land, MLG shuns state action for federal help

Far-left open-borders Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico has decided against convening a special legislative session focused on border security measures despite the border catastrophe, with the Cartel taking over New Mexico land. The governor punted the issue to the federal government despite neighboring states like Texas working with federal authorities to protect the homeland.

In a statement, Lujan Grisham said, “While I share my Republican colleagues’ concern about border security, calling a special session doesn’t give me federal authority over the border.” This response came after Republican senators penned a letter to the governor early in the week, advocating for legislative action to mitigate the impact of illegal crossings at the southern border. 

House members were not asked by the Senate GOP to sign, although the only bills proposed to fix the border crisis in the last two years came from House Republicans, with Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) leading the charge, including a measure to finish the border barrier between New Mexico’s approximately 50.3 wide-open miles of border.

Despite Republican concerns over fentanyl, human trafficking, and human suffering, Lujan Grisham reaffirmed her stance that border security enhancements would require intervention from Congress rather than state-level actions. She urged New Mexico legislators to support federal efforts to improve border management and address immigration issues comprehensively, another refusal by her administration to aide federal authorities. Early in her first term as governor, Lujan Grisham removed New Mexico National Guard personnel from assisting border authorities, claiming at the time, “I reject the federal contention that there exists an overwhelming national security crisis at the Southern border.” She also dubbed the crisis as a “charade of border fear-mongering.”

She is now taking a 180-degree turn in policy, although refusing to alleviate the crisis. She even admitted on a recent podcast the concerns of Hispanic and Latino voters that illegal aliens coming into the country unvetted is unfair.

“The same issues are expected to be addressed here, and Hispanics and Latinos both want that. For example, if I had to wait in line to come here, then other people should too. But they also recognize you can’t get a visa anymore. They recognize that all of the drama about all the nefarious activity at the border — they recognize that more of that nefarious activity is organized crime at ports of entry,” she told Greg Sargent of “The New Republic.”

Her interview highlighted what many see as a pattern of failing to address the tangible crisis at the border — a crisis amplified by her early actions as governor, which directly contributed to the current state of affairs.

“We need to beef up border security, and that requires additional funding and policy changes from Congress,” the governor stated in her recent press release, encouraging a deal to manage the migrant flow and overhaul the asylum process. It is unclear how the governor defines “asylum.”

As discussions continue, the governor’s office, through Michael Coleman, the communications director, hinted that a special session is likely, with Lujan Grisham being “85 percent sure” that it will be convened. The special session, if it takes place, would deal with panhandling. 


37 thoughts on “As Cartel conquers NM land, MLG shuns state action for federal help”

  1. Ok – got it. MLG doesn’t want to exceed her authorities and defers to the federal government on the border crisis. Yet she is willing live on the edge (“even my oath is not absolute”) when it comes to harassing and disarming the citizens of NM.

    Wasn’t there an effort to recall this lefty toady?

    1. WE the people, need to IMPEACH her. She claims to have “no federal authority” over Cartel invasion/criminal activity and drug smuggling into our state, but she has made every attempt to assert her “governmental federal authority” over 2nd Amendment rights. Either way, people are violently killed or dying by drugs, because she is infringing on state laws, and protecting criminals. Drugs and violent crimes are off the charts!!

      1. importing people into our country to be used as the new form of slave labor is the democrat tradition,oh ya they will vote for the masters too.

    2. WE the people, need to IMPEACH her. She claims to have “no federal authority” over Cartel invasion/criminal activity and drug smuggling into our state, but she has made every attempt to assert her “governmental federal authority” over 2nd Amendment rights. Either way, people are violently killed or dying by drugs, because she is infringing on state laws, and protecting criminals. Drugs and violent crimes are off the charts!!

    3. Exactly. Only acts on issues that are geared to her far left personal views, not overwhelming concerns of her constituents. Tyrant.

    1. And where will you go that will be “safe” for your lifetime? Should you relocate and that new place becomes undesirable will you just keep moving? Why would you not stand your ground and fight…?

  2. Anna Marie Sanchez

    Let her live among the people and see what we see. She needs to come out of her little compound, wall surrounding her gov mansion. This is her last term right? Please in the name of Jesus open the eyes of blind and vote for a governor who serves and protects the people of NM.

        1. Very insightful article. I dis a simp.e websearch on Daniel Burrell and immediately saw all the fraud he’s accused of, like countersuing a bank lender claiming the bank should’ve known he wouldn’t be able to pay back his 56 million dollar loan. MLG is giving over 70 million tax dollars to set him up in our state. He also has ties to Hunter Biden:

    1. Yes, I hope people wise up and especially when we will at some point be overrun with illegals demanding “free” everything. She has been destroying NM since getting in office. She is an evil and ungodly person. And so needs to be impeached! But the roundhouse is full of her comrades and that makes it impossible to get the votes.
      Praying for Gods mercy on us all.

    2. I bet the ‘mayor of ABQ’ will take over.
      Life, Liberty and Safety, for us good people, will be worse.

      The governor mansion shooting be relocated to Las Cruces or Lordsburg.

  3. MLG only speaks the DC “Word Salad.” She does nothing and nothing to see here! She’s not to blame and DC needs to fix this. Mean while we all suffer.

  4. We need to fight, not give up and move away. This is our home and it’s worth fighting for. We need to get rid of MLG as she is corrupt and always has been. Abortions, open borders and neglect of our citizens. Stand up NM, we can win this!

  5. Looking at her picture I believe that she is severely bloated and attempting to hold it in until she is thrown out of office !!!!!!!

  6. She is not feeling what we are going through. Find out her address and let’s send the illegals to her house like they did to Pelosi!

    1. Diane,

      Love your idea – Greg Abbot her. Maybe we could chip in for some prepaid Visa cards and arrange for transportation of a few willing illegals to her place.

      Afterwords, we can drop everyone off in Santa Fe.

    1. Marcello T Hinojosa

      Yup, the answer is nothing. If we vote in a Conservative that doesn’t support Abortion and supports the constitution then maybe we will fix this mess.

    2. Charlie, we can pray and as we are praying remember who her comrades are and whoever is up for re-election,, vote them out of office….
      Since she was re-elected seems like the oppressed voted in their oppressor, MLG. Fools that they are need to wake up and seek the truth of all that has happened to NM since she was elected. I did not vote for the evil ungodly MLG. anyone who is in favor of murdering babies in the womb up to birth is for sure a spawn of satan.

    3. 1. Stop voting in democrats.
      2. Send the illegals to live and squat all over marxist Jane Fonda’s and washed out actors’ ranch estates.
      3. Did mlg ever stay at epstein’s?

  7. A week ago I sent our governor (?) an email with one sentence basically asking what support/help you would give to the people of Sunland Park/Eagles Pass with the influx of people crossing the border. This is the exact answer I received.

    “Thank you for sharing your concerns.
    The governor is clear: it is incumbent upon Congress to enact meaningful immigration reform that includes robust border security and streamlined pathways toward legal immigration. More needs to be done to ensure public safety while implementing a comprehensive humanitarian response.
    While it was not a perfect bill- no piece of legislation is- the governor believes the bipartisan agreement on border security that was considered by the Senate on February 7th included critical tools to address this crisis, including funding for state and local governments and non-governmental organizations who are working in border communities directly. She is disappointed that Republicans in Congress rejected this bipartisan agreement and instead chose to play political games with border security.
    The full text of the bipartisan Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act is available here for your reference.”

    1. Pathways to “legal immigration” already exists. Biden is to blame, but MLG can help with making it hard to them to cross into NM just like Governor Abbott has done. But she is evil and ungodly and could care about New Mexicans, I would not be surprised if the was getting $$ from the cartel.

  8. For the socialists that have usurped the democrat party, any attack on America is a win. Loss of American sovereignty to drug lords? Socialist victory – of course the commie mlg isn’t going to do anything. This is big opportunity to allow more crime and violence that she can blame on her opposition, too!
    Stop acting surprised.

  9. She had no problem walking all over federal law to “legalize” marijuana business in NM when it is illegal under federal law. But won’t touch human trafficking and invasion in the name of immigration without some cash from the feds.

  10. MLG was a failure in Richardson administration, she is a failure as a governor. MLG’s goals are only for her narcissistic tendencies. Her narcissistic behavior was evident when she grabbed the crotch of an unsuspecting peer and made no apologies… that said volumes to me about this person running for office. What about abortion up to nine months that she signed off on. So do you think she cares about the Boarder and all the riffraff that coming across?? No it’s all about her. She’s in office because someone voted for her.

  11. Moochie Loserjan Gruesome needs to be hauled in to jail!! She has failed her duty of protecting New Mexico and the people of New Mexico! The cartel sitting on New Mexico/ American land is ILLEGAL and this worthless Governor hasn’t done ANYTHING to remove or arrest ILLEGALS! I say it’s time for New Mexicans to arm up, we may have to protect ourselves from invasion!

  12. The once great Land of Enchantment is now the ghetto land of entrapment full of fornicating potheads and illegals everywhere, at least here in woke and broke Lost Cruces!

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